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  • James Carr

    Oh heavens…….a country run by an avowed atheist? The image of a Roman orgy comes to mind when I think of their fundraising activities. No more “God Bless America”, “one nation under God”, or “in God we trust”…….. The nightmare begins. People who cannot fathom the reality of God are mentally malnourished and will never be able to govern this country.

  • J.C. Samuelson

    You know, I heard the exact same thing happened in Australia, France, Israel, and England (among others) when they were under atheist leadership. Or not.

  • “The best way we can show freedom for everyone is to have a religiously neutral secular government, and that doesn’t mean an anti-religious government. It’s a huge step for atheists to show that political conservative and religious conservative are not the same thing.” – Jamila Bey

    It is really thrilling to see this.

    Congratulations David Silverman, Jamila Bey and American Atheists.
    I’m increasing my donation next year. Again!

  • Michael Glass

    Australia has had several openly atheist prime ministers and the fears expressed by James Carr didn’t happen. The rights and privileges of religious bodies in Australia were unaffected.

  • Walter

    Do you not have a more recent worry? How about the religious wars now taking place in the Middle East, the centuries of wars between Catholics and Protestants and centuries of state-supported anti-Semitism?

    Besides, what’s wrong with an orgy? Afraid you won’t be invited?

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  • Larry

    That is because you are predisposed to hysterics, demonizing and making crap up about atheists rather than figure out what they really stand for.

    You also labor under the delusion that religious freedom doesn’t really exist or isn’t already hardwired into our system.

    If we could survive 2 Born Agains as president (our 2 worst in recent memory), we could deal with an Atheist president.

  • Larry

    I picture this group getting the same level of ostracism and disrespect the Log Cabin Republicans got in the last election. If the given conservative group doesn’t fit within the “Religious Right”s level of comfort, they are attacked and pushed out.


  • James Carr

    Hmmmm…..Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, Lenin, Machiavelli, Voltaire, Nietschez, Murray-O’Hare, Castro, ………all stellar superstar atheists. Not a shred of morality in one of them. Atheists are narcissistic by choice, and have no regard for the greater good of society……a minority that exalts itself over rationality. Sorry.

  • Larry

    So that makes Hitler the ultimate Christian!
    And ISIS is the best example of religious belief out there!

    Christians (and pretty much any religious believer) are hardly the people to talk about morality. Pretty much any kind of malicious and harmful activity is excused if one claims to be doing so in God’s name. If one can claim scriptural authority any bad act is permitted.

    Evidently even lying and libel are OK if you are doing it for God. Lumping Murray-O’Hare with Stalin and Mao is pretty sleazy and inappropriate. O’Hare was a moral woman who strove to uphold Constitutional freedoms. You are really shameless in your animosity to atheists. Too bad you seem to rely on nonsense like guilt by association and cheap insults.

    Btw Machiavelli’s “The Prince” was written as a backhanded satire of autocracy.

  • James Carr

    O’Hare was moral? Ya’ see, that’s what I mean. Her behavior and outlook would shame a prostitute, and she ended up in pieces by the hands of one of her followers.
    As far as the ” Prince”, it taught that evil is often more effective than good, that the pose of virtue is necessary, but vice is to be actively used to control.

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  • @James Carr,

    You need some serious schooling.

    Dogmatic Agrarian Cults like Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot are not examples of Atheism.

    And telling lies that ” Zombies walked for Jesus to raise awareness” (Matthew 27:52) has never improved anyone’s behavior.

    Just ask Pat Robertson.

  • James,

    “a Roman orgy”

    We Atheists do this every night. Me and the wife and the Atheist neighbors.
    Don’t disparage what you haven’t tried.

    When its over you sleep like a baby. Very satisfying.

  • James Carr

    My skin is crawling right now….

  • Larry

    Immoral for standing for the principles of religious freedom? Immoral for not allowing religious bullying in government. You are seriously delusional.

    She had death threats from self righteous types like yourself to the end f her days. So much for Christian moral conduct.

  • Fran


    That’s why God’s kingdom or heavenly government (Daniel 2:44) will soon put an end to and replace all of man’s governments. Then we can truly say “in God we trust,” instead of putting our trust in man.

  • James Carr

    You guys are hysterical, really. I can ignore your future comments from now on. Beneath commentary. …..—-

  • James Carr

    Oh, Jane, you too are hysterical…..the puppy jokes, the Shakespeare reference! Almost like you picked up a book once……

  • Larry

    I am not the one hysterically and libelously lumping in an American political activist supporting the 1st Amendment with autocratic mass murderers. You are in desperate need of a little perspective.

  • Ron Pittser

    Hitler was a Christian until the day he died…he (and his henchmen who were fellow Catholics and Lutherans for the most part) was never excommunicated from the church. He even sent his troops into battle with the belt buckle inscription (translated) God is With Us”. It would seen that he sure thought he was doing the Lord’s work. 😉

  • James Carr

    Another long standing delusional tactic that atheists use. Hitler was baptized a Catholic as sure as many future Nazis were. The sacrament in no way insures that the baptized person represents Catholicism at all. Hitler’s hatred of Pius XII, the Jews, the Church, and its faithful priests and nuns, represents an act of “self-excommunication” from the Catholic Church. Why would the Pope publicly excommunicate Hitler, knowing the reprisals that that mad man would have doled out to the Catholics in the occupied countries. He was no Christian, mein Freund, he was his own god……an atheist!

  • Karla

    James Carr speaks for Jesus truly.

  • Beth

    Hitler was Christian, almost as lethal as Christian god himself, and he followed Christian god’s killing example for sure.

  • Billysees


    “a Roman orgy”…

    …We Atheists do this every night.”