Indiana lawmakers agree to amend ‘religious freedom’ law

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Organizers fire up a crowd of demonstrators gathered to protest a controversial religious freedom bill recently signed by Governor Mike Pence, in Indianapolis on March 28, 2015. Photo courtesy of REUTERS/Nate Chute
*Editors: This photo may only be republished with RNS-INDIANA-FIX, orginally transmitted on April 2, 2015.

Organizers fire up a crowd of demonstrators gathered to protest a controversial religious freedom bill recently signed by Governor Mike Pence, in Indianapolis on March 28, 2015. Photo courtesy of REUTERS/Nate Chute *Editors: This photo may only be republished with RNS-INDIANA-FIX, orginally transmitted on April 2, 2015.

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INDIANAPOLIS — Senate President Pro Tem David Long said the change will "unequivocably state that Indiana's (religious freedom) law does not and will not be able to discriminate against anyone, anywhere at any time."

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  • Doc Anthony

    Wow. TOTAL DEFEAT for Indiana’s Christian small business owners and church-related businesses/facilities.

    Gov. Mike Pence didn’t just backpedal on this one; he got on the floor and licked the boots that were kicking him. I know it was an unquantifiably HUGE amount of caustic acid being poured on him by the gay marriage supporters, but I was still hoping that Pence wouldn’t totally break down and surrender.

    But he clearly did.

    Now Christian small business owners have NO protection in Indiana. Church-related businesses, daycares, bookstores, facilities, church-related colleges, have NO protection.

    By the way, a big thanks to the Disciples of Christ (Christian Church) for helping put the gay marriage knife into the backs of American Christians. Feels wonderful.

    The Consititutional freedoms of religion and speech, no longer exist in the state of Indiana for Christian small business owners and church-related businesses/facilities. The End.


    with laws like this now in the forefront what will happen when a Muslim, Buddhist, atheist, or an evolutionist decides that the presence of a professing Christian is offensive and all these groups decide they are offended by professing Christians? We are not far from that and these laws leave Christians vulnerable to the whim and whimsy of any group that wants to twist the law.
    None of this is a good idea. What will happen when a Muslim doesn’t want to serve the offensive Christians and decides that their religion requires that someone in their store must ID themselves by religion? this is bad

  • Anton

    I have never seen as many disingenuous republicans in one place as in Indiana. Rather than admit that their law attempted to legalize discrimination against LGBT folks, they propose they were too stupid know that it did. They really are laughing stocks.

  • Anton

    Doc, Indiana republicans put politics above common sense and good judgement and wound up exposing themselves for the fools that they are.

  • opheliart

    still not clear on what changed
    guess we shall see soon enough

  • Anton

    Search “Indiana ESB 50” for the committee report outlining the proposed changes. It will be interesting to see what the final version looks like if/when it passes.

  • opheliart

    Okay, thx

  • James Carr

    Sensible citizens need no law to follow their conscience. Let the gays think they won, but I wouldn’t eat any cakes someone is forced to make……..accidents always happen, ingredients can always be mislabeled, etc. Try and prove discrimination…….. go ahead.

  • Anton

    Sensible citizens with no morals, perhaps. Oh yeah, they had no morals to begin with, so I guess you’re right.

  • James Carr

    Gay activists wouldn’t recognize moral behavior if it walked up to them and sang a Judy Garland medley..

  • James Carr

    Perhaps one step behind you, that is.

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  • Greg

    I find it amazing how Indiana politicians only do what is good for their political careers. Where are all the Christian protesters at the governor’s office?, stating that they have the religious right not to, “take part in the sins of others” (1Tim 5:22). I would like to know where those 200 protesters even came from that picketed? Don’t these people work? Are they collecting unemployment while picketing?

  • Larry

    People stumping for legalized discrimination don’t have the luxury of being taken seriously on the subject of morality.

  • Anton

    It’s a good point Steven. Some people want revenge or to “stick it to” others so badly that they act against their own best interests, which explains pretty well what happened in Indiana this week. Is there any question why young people are leaving churches in droves? And the way it’s going in America, Christians will probably be in the minority sooner than later.

  • Atheist Whacks

    Once a brave Republican stands up for Christians and simply showcases the anti-Christian Democratic Party for the anti-Christians that they are, we can get on with reality being served up and putting this country on the straight and narrow.

    Though if homosexual fanatics (Democrats) think that any Christian is going to kowtow to a homosexual or a homosexual couple and worship their sex acts as the Left does, they had better look for some psychotropics to ease their tortured secularized (immoral) minds.

    No man made law is going to change Christian truth. And no Democrat is going to fool any Christian that they are “tolerant.”

    The Demoncraft Party has simply embraced Molech worship once again. Of course. History repeating.

