Holocaust-denying bishop defies Vatican again with consecration

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Richard Williamson

Photo by jacapaldi courtesy of Wikimedia Commons and Flickr.

Bishop Richard Williamson in 1991. His term ended in 2012.

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RIO DE JANEIRO (Reuters) Rogue Roman Catholic bishop Richard Williamson's consecration of Father Jean-Michel Faure, which incurs an automatic excommunication of both men, now creates a new ultra-traditionalist splinter group opposed to any form of dialogue with the Vatican.

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  • James Carr

    Amazing, the gall of this “bishop” to defy Rome so blatantly. I don’t care that he somehow believes the Holocaust never happened (idiot), but where does he think he’s going with this crusade of his?

  • Williamson has long been a problem child for Bernard Fellay, the superior of the SSPX. Reconciliation may have been possible under Benedict (and was accomplished for some SSPX congregations in Brazil under John Paul), but it is not now. John Paul proceeded at a glacial pace with these matters but did eventually make some provision for those devoted to the traditional rites. Benedict acted with much more dispatch. Francis is hostile and has been abusive to orders dedicated to the traditional rite and to criticism of the 2d Vatican disaster. Francis’ current projects include the promotion of heresies and the destruction of episcopal teaching authority by identifying it with the whims of contemporary ecclesiastics, so no reconciliation with SSPX is possible until Francis dies and successor popes manage to rebuild institutionally after his demolition job.

  • James Carr

    I don’t believe Francis is less tolerant of the Tridentine (Latin) rites, since they were never really dispensed with, but happily he’s more reactive to blatant refusal by priests who disobey……thus breaking their vows.

    All of the Popes since Vatican II have been trying to reign in the misinterpretation of the Council. In short, what the public was told by liberal clergy was not actually in the Council’s declarations of reform. Paul VI seems to have been too weak to fight off the new trends that began popping up everywhere. ( Communion in the hand, altars turned around, statues in churches kept to a minimum, placement of the tabernacle to “the side”, etc.)

  • I don’t believe Francis is less tolerant of the Tridentine (Latin) rites,

    I’ll let the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate know they’ve got it all wrong.

  • James Carr

    You do that.

  • Sister Geraldine Marie, OP, RN, PHN

    The Pope did the right thing in excommunicating this disobedient “priest.”

    And I fully agree with Mr. Carr about the misrepresentation of liberals re Vatican II. The Church Fathers never meant for altars being turned around, and the other abuses he listed. Notice that the Western Rite has finally returned to the correct wording of the liturgy of the Mass after FORTY YEARS of mistranslation!

  • See Christopher Ferrara on the liturgical documents of the Council. His counsel: read them like a lawyer, looking for the indicators of what it allows the other guy to do to your client. Paul VI refused to issue any instrument which would suppress the Traditional rite, but it was suppressed de facto until 1988 and the initial measures providing for an indult were applied ungenerously by most ordinaries. The bishops of the post-1965 Church have been shown willing to ignore every kind of misconduct – but have been hostile to the Traditional rite.

    See Ferrara and Michael Davies on John Paul II and the liturgy. While he did make provision for the Traditional rite (with FFSP and Christ the King), his conduct and that of his master of ceremonies strongly suggests he was satisfied with liturgical practice as he understood it was being undertaken. (And he may have misunderstood; the measures issued by the Congregation for Divine Worship in 2004 were met with non-compliance where I…

  • jonna

    Poor Friars – Francis interrupted their fundraising , err, I mean, apostolate.

  • Jonna wishes to make herself the conduit of the character assassination practiced by the Vatican press office.

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