• BQRQ, I think your comment is totally uncalled-for in this tragic situation. Many lives have been ruined because of this event, and simply as a human being you should show more compassion for all involved rather than making a snarky political comment. Shame on you!

  • dmj76

    Do you have any idea how much conservative Christians hate liberal Christianity? Long ago I belonged to the Episcopal Church, and I was told by conservatives that it is a communist organization. No, I am not making that up.

  • Justin

    I’m not quite convinced Holy Scripture has given you the authority to pass judgement on anyone.

  • Diogenes

    Clearly a situation in which there are no winners, if I may use such a trite and cliche’ expression. While she has not yet been tried the evidence against her seems solid. I would have been much more impressed by her as a bishop and a Christian (if guilty) had she owned her responsibility. Parenthetically, a Christian who knows their own guilt, in order to honor God, should never hide behind the 5th Amendment.

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  • Thank you for that does of sanity.

  • Just so you know, The Episcopal Church never “defrocks” anyone. Rather, we “depose”. You may want to inform your Headline Editor.

  • Greg

    Cynthia, the political aspect of this situation has been brought on by the Episcopal Church itself, which departed long ago from the teachings of Christ, and has instead embraced the world (1John 2:15).

  • Susann

    There are alcoholics in every denomination of every religion. This isn’t unique to Episcopalians.

  • Tabitha

    Thank you for this dose of common sense. Alcoholism, or sin, in general, isn’t limited to TEC.

    Also, to the editor, she was deposed; not defrocked.

  • Priests who raped little boys and destroyed countless lives were protected by Churches – and they still are!
    24,000 cases of rape by priests – and those are just the ones we know about!

    Yet how many priests lost their jobs? HARDLY ANY!

    At least this group has some standards!

  • Greg

    The only reason the pedophilia issue within the Episcopal Church has not been understood, is not because they don’t have it, but that they don’t report it.

  • Gary


    Many more people have been hurt or committed suicide by narrow minded, hate filled religiously based bigotry. Try reading Matthew 25 and get a grip on what it really means to follow Christ.

  • Deacon John M. Bresnahan

    Wow! if this scandal had been around a Catholic bishop there would have been a thousand times more screaming headline coverage than the miniscule attention this story has gained. But it is taking place in the media’s most favored church so low keying it seems to be the order of the day

  • Cranmer

    That’s simply not true at all! The Gospel is preached, and the tenets of the faith are upheld, but you are angry, rather, because hate — the kind on which you thrive, has been cast out. The Episcopal Church is a Gospel-filled and beautiful CHURCH of the LIVING GOD.

  • Cranmer

    Greg, throw in a Bible verse to back you up — but really, not one single verse of the Bible brings salvation, but instead, the entire breath of God in the Holy Scriptures. The Episcopal Church preaches Christ — crucified, resurrected and coming again. You should get your facts straight, but then again you have exchanged the Gospel for the worship of the Bible.

  • Greg

    Cranner, If I ripped out half of the New Testament, and handed it to you, saying, “here, this is the Gospel of Jesus Christ, follow it and be saved,” you would tell me that I am brain dead, and rightly so. Well that is the Gospel of Jesus Christ according to the Episcopalians (2Tim 4:3-4).

  • I have been an Episcopalian for six years now. I am a seminary graduate. The
    Episcopal church is an “all inclusive” church and accepts everyone. Yes we
    have female clergy and gays also. Yes the church is very “Roman” in it’s
    structure and out look. I am a Protestant but I can exist within the Episcopal
    church and it’s structure. I cannot imagine Christ not including with in His
    circle of believers the gays and women in important “positions” in what is now
    considered the Christian churches. Churches sin, and the SIN here is that the
    Episcopal church knowingly allowed this Bishop to continue in her “drunken”
    ministry. We were wrong and we sinned in not doing what we preach in it’s
    fullist sense. We need to acknowledge this and be more careful in the furture.

  • The Living God appears to be nothing but The Living Brain deciding there is a God inside it – a god which makes demands on other brains.

    Silly nonsense.

  • Jim McCrea

    There are NO alcoholics within the ranks of the Catholic clergy. They are ontologically protected by an invisible Gardol shield.

    It’s in the CCC.

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  • Larry

    Yep, the main fault is she is a bishop with the Episcopal Church and nothing else. Because she is of a sect that you don’t like, anything she does is automatically sending her to hell.

    Christians can’t even play nice with other Christians. Of course fundies always like to take credit for the work of members other Christian sects (whom they despise) when they want to look more important than reality permits.

  • Larry

    Bigger church = bigger headlines. Is that so hard for you to understand?

  • Deacon John M. Bresnahan

    Bigger Church– bigger headlines????? I suppose that accounts for all the headline stories, front page stories, in-depth cheering, and fawning columns the tiny Episcopal church gets whenever it does something the liberal media loves.

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  • Larry

    “Cranner, If I ripped out half of the New Testament, and handed it to you, saying, “here, this is the Gospel of Jesus Christ, follow it and be saved,””

    Except you would be correct.

    Half of the New Testament is letters from Paul. A man who never met Jesus in life nor had anything to say about the man in the first hand.

    What is the point of being a “completest” if you miss the point entirely?

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  • Robert McCracken

    I say, snark away. Think how many knew all about her. Why, she drove those 2 girls drunk back in 1988. She’s been at it a long time and no one cared enough to make sure she got into rehab. It’s a little late now to take the pledge.