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  • Mark David

    For argument sake, even if we don’t consider Jesus to be the Messiah, the fact still remains that Jesus changed the face of history forever. How can a ordinary man, if he was simply a rabbi, change the history of mankind?

    One can see why God might have chosen the Jewish people to reveal himself in OT times but that left many of us gentiles with no hope. God therefore had to send Jesus so that He could show His love to all the people of this world. God chose a very Jewish Jesus to reveal Himself to the all of this world.

    If one has to logically think through this, it all makes perfect sense that Jesus is the messiah, the savior of all mankind! Through the Jewish people, God sent a savior to save all of mankind!

  • Indeed He is The Promised Messiah and Savior of all mankind. God allowed the temple to be destroyed after He sent Jesus/Yeshua as the final sacrifice. There remains no further sacrifice for sin. Jesus atoned for our sins, no need to shed the blood of animals anymore. There have been no such sacrifices for nearly 2000 years and God will probably not allow such sacrifices to begin again. We simply need to receive Jesus as God’s perfect sacrifice so that we can be forgiven of our sins and have peace with God the Father.

  • Phyllis

    You may want to forwarn the show has a fairly graphic scenes with sexual encounters, men kissing in bed, and a little boy gunned down by people chasing him in a big car in a dessert. .

    If these things would offend, or you have kids watching, you may want to put a little warning on that article.


  • Chris

    You might want to double-check your Scriptures there Mark…Beginning with the last 9 chapters of the prophet Ezekiel!

    At least four other prophets join Ezekiel in affirming a sacrificial system in a millennial Temple (Isa. 56:7; 66:20-23; Jer. 33:18; Zech. 14:16-21; Mal. 3:3-4), which supports a literal and thus futurist understanding of Ezekiel.

    Messiah himself stated that not the slightest part of the Torah will pass away until the Heavens and Earth pass away, which of course will not happen until after the conclusion of the Millenial Messianic Kingdom.

  • You are commenting on a future era. There will be offerings to the Lord given in during the reign of Messiah/Christ, as well as celebrations of appointed feasts such as the feast of booths. As far as shedding blood in the Messianic era I believe your interpretation is flawed. Here is what is important to this discussion. How is one forgiven of their sins here and now in this dispensation, in this time? The book of Hebrews makes it quite clear that Jesus/Yeshua was sacrificed “once for all” and that the temple sacrifices that were still occurring as of that writing were of no value. We are saved by grace through faith in Jesus/Yeshua, in His atonement, and not by the works of the law. He did the work. We can add nothing to the finished work of Christ/Messiah.

  • Webster

    One big flaw in your analysis. Messiah will be from the line of David and from the tribe of Judah. In the show, however, Josh is being raised as the High Priest, and, therefore, he must be a Cohen and from the tribe of Levi. Therefore, Josh cannot be the Messiah.

  • Dennis

    RE: Chris and Mark discussion:
    I wouldn’t disagree with either view on the Biblical understanding of the ‘Temple’,
    they just don’t view far enough.
    Paul asked the Christians in Corinth, ‘Don’t you know that your body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit ?’
    Psalm 51 describes, ‘The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit: a broken and a contrite heart, O God, you will not despise.”
    Religionists would all be benefited by learning that brain science has recently been able to ‘map’ the functions of the ‘heart’ of the human brain that handles ‘visceral’ and ‘moral’ emotivations. It has been called ‘the center of all human behavior’. Both its form and its functional ‘map’ highly resemble ancient Jerusalem.
    This means that all of those Old Testament prophecies are to be fulfilled in each human ‘heart temple’ as the individual sacrifices their pride to trust and admire what Christ demonstrated ‘Our Father’ to be like.
    Jerusalem and the ‘Mount of seeing God’ –…