• Jack

    Millennials can be unintentionally funny sometimes.

    They have an earnest, serious look on their face as they prepare to utter what they think is new and bold…but on issue after issue, what comes out is a parody of what the 1960s baby boomers were saying nearly a half-century ago.

    “Ban the bomb……Make love not war…..legalize pot….it’s no worse than alcohol….racism is, like, really, really, really bad, y’know……the United States, like, isn’t, you know, perfect…..did you know what we did to the Indians, er, native Americans? Corporations are, like, greedy, and, um, we should protest their, um, you know, greed….and did I say that racism is, like, really, really, really, really, um, bad and yucky…..and BTW, so is sexism…..yup….”.

    Sorry, Millennials, you’re late to the party…..

    You’re not original, clever, or brave…..you’re saying what’s been said a million times before, by Grandpa and Grandma, long before you were born.

  • Jack

    IN other words, the writer is simply mimicking what he had probably been taught from K through 12 and on to college, by….guess who…his baby boomer elders….all the while believing he was thinking boldly and independently, saying something that nobody had ever considered, while rebelling against a conservative cultural Establishment that has been dead and buried since the late 1960s — before he was born.

    Ah, those Millennials……

  • Ron

    I faced this challenge in the early 1970s when, as a young lieutenant at the Air Force Intelligence School, I informed my instructor that my Catholic faith would not allow me to participate in nuclear weapon targeting, a skill that we were being trained in. Fortunately, for me and the world, I never had to practice this skill.

  • James Carr

    I applaud the Vatican’s opinion on nuclear weapons, but in all practicality, the fact that nuclear weapons are a reality means we cannot reverse this fact since we live in a world of hate, a world that does not honor pacts and treaties equally.
    The threat of nuclear catastrophe has kept our fingers off the “button”, and maybe that threat is the best we can hope for.
    A nuclear attack from terrorists or countries outside of the civilized community is what we need to fear, so all should be done to stop the nuclear growth by the “crazies”…….Iran, North Korea, etc.
    Leaving ourselves vulnerable by obliterating our nuclear superiority would be an irrational tragedy.

  • James Carr

    I like you, Jack…right on target….

  • Dude

    I was going to comment but Jack you said it about as well as I ever could. Kudos.

  • Dude

    Israel is surrounded by hostile enemies from every corner (and they have been attacked numerous times). If every a nation needed the ultimate defensive weapon it is Israel. And if you think Iran would stop their attempts to construct a bomb if Israel disarmed then you really are naive- and clueless.

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