Beef ban * Witch hunts * Too much Guinness : March’s Religious Freedom Recap

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Buddha headphones

Photo via Facebook screenshot in December 2014

Screenshot of the original Facebook post showing the Buddha with headphones.

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An Indian state bans the sale and possession of beef. Tanzanians murder “witches” accused of murdering “magical albinos.” And Ireland nearly outlaws straight marriage, on accident. Who needs April Fools’ Day when reality is this strange?

  • Henry

    Don’t know, but human beings should have some kind of compassion by not killing animals to eat their meat.

    Have you looked at a cow or a goat or some other animal of your choice, recently? Do they look like they are ready to slaughtered and devoured?

  • C.C.

    The so called “prophet” muhammad does not make sense because he says
    that Jesus was only just a prophet but no true prophet can be revered if they
    are a liar so if Jesus wasn’t the Son of God He was a liar and can’t be revered
    or a true prophet so Jesus was a liar or He was the Messiah/only way to heaven!

  • Fran

    God’s kingdom or heavenly government (Matthew 4:17) will soon intervene in man’s affairs and put an end to all human governments and rule in their place over man on earth (Daniel 2:44).

    We humans can look forward to a righteous, loving and just rule that will put an end to all wicked ones and all the problems that ail us today (Isaiah 11:1-9; Revelation 21:3-4) through the rule of Jesus, God’s son and King of that perfect government.

    The time left for this wicked era is short (Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21).