• James Carr

    It’s a free country, the gofundme can be used for good, too! At least people get the money and its not lost via a Charity’s bureaucracy.

  • CCD

    Many today want blessings and that’s it. They don’t want the God of the Bible
    just blessings and only talk about gay marriage/abortion so they don’t have to
    face their own sins like so many on this website who are jealous,mean,have a
    major inferiority complex so they belittle people/say something mean and laugh
    after like that makes it okay or they that say “I was just joking” trying cover it up.

  • Joe DeCaro

    Did Brian Pellot bother to read what recently happened in Garland, TX, before he named Geller and “Islamophobic” in the same sentence?

  • Larry

    Its a well established fact that Conservative Christians are by and large terrible with their money and prone to flushing it down the toilet for many silly reasons.

    This is why most televangelists are wealthy and their flock is largely living well below middle class.

    It is why coffers for “social conservative” politicians always seem to stay full, yet they never can deliver on pushing their agenda forward in any meaningful fashion.

    Its what keeps many Evangelical Christian colleges in business despite terrible academic reputations, ridiculously disproportionate tuitions and rapidly diminishing employment rates of graduates.

    Its why so many ponzi schemes are successful when they target conservative christians.

  • Greg

    Why are you picking on Memories and Baronelle Stutzman? Memories got ambushed by a reporter despite having never turned anyone away (and saying they would serve gays in any context except a wedding) and became a pariah for it. Baronelle served the man who ended up suing her for years, only declining when it came to his wedding. This “satire” of yours just makes you look petty and naive about the real dangers in 2015 of having traditional views of marriage.

  • Larry

    Because they were flat out scams to bilk people like yourself out of money for spurious reasons.

    Stutzman traded in her florist shop for speaking engagements on the right wingnut circuit.

    Memories made more money from their nonsense statement than the business could have produced in years.

    Greg, the situation is petty.

    The whole “I oppose marriage equality so I will engage in business discrimination” is the epitome of pettiness. Its childish malicious behavior that people are being called out on. Pettiness is fast becoming a quick way to make tons of cash off the prejudices of some very gullible people.

  • dmj76

    I am not challenging you, just asking a question.
    Do you have details on the evangelical colleges you referred to?

  • Be Brave

    This is simply an anti-Christian bash piece.

    RNS should be so proud of their free speech rights being used to allow another gay activist to spew hatred towards Christians and stoke the fires of all of the liberal, progressive, atheist, secularist and of coursevLGBT supporters that love nothing more than hating Christians while pretendIng they don’t.

  • JR

    Agreed, Be Brave !

  • Greg

    We Greg-s should list ourselves as 1, 2, 3. Your are barking at the wrong Greg. BTW, we could always give money to the Clinton Foundation. Now that is a Charity worth giving to. Ah! forgot, I need at least $1Million to get started.

  • Andrew

    Of course there is no tolerance, either, expressed toward those who because of deep-seated honestly held convictions can’t accept same-sex marriage and don’t wish to have the children of this nation (or any nation) destroyed by a culture that has a moral attitude virtually identical to the book of Judges. It’s a shame that folks like you who once pled for dialog now shut down honest debate with name-calling.

  • pete

    Amen to that – you couldnt be more right

  • CCD


  • Mbomba

    When those people with “deep-seated honestly held convictions” start upholding the bible’s prohibitions against divorce and eating shrimp, maybe I’ll start to take them seriously. For now they are just hate-mongers cherry picking from a “holy” book to justify their bigotry.

    Oh and Massachusetts has allowed same sex marriage longer than any other state in the country and boasts the lowest divorce rate of any state. So it seems your worries about the decline of our culture are not founded in reality and data.

  • Larry

    Check the rankings for many Christian colleges in US News/World Report.

    Aside from BYU and several Catholic universities which have become largely non-sectarian in practice (Notre Dame, St. Johns…), they generally hover at the bottom of the rankings or refuse to submit statistics.

    Especially their graduate schools. For example: Liberty, Ave Maria, Regent, are all are in the lowest tier rankings.

  • Larry

    If you were the Greg who asked,
    “Why are you picking on Memories and Baronelle Stutzman?”

    Then, I got the right one 🙂

  • Larry

    If your, “deep seated honestly held convictions” are spurring you to discriminate against customers in your business, it doesn’t say much for your convictions.

    If there was an intent to do something besides turning gay customers away, such “convictions” might be taken seriously. But it appears to be merely an excuse for one’s personal animosities. A way to express bigotry but avoid personal responsibility for such views.