• Margaret Ruoff

    Thank you for this peek at the MANY , insidious and despicable things this supposed ” church ” has done to its members. You have no idea of the sheer volume of abuses committed daily by this cult & I for one, truly hope that the U.S government grows some balls and does a complete investigation into the illegal holding of passports, imprisonment, harassment & emotional blackmail this group flaunts self-righteously. To them, a Scientologist is superior to us non scieno- “wogs”

  • Fran


    Yes, I used to know a co-worker many years ago who lost her husband and house after becoming a member of this “church”. She ended up filing a lawsuit against it and settling for a confidential amount and terms.

    She was so glad to get out of that “money-making business”; and hopefully others involved with it will follow suit!

  • Andy R.

    This is a sadly biased and error ridden article.

    1. I’m not sure why you automatically think, “I see it in the film, therefore, it must be true.” Did you research it yourself? Did you speak to the other side? You are a journalist. Seeking TRUTH is a primary code of journalism, ref: http://www.spj.org/ethicscode.asp

    2. You misspeak the truth and allude to a superficial effort at researching this article when you say, “David Miscavige’s wife, Shelly, has not been seen or heard from since August 2007.” This just isn’t true. She interacted with police who were checking on her due to Leah Remini’s Police report in 2013: Ref: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2386970/LAPD-search-Scientology-leaders-wife-Shelly-Miscavige-prompted-Leah-Reminis-missing-person-report-detectives-met-confirmed-alive-well.html

    3. If you are so quick to assume “Going Clear” is the truth, and you 100% misspeak about Shelly Miscavige not being seen since 2007, how can the reader believe anything of what you say here?

    4. The Church is not alone in objecting to Alex Gibney’s falsified portrayal in a documentary. A major Apple exec has just done the same thing regarding Alex Gibney’s Steve Job’s documentary. How is the Church responding to lies, any different than this Apple exec doing the same over the Jobs documentary? http://mashable.com/2015/03/16/eddy-cue-steve-jobs-documentary/

    Journalist code of ethics: “Seek The Truth And Report it.”

  • Alice Jena

    thank you for your honest and intelligent article..The facts regarding the destruction of the actions and beliefs of this “religion” that is in this documentary are true. I was a member for over 27 years. I was kicked out due to wanting more family time.

  • Aeger Primo

    Laura, this is an excellent review, and you bring up some astute observations about the cult of $cientology and its members. As an ex-member, I appreciate your comparisons between a cult and a religion. You said a cult cannot admit failures. Human beings learn from mistakes, but members of a cult cannot. Eventually enough cognitive dissonance will make members of cults leave the fold, as I did. I do not regret my mistake of being part of a dangerous cult, because I learned a valuable lesson. I speak out about it now, though in a smaller way than some of the people in Alex Gibney’s “Going Clear” documentary. Getting to the point, I am surprised the “church” of $cientology has lasted as long as it has because it does NOT improve from its mistakes and it does NOT change with the times. All of the attacks they have made recently about this documentary are the same way they have handled the press and journalists in the past. They are predictable and people are not afraid of them anymore.

  • Polo Merkin

    Give me a break, she’s got the picture fine. Clams in the cult wouldn’t participate, get it?

    David Miscavige hasn’t addressed the public since 1992, and your new spokesclown (after the last one quit on his billion year Sea Org contract) will not speak in public or answer questions.

    Miscavige beats his underlings. The Hole was a set of double wide trailers at Gold Base where executives were imprisoned. They aren’t there now. Miscavige had them removed. But your crazy cult denies they were ever there.

    Debbie Cook, a big money-maker for the cult, was sent to the Hole. She knew so much bad stuff about Miscavige that when the cult sued her, they ended up paying her and her husband off handsomely, to be able to live the rest of their lives without working, just to shut up.

    Hubbard was a liar of epic proportions. He was never blind. He never had major injuries from the war. He wasn’t a war hero. He asked the military for psychiatric help because he knew he had mental problems.

    Show your superpowers on Youtube. Seriously, move something with your tiny mind. Perform a time shift or something. You know,as a clam, you have total control over matter, energy, time and space.

  • Clover

    In the free world, a person has the right to review a movie and report their opinion on that movie. Only scientologist are crazy enough to think that they can shut down free thinking and free speech like they do with each other. One can find examples on their fb pages of the thought policing. They are told to not look at “entheta” (anti-cult news) and to only look at the cult printed hate magazine. Members say to seek the truth yet will refute anything not printed by freedumb magazine. When faced with links to court documents or research done by real journalist, they really go into conspiracy theory mode. They are told that people who speak out are paid by pharmaceutical companies or the evil psychiatric industry. As you can see from the ravings they post to journalist and the hate magazine they promote, these people thrive on thinking they are fighting a common enemy. I pity them.

