‘Radical Muslims’ clothing line attempts to shatter stereotypes

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Model Firman Nazirulhasif wears Boston-based Munir Hassan's clothing line. Hassan has created an entire line of stereotype-shattering clothing for American Muslims. Photo courtesy of Mohammad Izzraimy, Izzraimy.com

Model Firman Nazirulhasif wears Boston-based Munir Hassan's clothing line. Hassan has created an entire line of stereotype-shattering clothing for American Muslims. Photo courtesy of Mohammad Izzraimy, Izzraimy.com

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(RNS) The Sidikii clothing line allows Muslim youth to choose clothing that reflects their dual identities: Muslim and cool.

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  • Fourth Valley

    “What about a man in an ankle-length garment and cotton headscarf carving the air with his skateboard?”

    Please tell me there’s an image of this somewhere. 😀

  • Ken

    Here is the link to their sweatshirt with this image: http://www.sidikii.com/Radical-heather-Gray-Sweatshirt_p_25.html

  • James Carr

    I don’t think it’s a good time to advertise that you’re a Muslim.

  • “I’m Muslim, I’m American. I was born both,” said Hassan. “I wanted to design clothing that showcased different pieces of my culture inclusively.”

    I rarely hear a story about an American Muslim that doesn’t make me happy.

    Anything which argues for inclusivity and humanity is a good idea. I especially like that he is trying to break up the status quo – I hope Muslims elsewhere in the world buy these clothes.

    I only hope that Hassan one day realizes he was born Atheist like the rest of us – not Muslim – and that religion is not an ethnicity, nationality or identity but only a choice. And most likely, the choice of his parents.

  • James Carr

    Man is born with an innate urge to seek God.

  • Wrong.

    Human babies are born with an innate biological need to find their parents. All mammals are born with this. Humans are no different – it is for survival!

    Most people grow out of this after a few years as they grow out of their baby hair, baby skin and baby teeth – if they are allowed to.

    But the industry of religion subverts the biological drive for a parent for its own purposes. This is why “Father”, “Mother”, “Holy Family” are indoctrinated into the child brain and it is hard to grow out of once it is stuck there.

    When a person goes to church to pray he is looking for his daddy and mommy.
    The Church fails to tell them this is a vestigial hangover of the infant stage – because the people of the church don’t know any better.

    Biological Science explains all of it. Religion is literally infantile.

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  • Be Brave

    Well, well, well, Atheist Max.

    You and i have something incredibly in common. EVERYONE IS BORN AN ATHEIST.

    Until they can think and rationalize that nothing cannot make something happen. Atheism is simply lunacy and/or idiocy in reality. But human pride makes reality cloudy often. It’s a common plague.

    The fanaticism of the common practitioner and proponent of atheism is eclipsed only by the fanaticism of Islam and Muslims the demand that EVERYONE is born a Muslim. And in both totalitarian movements others just have to be forced to agree to that. And while Islam and Muslims haven’t quite matched atheism and atheists in the millions of non-adherents slaughtered . . . Islam is still to be utterly feared. But, if some “Muslim” wants to try to engage the world without killing those that reject Islam, than maybe we should give that a pat on the back. But, like atheists and atheism, never turning our backs on them at the same time.

  • Be Brave

    Atheist Max:

    “Biological Science explains all of it. Religion is literally infantile.”

    well actually you contradict your own position that what we are born “as” is as an atheist. Therefor. continuing in an infantile state would be to REMAIN an atheist.

    It is so enjoyable to show the utter lunacy of atheism from and example of the the mind and declaration OF an atheist.

    As you so accurately stumbled into, and declare as an absolute and rightfully so, atheism is infantile thinking. And, living and promoting. Etc., etc., etc..

    Max, it is time for you to grow up.

  • Be Brave

    Sorry fore the typos. I was laughing too hard to write accurately. The tears (not sad ones) got in the way.


  • Laurence Charles Ringo

    Oh mgoodness”Be Brave”—You are AWESOME!! I envision you and Ol’ Atheist Max having a good old time on this site! (I noticed that he didn’t anwser any of your posts;he’s probably sputtering in indignant at your effrontery,LOL!)—But…go easy on ol’Max-like all atheists he can’t help himself.Keep him in prayer and let him know that he’s loved,God bless him.As for you,Be Brave—Welcome;your brilliance is a breath of fresh air!—PEACE IN CHRIST!!!

  • Be Brave,

    “Max, it is time for you to grow up.”

    You are still holding on to the playground beliefs your mother and father told you to follow.
    I have long abandoned mine.
    In what way does this indicate that I am the one who must grow up?

    You believe this ridiculous story:

    A god turned himself into his own son – named Jesus – to arrange his own torture and suicide (Lamb of god) to create a loophole to save humanity from his own laws and the eternal Hell which he built specifically FOR HUMANITY.
    And if you don’t believe this preposterous story you go to the ETERNAL PUNISHMENT ANYWAY!

    All I say is I do not believe it (Thus my Atheism)
    And I ask for evidence any of this is true. You’ve shown me nothing.

    And you think such a question is LOONEY? The default position is to disregard your story – NOT to accept it!

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  • Hassan

    Hi Atheist max,

    Thank you for the kind words about our clothing and our cause. As you have stated, ones identity is a complicated thing with many external factors including friends, family, social and economic stature etc. however, what we attribute to be true for ourselves at the end of the day is always a choice. Of course I was not literally born Muslim but was raised Muslim from birth. A baby is not born with a particular faith, nor are they born without. They are simply born ignorant and if you are say that all babies are atheists then that would mean the foundation of Atheists is ignorance… If that is true than I pray for your guidance.