#blacklivesmatter in Mark Burnett and Roma Downey’s ‘A.D.’

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Left to right, Babou Ceesay as John, Greta Scacchi as Mother Mary, Chipo Chung as Mary Magdalene in "A.D. The Bible Continues." (Photo by Joe Alblas/LightWorkers Media/NBC)

Left to right, Babou Ceesay as John, Greta Scacchi as Mother Mary, Chipo Chung as Mary Magdalene in "A.D. The Bible Continues." (Photo by Joe Alblas/LightWorkers Media/NBC)

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(RNS) Mark Burnett and Roma Downey's "The Bible" miniseries was criticized as too white. Now they're back with "A.D.," and the cast is more multicultural than you might imagine.

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  • Simon

    Why are people so color conscious; African Americans like to think Jesus is ‘black’; white Americans assume Jesus is ‘white’.

    Hate to break the news to y’all; neither Jesus nor his disciples including Mary his mother the other Marys were black or white. They were Jewish and most likely brown skinned!

    Having said that, Jesus loves people of all skin color and that is what the Bible teaches!

  • Larry

    I wonder if it is a direct remake or sequel of the miniseries from 1985 called A.D.

    I don’t remember much about that one except Richard “Shaft” Roundtree as a gladiator trainer and a scene where a man is assaulted with a fish by a Roman official. [I could not even make that one up]

  • “Jesus chose to reveal his resurrected self to a woman, and in the case of ‘A.D.’ that woman happens to be a black woman, and I think that speaks volumes about our society,” he said.”

    Will this increase Atheism or hurt it – that is how I once saw things.
    Since returning to my Catholic Faith as of today I’m getting excited about the reinvigoration of the Good News of the Gospels.

    This looks like it will spread the truth of Christ – Praise the Lord.

    “For thine is the power and the Glory” – Praise Jesus.
    Atheists, fall on your knees!

  • James Carr

    Just wish historical movies would cast characters appropriate to the times and places that the events happened. In the case of Jerusalem, 33 AD, we would be looking at Jewish or Roman people. Not blacks, not blondes, no Asians, or Native Americans. Political correction is distorting everything these days.

  • Larry

    Looks like we have an evil sockpuppet on our hands.

  • Larry

    Oh come on Max von Sydow, Willem Dafoe and Jeffrey Hunter were very convincing at playing swarthy middle eastern people….to people who have no idea what swarthy middle eastern people look like 🙂

  • Mike

    This is really good. Scholars have proclaimed for a long time that the people of the Holy Land at the time of Jesus didn’t look like Europeans. It’s about time accuracy trump buyers’ preferences.

    Of course, preferences have changed a lot. Can you imagine if Mr. Heston would have been passed up for a darker skinned actor back then?

  • Larry

    “Can you imagine if Mr. Heston would have been passed up for a darker skinned actor back then?’

    Two things completely unrelated:
    1. Charlton Heston once said, “I spent half of my career not wearing any pants.”

    2. Still not as bad as Laurence Olivier playing anything besides an Englishman His black face Othello and Sudanese warlord in Khartoum (opposite Heston) are legendarily unconvincing. The Wizard of Oz required less of a suspension of disbelief.

  • April Fools! 😉

  • UMI’s intentional online interfaith dialogue about NBC’s A.D. series will launch at http://www.urbanfaith.com, Maundy Thursday, April 2 at 1:00 p.m. EDT/12 noon CDT.
    Join us!

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  • Cranmer

    Actually @James Carr, the people of the bible, and those especially depicted in this film would have certainly included people with dark skin (the Ethiopian eunch?), the Assyrians, Babylonians, Egyptians (who were very dark and its clear from their art that this is so)…Get your facts right.

  • Tracy Hunt

    Why wasn’t the same actor used in the role of Jesus in A.D. The Bible Continues as the original The Bible mini-series??? That is very disappointing & for continuity purposes, essential in my opinion.

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  • o slayton

    The color of the actor and actress’ skin led to more authentic portrayal of people in Jesus time, but the actor who played Jesus in the miniseries and Son of God was so much better an actor. His depiction of Jesus was so real…so close to what I have always thought of His character being.
    I hate to think quality of acting was sacrificed for an array of color.

  • Dar

    I agree with you Tracy. I’m asking the same question. Not only use the previous actor for Jesus, but also for some of the main characters such as Caiaphas, Leah, Pilate, Claudia, Saul and Peter. The previous actors brought their character’s to life. They made their characters more vibrant, exciting, stronger and believable. They had the charisma that kept your attention and wanting more of them. Also, I wished they just used some of the previous footage from the crucifixion scene. Hopefully, the acting will get better. Just have to wait, watch and see. So far, I like The Bible mini series better.

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  • Son of man

    Hello children of the one true living God, please pray always that you will be accounted worthy to escape the hour of temptation that is going to come upon the entire world. And pray always that you will also be accounted worthy to stand in the presence of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, the Son of God.