• The Great God Pan

    They do more than threaten.

    In the 70s, they targeted investigative journalist Paulette Cooper with an extraordinary harassment campaign that included stealing her personal stationary and using it to send bomb threats to themselves.. Their goal was to get her either arrested or committed to a mental institution, and they later had a meeting at which they discussed assassinating her. This was all exposed during an FBI investigation into another “operation” that involved infiltrating hundreds of government buildings to steal any critical or incriminating documents on the Church.

    I used to think of them as merely con artists who fleece gullible kooks until I came across the Wikipedia entries on “Operation Freakout” and “Operation Snow White” while reading about this new documentary. They are closer to the Mafia and it’s incredible that they have been allowed to operate this long with relative impunity.

  • Sindy Sloan Fagen

    Congratulations and welcome to the ranks of the Suppressive Persons (SPs) who are trying to keep Scientology from salvaging mankind. The “Church” of Scientology makes hardened enemies daily. They can’t help themselves.

  • Free Minds, Free Hearts

    Laura, I appreciated your review and am so sorry to hear that it has resulted in this implied threat that scientology will investigate you. My advice is, be careful about your garbage (they might buy it and search through it), and your pets. Richard Behar (Time), Paulette Cooper (Scandal of Scientology book), Joel Sappell (LA Times), Tony Ortega (Underground Bunker), John Sweeney (BBC) have all been harassed. You are in good company. Scientology has not yet figured out that their old Fair Game methods don’t work so well when they can be so quickly exposed on the Internet.

  • John Sawyer

    The Commodore LRH said there was no Christ. No other religion is compatible the the cult. In his own words!! L Ron Hubbard’s thoughts on Christianity: http://youtu.be/sk03n7rMJ1oL. Ron Hubbard is INSANE! SECRET TAPES on OT III Scientology. Aliester C…: https://youtu.be/uyemWoc7Cuc

  • willjohn7

    Whatever good is contained in the religious philosophy of Dianetics/Scientology is being constantly overshadowed by the bullying tactics of the “Church” toward anyone who dares disagrees with it….This has done more to damage its image than any movie, book, or blog ever could.

  • There “investigation” team is sure going to be busy this year. It’s a shame they don’t get overtime.

  • “Their” …. oops

  • Derek Wagner

    Laura, take heart. The world is coming to the conclusion that they are a cult and when push comes to shove a poorly voiced one at that. They do not hold sway nor influence they think they do, and that has to be frustrating to them as they slowly…very slowly figure it out. They open their mouths putting words to the net and frankly remove all doubt of how viscious and evil they can be. They hope their detractors stay singled out so as not to gain momentum in being abe to unite millions of calm questioning voices against the frenzied screeching a few thousand members run by a delusional dictator. That voice of calm reason will eventually drown out the shouts with a resounding …Enough. No More.

  • Brian Pellot

    Your troll should have done his research. RNS is not a “religious” publication. We’re “Religion News Service,” not “Religious News Service.” RNS is not a faith-based media outlet.

  • Terrance

    Christianity needs Scientology as its defender in the same way Mahatma Gandhi needed the Three Stooges.
    I don’t think the goofball known as Dave Evans has paid enough money to learn what Hubbard taught about Christ. He said there was no Christ.

  • Vincent

    Laura, you rock.

  • Robert Ramsay

    I lost my brother to the church. He spent 40 years in there, becoming clear putting money aside for his ot levels and then ending up delusional/schizophrenic.

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  • It’s even worse living in LA with the pushy Scientologists with their tables promoting “free stress tests” 9they hook you up to the e-meter) I created a comic book starring Tom Cruise and Galactic Overlord Xenu that I pass out to them: http://www.cultjamproductions.blogspot.com/2014/02/new-tom-cruisexenu-anti-scientology.html

  • Wendy

    Free Minds comment is correct. There are also more journalists who have gone through ‘stuff’ but most of it is like the ‘you are a 10th grader’ stuff. lol
    Many of the culties cannot confront well unless it’s a LRH quote. My personal fave was from a $cilon when asked why there were no visible signs of them helping with food banks and soup kitchens, he replied ‘You’re face is ugly.’ haha

  • A true faith doesn’t attack a reporter for asking questions or even if the reporter criticizes it, only a cult does. I was serving a church in Clearwater, FL. home to the cult of Scientology, seeing the scientologists they dress as the Nazi’s did of WW II. Quite a dangerous cult that focuses on vengeance especially when it comes to its critics.

  • Mikle

    It’s amusing. These violently insane Scientology criminals commit massive human rights crimes against not only their customers but also against their own fellow ringleaders, all in addition to their massive financial frauds.

    Along comes a documentary that touches upon some of the core criminality of the Scientology crime syndicate and what do these violently insane crooks do? They ADVERTISE the documentary all over the Internet — the same Internet that has helped destroy the criminal enterprise and reduce their customer numbers down to around 15,000 remaining customers world wide.

    Nobody ever accused the criminal mind of being anything but dumb.

  • Dean Blair

    I read your post on Facebook as one of my friends posted it. Dave Evans must be a fairly new Scientologist or possibly works for OSA (Office of Special Affairs which is Scientology’s spy unit applying L Ron Hubbard’s tek).

