• Reid

    Let’s imagine a Muslim girl who has immigrated to this country from Indonesia, Egypt, Bosnia, or Pakistan. She lives in Brooklyn -…

    Speaking of Brooklyn, have you watched the latest video of Pam Gellar’s speech at Brooklyn college? Not sure what to make of the Q&A or the speech session in general, but, that behavior transcends human understanding.

  • Susan

    I completely agree with you. We cannot ignore that in Europe Jews are being taunted and physically attacked by Muslims, but this doesn’t help. It only makes things worse.

  • Larry

    Pamela Gellar speaking at Brooklyn College went over as well as a Holocaust denier would at the same venue. In case anyone realizes, Brooklyn has one of the largest Muslim populations in the city. Sure they may have a right to speak, but their purpose is to deliberately insult a good deal of the residents. Of course it will invite insult in kind. Her whole point is to incite uncivil behavior.

  • Atheist Zax

    Playing the devil’s advocate, if Ms.Geller is not going to address the proverbial ‘elephant in the room’, who else is going to?

  • Larry

    You mean if Geller isn’t going to fling insults at the entire Islamic faith, who is going to?

    Obviously plenty of people with some really boneheaded ideas.

    The “elephant in the room” is the nonsense that one takes Islamic State and Al Queda at their word as the official representatives of the Muslim faith. Much like saying the Klan and Christian Identity movement are the official speakers for all Christianity.

  • Purpleton

    Ms. Geller? Ask her to first address the cursaders and kkk; of late, they have been running around like crazy. That is the only elephant we see in the room right now.

  • Robert smith

    Thank for For these beautiful article full with logical thought!
    i just want to add one point that Evan Though freedom of speech is a good thing there is a lot of things that come before it, like harmony, safety, etc.

  • Spiderman

    nice taqiyya/kitman, but basic and comparative statistics actually matter

  • Larry

    So what you are telling me is you agree with boneheaded notions of Islam adopted by ISIS propaganda and Pamela Geller. I am sure ISIS has a check waiting for you in exchange for helping to boost recruitment. By claiming the west is at war with all Islam, you play into islamicist hands.

  • Charlotte

    Thanks, Rabbi, for your thoughtful and passionate take on these benighted ads. It is my hope the primary response to these, by New Yorkers and visitors, will be vigorous repudiation, accompanied by reassurances–between Muslims, Jews, Christians, atheists, and others–that hatred cannot achieve healing change and will not bring about justice.

  • MarkE

    “Christians kill 750,000 in war between the states” doesn’t mean that religion was the reason for the killing. Our prisons have plenty of murderers in them who are/were Christians, but no headlines shouted about Jeffrey Dahmer: “Christian cannibal kills, eats, and freezes bodies of young men” !

  • Larry

    New Yorkers know better than Pamela Geller and co.

    They don’t take religious prejudices lightly. For example, when an Islamic community center was being proposed 2 blocks from the WTC site, the loudest protests came from outsiders trying to agitate something. It only strengthened the resolve not to give into such pressure. The city still provided the permits, many New Yorkers came out to show support. Many of the names read every September 11th since 2002 include people of the Muslim faith.

    New Yorkers also know that even the biggest fool deserves their bit of free speech. These ads will make more news in the media than the public. New Yorkers know who their friends are and who are their enemies. Pamela Geller, not so much.

  • moshe
  • moshe

    Because he didn’t kill due to his Christian beliefs.

  • moshe

    And ALL of the perpetrators of September 11th “were people of the Muslim faith.”