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  • Fran

    Very interesting life situation; however, we are all part of the human family, and therefore deserve to be loved by one another, whether jew, gentile or interracial.

  • Fran

    Or of any race, for that matter.

  • Sister Geraldine Marie, OP, RN, PHN

    There is only one race: The human race! The outward differences are caused by environment, nothing more. For example, people who live in Northern Europe have white skin in order to absorb the little sun that shines in those regions. Vitamin D is made in the skin’s layers. People who live where the sun shines a great deal, need black skin to thwart the deleterious effects of too much sun. It’s that simple, really!
    The people of Ancient Rome, cruel as they could be, had no problem with people of color being in the ranks of the nobility. But we in the 21st century, with all the science known, still have difficulty! I just pointed out the reason for superficial differences. Now why can’t the rest of humanity start learning what I’ve known (and taught) for over 40 years?!

  • There’s a new reality-show on Lifetime — entitled “Kosher Soul” — about the triumphs and tribulations of an interracial, interreligious married couple: the man, a stand-up comedian, is in the process of converting to Judaism, while his long-suffering Jewish wife has to endure his shenanigans: http://www.mylifetime.com/shows/kosher-soul .

  • The point of this is what? A woman with many advantages in life bought into the race tripe peddled in higher education and elected to make a film skewering her parents nearly 40 years after the fact. That many young people are graceless and exhibitionistic is not news.

  • Norm Martin

    I find even the name: “Little White Lie” strange. So how can you look at a picture of Lacey Schwartz and not see all the characteristics of the Caucasian race. She is not black but a mixed race. Sure her parents should have raise her with more knowledge of who she is. I do not understand why a person with just a few characteristics of the black race should have to be called black. Why claim any race?

  • Why claim any race?

    Because there’d be no book. If it isn’t about the attention it’s about the Benjamins.

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  • Sidney

    Art Deco you really seem to be put out by this woman sharing her story, which I find interesting. I am sure others do as well. You have a story and I am sure it is interesting to someone.

    You made some remarks about universities and race peddling, which would lead one to believe you are a conservative who feels that race is not an issue on any level. That would explain your derogatory remarks about universities and about this young lady specifically. Are there anymore entities that you viscerally feel some kind of negative way about.

  • Kevin

    Fascinating documentary. And what a beautiful young woman, not only physically, but to share this deeply personal and hurtful (if you’ve ever been lied to by your family for yrs, you know what that’s about) situation and maintain relationship with her parents. I pray great things for her !