  • Todd Tomorrow

    How’s human trafficking, slavery, holding people prisoner until they die, throwing kids overboard, incarcerating children by the anchor of a ship, separating families, forced abortions, not allowing kids to see their own parents, blaming the victims of sexual predators for their own situation because they “pulled it in”, protecting sexual predators from prosecution as long as they are rich donaters, not allowing needed medications even in life-threatening situations, convincing people to give up all their money until they go into bankruptcy and foreclosure, telling people to write “knowledge reports” on their friends and families to rat them out, taking advantage of addicts by performing a bait-and-switch by getting people to spend thousands on rehab which is nothing more than reading LRH taking vitamins and sitting in a sauna (which sometimes results in death), spying, torture both physical and psychological, kidnapping, surveillance, spying, and systematic daily harrassment that goes on for years—pretty sure Scientology “wins” in the evil department.

  • Panopea Abrupta

    How kind of you to confirm the truth of this article.
    Your response to an article about a film you HAVEN’T seen:
    1 attack the author
    2 attack the author
    3 attack the author
    4 attack the author

    You latch on to a minor inaccuracy. It is true that the LA police have, in response to a missing persons report, clarified that Shelly Miscavige is alive.
    She certainly has not been seen in public since 2007.
    This does not nullify the article or the documentary.

    The real question is “Where is David Miscavige?”
    He is hiding, afraid to appear in public.
    He has not answered a question from an interviewer since 1992.
    Where is hiding on the Tone Scale?

    Your attempt to join the Apple response to the $cientology response is risible.
    Apple have not attempted calumny, slander or other vile attacks – I refer to the pathetic 5 page letter of Karin Puow, official spokesperson for Co$, to the Hollywood Reporter and the vile videos that your sorry excuse for a “Church” has heavily advertised on the internet.

    Google Streisand effect – if your masters will allow you.
    Soon it will be known as the Miscavige Effect.

  • Terrance

    ANDY, the documentary is based on the reporting of Lawrence Wright and all the information given to him by Tommy Davis the ex-Scientology spokesman. It is also based on self damning evidence that is easily found by anyone; video of and writing by Hubbard, his church policy letters excerpted in Ms Turner’s review for example, and the first hand accounts of hundreds of interviewees.

    Ms.Turner’s take on Scientology’s gaudy conferences and rallies is identical to my impression back when I first saw them on youtube. Most folks unindoctrinated by Hubbard’s methods, the TRs, auditing and church propaganda, the pressure to conform and the financial and familial investment, would agree that Miscavige’s galas and ceremonies are tasteless and over the top. Of course somebody in the mental health industry might see these gatherings as a Jew would see a Nazi rally.

    Why should Scientology behave differently than Apple? Unfortunately I subsidize your so-called religion with my tax dollars. You’re not supposed to behave like a for-profit corporation. But even Apple isn’t organizing smear campaigns. They won’t trot out family members and let them embarrass themselves on the internet. Your strategy to combat this documentary is horrible. One just shakes their head. Hubbard’s PR methods are amazingly outdated and ineffective. The poor old fart never saw the internet coming.

    But the real question is; where is your leader, ANDY? Why won’t Miscavige speak? Why can’t he clear anything up. Why are you having to do his thankless dirty work and play a game you can’t win? Will Miscavige ever emerge from his hole and face the real world, or will he just keep kicking around the remaining Scientologists trapped in Hubbard’s yard?

  • Todd Tomorrow

    Sorry that doesn’t show me Apple is anywhere as upset as the $cion’s, who don’t want to sully the reputation as their pay as you go scam. Should they pay taxes and they should it might cut into their profits. Not even the vatican employs so many lawyers. You know why? Because they are a dangerous cult that destroys lives!

  • Ray Ruiz

    If anyone is still undecided whether Scientology is a cult, I encourage you to sift through the dozens of official Scientology documents leaked by WikiLeaks


  • Ray Ruiz
  • Joe

    Another LRH Kool-aid drinker. Clam

  • Joe

    Great Article Laura.

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  • Thanks for the review! Corporate Scientology hates the internet and this is a major reason why. The first video on my “Where Is Shelly?” Vimeo channel illustrates the lengths they will go to in trying to stop a critic, the 1995 raid on Arnie Lerma’s home. https://vimeo.com/channels/whereisshelly

  • Robert Ramsay

    I lost my brother to the church of scientology. He spent 40 years in there, becoming “clear”, putting money aside for his ot levels and then ended up delusional/schizophrenic.