    Dave Evans states that Scientology has defended Christianity for the past five decades. This is utterly untrue. I had been a Scientologist for 40 years. My mother introduced it to me as a teen. I spent decades as a staff member in both class 5 orgs and in the Sea Org. I reached the level of Class 9 auditor and CS and was OT 5.

    In 2009 I began reading about Scientology on the internet and since then have read many critical books and posts about the subject which is something you are not allowed to do when you are in. If you were to read anything critical of Scientology or Hubbard you would end up in Ethics and have punishment applied to you.

    I became a Christian in 2010 and I am still a believer. My wife, her family, my son, daughter, and close friends are also Christians. Hubbard claimed in several places that Jesus Christ did not exist and was created out of whole-cloth. On one tape he contradicts that statement and says that Christ was not the person he was made out to be in the Bible and was a lover of young boys (Homosexual Pedophile). Hubbard claimed in the OT 8 materials that he himself was Lucifer and the Antichrist. Hubbard never defended Christianity nor do any of the people that belong to the cult. When I was a dedicated Scientologist I never believed in Jesus and I certainly never defended him.

    I am thankful that you wrote an article about Scientology and that people have read it. I am thankful that it upset at least one person so much so that he wrote you a letter telling you how incompetent you were as a reporter. You are not incompetent. Dave Evans is either a liar or has been led to believe what he wrote by the cult. If Mr. Evans ever advances on the “bridge to total freedom” in Scientology he will see how stupid his remark is that Scientology has defended Christianity for the past five decades.

    Dean Blair

  • Chaplain Martin

    To Laura Turner,
    Not only is scientology a dangerous cult (I believe it is listed so in Germany and not counted as a religion), but they put out training programs which go under another name for use in businesses and hospitals.
    Be careful, their attack on you may have just started, I do hope not.

  • Regraded Being

    I too was in Scientology for over 40 years and often observed Scientologists who held other beliefs struggle with conflicting viewpoints. The Church declares itself to be open to all religions while it slowly but steadily erodes at ones previously held beliefs. It is a mild process at first but at some point all Scientologists come to realize that you cannot be a Christian or a Jew or a Buddhist or any other religion and still be a Scientologist. Any Scientologist who is well advanced on the “Bridge” (levels of training or spiritual enlightenment) who is discovered to be engaged in “other practices”
    which may include rituals practiced by other religions will find themselves
    being re-educated. There is no real tolerance for other religions except to the
    degree that it is politically beneficial to Scientology. Major religious holidays
    are allowed to be observed but these are accepted more as a social phenomenon than as actual religious practices. While other religions make it clear to a new convert that their intention is to have you accept their beliefs even at the cost of giving up your previous ones, the Church of Scientology lies. You do not have the freedom to choose or mix practices. Once you are in, you are in or you become an enemy.

  • Neil Robinson

    I do think , yes, I do think, that there is too much protest to deliver Mr Evans position. Where is the open attitude about communicating?

  • Missionary Kid

    A link was provided over at TonyOrtega.org to this posting. I’m glad that I followed it.

    It’s unfortunate that you were subjected to what is a typical approach by Scientology to attack anyone who even refers to something that may be negative about them.

    It’s obvious that Scientology hasn’t learned that every time they protest too hard about the coverage of Going Clear, they give it more publicity. I believe it was Alex Gibney who said that the only thing they haven’t done to promote his movie is to give show times at the theaters.

    They never provide a live person to rebut Going Clear, and they never get specific about what the lies are that they claim are in the movie. Instead, they resort to ad hominem attacks when they’re questioned further.

  • Sissy Stevens

    According to the Scientology Organization, they have never,ever, ever, done anything wrong to anyone ever. Google “The Church of Scientology denies”. About 426,000 results (0.55 seconds) And,anyone who even remotely suggests a fault with the Church, is a lying criminal. They never ever admit to causing anything. And this is written in their codes. It is also against their religion to co operate with the demands of civil law or to rat out another Scientologist.

    This is directly from their ethics codes book: There are “suppressive acts” which are grounds for expulsion: “Suppressive Acts include public disavowal of Scientology or Scientologists in good standing with Scientology Organizations; public statements against Scientology or Scientologists. Testifying hostilely before state or public inquiries into Scientology to suppress it; reporting or threatening to report Scientology or Scientologists to civil authorities. Bringing civil suit against any Scientology organization or Scientologist including the nonpayment of bills or failure to refund . Delivering up the person of a Scientologist without defense or protest to the demands of civil or criminal law.

    The above”religious codes” enable the self appointed “leader” or, as he refers to himself, “The Pope”, to engage and carry out all criminal acts with the full support of his members.

    Now, you may understand why, when you Google, “The Church of Scientology denies”, you get About 426,000 results (0.55 seconds).

  • Fran


    Congrats for getting out of that terrible and doomed organization! I had a friend who was in it as well and she got out after filing a lawsuit and settling it for an undisclosed amount. More people need to follow suit and get out!

  • Jack

    That’s a pretty mild retort, given the vicious things Scientologists have done to people across the decades.

    Maybe they’re mellowing out in their old age.

    Anyway, don’t worry about them. Keep exposing their mindless drivel, but please don’t whine. You’re a grown woman. You’ll be fine.

  • Dean, sorry to see you go from one cult right into another.