Lapsed ban allows YouTube return for Islamist preacher in Michigan

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Ahmad Musa Jebril

Screenshot courtesy of YouTube

Screenshot from a YouTube video uploaded by Ahmad Musa Jebril in 2013.

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WASHINGTON (Reuters) A Michigan-based Islamist preacher whose online sermons have been a leading source of inspiration for foreign fighters in Syria is free to return to social media after restrictions on his Internet use lapsed.

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  • Be Brave

    And YES . . . my post applies to Atheism and Atheists, godless Secularism and godless Secularists, Humanists and Humanism, Homosexuality and Gay Rights, Hinduism and Hindus, Buddhism and Buddhists, et al etc., etc., etc., and any other belief system, worldview or behavior someone does not want to follow or believe in AND of course this includes Christianity and Christians.

    Islam needs to be challenged by non-Muslims to stop being a force of misery to the planet earth. It is far past time that Islam and Muslims live as they CHOOSE and allow anyone else to REJECT Islam and to live as they choose.

  • Jon

    Hey, how often can I post in support of Be Brave? In this case, I agree with much of BB’s post – especially the main point, that:

    Muslims and Islam need to be as challenged as Christians and Christianity.

    Yep – no favoritism.

  • James Carr

    So the restriction lapsed? Pull the plug anyway, he’s a friggin’ terrorist!

  • opheliart

    I suspect it is the case where they want to see “how” the recruitment—the process of this—takes place, and “who” are these people feeding on this. That’s probably why its currently silent. It is being carefully watched.

  • Mount Paran

    All should watch Dr. Shabir Ally debates on YT.
    Speaking of Dr. Shabir Ally debates, there is one on YT today at 6 P.M ET, which is being live streamed. Don’t miss this. Join the conversation, seek the truth and the truth shall set you free!

  • socialjusticeNOW!

    The ban never should have gone into effect in the first place, but hurrah that it has now ended! If anyone is to be banned from social media, it should be white dude-bro anti-theists like Dawkins and Harris. Also the Zionists.

    Religious freedom is the most important freedom, from which all other freedoms flow. Silencing religion (aka the voice of oppressed POCs) is one of the main tools of the white supremacist cis-man athiestic kyriarchy.

    Preach on, Imam! The racist, patriarchal, intolerant West must fall, giving rise to the inclusive and empowering East! The time of worldwide Social Justice is fast approaching!

  • @socialjus,

    “The West must fall….”
    “Religious freedom is most important”

    Those two statements are diametrically opposed.
    Your argument is at war with itself. No wonder you are frustrated.

  • You are looking for what we old fashioned people call “Separation of church and state” – yet Evangelical Christians are equally determined to destroy it, and someday they may.

    And when Separation of Church and State disappears, that is when Islam can take over – so instead of tearing it down at every chance you get, you should be supporting the Constitution.