• Erick

    #1 It’s hard to be a human being and not support a nation of people who have endured so much throughout history, so as a human being we bless Israel.

    #2 It’s hard to ignore history as written in the holy book, where clearly, God has plans for Israel, so we bless Israel.

    #3 It’s hard to suffer from phobias when clearly God is on their side, so we bless Israel.

    We pray for the peace of Israel, we pray for the peace in Jerusalem. We pray for peace in the hearts and minds of all mankind. Shalom!

  • Larry

    “if you condemn Israeli policies in the West Bank and find that the proverbial “cat’s got your tongue” when it comes to Palestinian-cide in Syria;”

    Jordan killed and displaced more Palestinians in one month than Israel has done in 40 years. Palestinians are in far greater immediate danger of mass slaughter from the siege outside of Damascus (from I-S) than in Gaza.

    There are a number of reasons for such myopia:
    1. Most pro-palestinian boosters couldn’t be bothered to educate themselves about what goes on outside of Israel/West Bank/Gaza

    2. Many of their boosters come from countries which are actively mistreating Palestinians and don’t want the attention.

    3. It diverts attention to the foibles of the Arab world outward.

    4. Protests and boycotts have far greater effect on a democracy than on an absolute dictatorship. Israel can be affected, its neighbors would not. This is why Israel gets more public criticism than North Korea.