• Tristan

    What next — people demanding they wear ski masks when taking citizenship pictures? These pictures are taken for a reason, reason being identification, if your nose and mouth and eyes and face is not visible in your identification picture, what good is that picture? #commonsense

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  • Social Justice NOW!

    Ah, how the Patriarchy despises niqab!

    When a woman wears niqab, she is not on constant public display for the men to leer at, verbally harass and grope! Niqab disrupts Rape Culture and the commodification of women’s bodies by allowing women to move ghost-like through male-dominated spaces, invisible to and untouched by the male gaze!

    It is a beautiful thing when a woman stands tall and proud against the Patriarchy in her niqab!

  • Earold D. Gunter

    Harper is right in his statement about religiously “required” garments, but it applies to both sexes. I really have no opinion about anyone wearing anything as it to relates to a Canadian anything as I have no skin in that game. However as the overall subject of religiously required garments, it all boils down to the fact that most religions are under the impression their god is REALLY concerned about our sexuality, and in some cases it is especially concerned about man dominating females, which is what I think Harper was eluding to.

  • People who go to the trouble of emigrating and seeking residence in a foreign country can pay that country the courtesy of (a) learning the local language beforehand and (b) not drawing on common provision until they’ve worked for a while and (c) not expecting institutions to bend over backwards to accommodate you. If you want to live like a Saudi, that’s best done in Saudi Arabia. (And, while were at it, a preference for a niqab is quite atypical in the muslim world outside of Saudi Arabia).

  • Ron

    I can clearly see your posts, right ^up^ there, so obviously NOT censored. Maybe your other posts are being “blocked” due to violating RNS’ terms of use?

  • Wearing a burka does not prevent Muslim women ‘engaging in everyday life’ in Britain. Baroness Warsi defended the right of Muslim women to ‘choose’ to wear the burka. She suggested that many Muslim women choose to wear the veil of their own free will. ‘Why should we tell women what to wear? What it boils down to is choice. If women don’t have a choice over what to wear then they are oppressed. But if a woman has a choice, and she chooses to wear whatever she chooses to wear then she’s not oppressed is she? She’s choosing what she wants.’ Critics claim that the burka alienates Muslim women from the rest of society. But Lady Warsi said the burka did not act as a barrier in itself. She added: ‘There are women who wear the burka who run extremely successful businesses – internet businesses, which don’t actually require you to be there face to face. ‘I don’t believe it’s for the state to say what we can and cannot wear. Any woman who supports the Burkha should wear one.

  • robert roberts

    So why don`t they outlaw men`s beards and other facial decorations that can serve as a disguise……..