  • Larry

    Well they thought appealing to Christian bigots would be great for their political careers. As if in this day and age you can pass such a blatantly discriminatory law without people noticing or generating nationwide media buzz. They tanked the state’s economy to further such ends. Republican “social conservatives” are sociopaths or morons. Tough to tell which.

    “Don’t these people work? ”

    Not with all those jobs leaving the state. Pence crapped on working class people in the state before. Signing “right to work” legislation does wonders to lower wages and reduce employment within a state.

  • Larry

    Shortr AW: Segregation now, segregation tomorrow and segregation forever

  • Larry

    Some good christian folk from Indiana the state government is paying homage to with this law

  • Ben in oakland

    Someone who thinks that anyone wants anyone else to worship homosexual sex acts is in far more need of psychotropic medication than anyone else.

    But sure, believe whatever you want. That is why psychotropic medications are flr

  • Greg

    I’d like to know what state those protesters came in from, and then check whether they are receiving unemployment. Most Christians consider work and self support to be a virtue. That is why you don’t see them endlessly protesting. One has to wonder how the gay activists locate these people other than just pulling the bus up in front of the local asylum. They are similar to the global warming loons who go out in sub-zero temperatures to picket warming, instead of picketing in front of the White House, which burns more carbon emitting fuel on one presidential trip than 1500 families burn in one year. The word “deranged” comes to mind when considering the tactics of the leftists.

  • Larry

    I’d like to know why you would be objecting to this law being modified so it can’t be used for blanket discrimination against gays in business. After all that wasn’t the original intention if this law, right?

    Oh right, that was all a blatant lie you guys were caught in. Gotcha.

    Then again I wasn’t stupid enough to contribute to a scheme to benefit from bigoted christian mockrage, like you. You are really gullible!!

    Are you interested in a timeshare or to buy a bridge?

  • Greg

    Because, Larry, it will now be used as a tool to aggressively attack and bring an onslaught of litigation to any small business that exercises its Constitutional right of “free exercise of religion.” Which, in some cases, means not participating in sinful acts of the customers.

  • Bob

    Greg, you mean, “free exercise of discrimination”, for the law that you want. There, fixed that for you.

  • Greg

    Last time I checked, Bob, the First Amendment to the Constitution establishes “free exercise” of religion. That means you are allowed to behave and freely act according to your religion. Lately the Federal government, especially the Federal Judges appointed by a leftist president, have been violating that right. My religion says not to participate in another person’s sins, and I should be able to do that (1Tim 5:22). You can call it anything you want, but for me it is all about pleasing God Almighty, and avoiding occasions for sin.

  • Larry

    Hey Greg, no hard feelings. I though you would be interested in this little tidbit There is a collection being taken up by people who want to protest the changes in the Indiana law

    Here is the link

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  • Greg

    Thanks for the link, Larry, but funding protesters is a practice confined mostly to the leftists in our country. The only thing in that vein I will send money to is official Pro-Life marches, and rallies (March for Life, etc.); so, no thanks. I help people who need help (the unborn), and assist when people are unlawfully targeted as in the case of the leftists trying to destroy a small business in IN.

  • Larry

    “Thanks for the link, Larry, but funding protesters is a practice confined mostly to the leftists in our country.”

    Not so Greggie. You funded a scam set up as a political slush fund.

    “The only thing in that vein I will send money to is official Pro-Life marches, and rallies”

    Because you like throwing money away on efforts which will never go anywhere. WOW! 40 years and 2 SCOTUS cases later and you are no closer to banning abortion than ever.

    I should just pretend to be a conservative politicians so you can just send me all of your money.

  • Larry

    Who are you kidding? You are going to vote Republican anyway. They are the party pandering to legalized bigotry like yours. They could have Satan himself running for president and you vote for him.

    In contrast to your assessment of the Grand Old Party, The Ku Klux Klan is entirely a Christian organization. One that has the same ideals as yourself. Christian belief to them means there are people who should be hated and shunned from public life. Treating them like human beings is against the will of God. How very similar to your own views.

  • Jack

    Larry, you really don’t know what you’re talking about regarding the KKK.

    Think about it……when someone burns a flag, what does that say about their respect for the flag?

    When someone burns a store, what does that say about their feelings for the store?

    When someone burns another person, what does that say about their opinion of the person?

    So…..when someone burns a cross………

    Obviously, whatever they are doing, it’s not lifting up Jesus or anything remotely Christian. Any Christian in any other time or place would call it abominable. In the Middle Ages, they probably would be put on trial for it.

    And the proof is in the pudding. Even in southern churches which had people who were clearly KKK members, do you think they burned a cross as part of their church service?

    Of course not. It was a political and a racist act, unconnected to anything else.

    If you’re a Christian, you don’t burn what your Savior died on. A six-year-old can…

  • Jack

    …figure that out.