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  • Be Brave

    This organization should have a wolf in sheep’s clothing as their icon.

    But this has been happening to Christians since Europeans hijacked the Church label. If you want to get rich, prey on (or pray with) Christians.

    Thank you for ferreting out the obvious about these miscreants.

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  • rooty

    Your idea of Do Christians need or want this? Is yes. But not for the reasons I think you think they are. Christians want to meet other Christians that share their same values and one of those is a traditional marriage in which the man and woman have both saved thmeselves for their spouse. In our decadent era, this is a rarity, and with something like tinder that can be used to find a date but is also used for rampant fornication, you can see why Christians might want a version of their own. Something to meet likeminded locals, without the expectation of premarital sex