  • Dale Arthur

    Andy R:
    I think Bill T was your last handle. No one knows you. Why do you keep using a different name? To make your side appear numerous?

  • Vincent

    Andy R.; I can only hope that someday you will come to your senses and leave this insidious cult. The truth of the matter is that Ron Hubbard was a con man who used religion as his tool to defraud his victims. He preyed upon innocent and decent people by targeting their ruin and appealing to their baser instincts. Pride, greed, envy and wrath, recognized as four of the seven deadly sins, are the most recognized attributes of every scientologist whose actions are exposed to public view.
    As the French philosopher Voltair said “those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” You need look no further than the documented and systematc harrassment of Monique Rathbun, whose only “crime” was to fall in love and marry an outspoken critc of the church to witness the moral depravity that the most enlightened scientologists on this planet – those who have achieved the fabled OT states – willingly descend into. You need only look at the court records to view the “wog” crimes – fraud, larceny, and even murder – its most successful members have been convicted of, to understand that compassion, humility, tolerance, and respect are anathema to those involved.

  • Andy R. is on the side of Scientology Inc., most likely a $cientologist. My association with that cult deceased Aug. 2014, and began in 1977.

    Laura Turner said it best when she summed up her article: “The Church will continue to try to discredit the filmmakers and participants, but that will only have the effect of piquing curiosity–and, hopefully, eventually, bringing about its own downfall.”

  • Wendy

    Going Clear isn’t trying to define the truth. Going Clear is a repository for all the truths that are already out there and well documented.
    Go check out all the testimonies of ex-members and critics and their experiences with this ‘cherch.’

  • Gerhard Waterkamp

    Andy R.; you are lying the article is well written and correct. I have been 32 years in the cult and I can tell you based on first hand observations it is a criminal cult that destroys human beings. I made it up to OT VII and met most of the key players in the church in person. Most people come into Scientology because they want to help and are looking for help. In the beginning there are actually some helpful things, but soon the bait and switch is turned on and people get deceived lied to and destroyed.

    To your points: Shelly was always at David’s side and since 2007 indeed she was not longer seen. The fact that she was produced for LAPD when Leah Rimini filed a missing report does not change the fact that she was never seen at any church event or in public since 2007. The article is correct.

    There is no quick assumption “Going Clear” is the truth. I can name you hundreds of Scientologists who can confirm the sins of Scientology, as they relate to the most disgusting and compassionless abuses of people. “Going Clear” does not even touch 0.001 % of the actual cases that show all the same pattern.

    And Yes the Church of Scientology is alone and presents itself with its rebuttal smear campaigns as the dumb clown in tinseltown.

    Your referral to journalistic codes of ethics are hypocritical and bigot. The Church of Scientology is executing a 2 prong strategy: A) deny everything. B) smear anybody who dares to speak about it.
    Where do you find the truth in the lies your Church spits out with every press statement and in every Freedumb magazine smear article?

    Andy R. I challenge you to post in your real name and discuss in public with you the lies and the crimes of your so called Church.

  • Thanks for the very good review. Mighty brave of you. I see it’s causing quite a stir with a rogue scientologist on twitter. Sore loser ‘can’t handle the truth’,lol. In any event, carry on!!

  • Ellen
  • Patricia royce

    Sorry cult follower. It is all true. I was once the Commanding Officer of Celebrity Center Los, Angeles. Every bit of this is true. I was also David Miscaviages “twin” on the SHSBC.


    You are a troll! I’m sure you are sitting at your desk wishing you could get out of the cult. Good luck getting out of that hell they call a church.

  • Larry

    For a religion based on science fiction concepts, they appear to be way behind the curve in dealing with technology. Its like they are totally blindsided by the internet

  • Yeah Scientology is Bunk.

    Scientology appeals to people who love handing everything off to an authority – however dubious – that it is better (and much easier) to accept something on faith than to ask any questions.

    These poor fools are victims of a lie – they should open their eyes and do some research and learn the truth!

    The Church of Scientology is very different from Mormonism, Evangelism, or the Roman Catholic Church…..
    OH Wait.
    No it isn’t.

  • Laurence Charles Ringo

    There you are,Atheist Max!! What took you so long to show up?

  • deb

    G u

  • Debra Gotte

    What a shocking film, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to watch another tom cruise film again. He truly looks like a lunitic.

  • Debra Gotte

    This could distroy tom cruises career, and I hope it does !!!! its sad because 2 hours ago I was a big big fan of his work.