• Dear Mr. Salkin,
    Maybe you should ask Mr. Clapton if JJ Cale wasn’t better than he. At best Mr. Clapton is the messiah of music marketing, but God? I seriously don’t think he’d be so crass? I write this as BB King is in Hospice, although I hear Mr. Clapton was more enamored by Albert King. Try watching Mr. Clapton’s interview honoring JJ Cale; he mentions many of his mentors and favorite guitarists.
    Respectfully submitted,
    Scott Fleming

  • Jack

    You’re right about God and humility……very interesting.

  • Larry

    Oh man I hated Clapton Unplugged and “Tears in Heaven” back in the day.

    I always considered David Gilmour far better at whiteboy British psuedo-blues rock guitar work than Clapton.

    Pete Townshend is a far better candidate for God. Most of his self-indulgence was in songwriting, not performance.

  • avlisk

    I get more pleasure out of watching Peter Thorkelson play than any of the guys mentioned here. ISIS has proven that we all have our personal gods, and yours ain’t no better’n mine.

  • Micky Dolenz’s Unacknowledged Love Child

    Woo-Hoo. Peter Tork (Peter Thorkelson)!!!!

    Monkees 4 Eva!!!

  • Jack

    Larry, I’d cut Clapton some slack on “Tears in Heaven” given the circumstances.

    But no matter what we think of Clapton, I think the point of the article is very good.

    Rabbi Salkin is the one writer here who never disappoints.

  • kat masterson

    Few who like other guitar gods ” BETTER ” actullay know the unsold works by Clapton. All think a ssioe at one album proves their point. Even EC’s Blues release did not hold a candle to what he put down on Tour in the 90’s or the Cream Reunion or even the live version of the then-new release of Pilgrim. Let alone all kinds of soundboard boots.
    He has no marketing skills..just chops and a voice that also only gets better. I doubt he can stay retired because he loves to perform.
    But he could Save the World with his ability to gather amosy any of the top guitarists for the Croosroads Guitar tests. IF ONLY HE RELESSED MORE THAN A FRACTION OF THESE FESTIVALS.
    The first Crossroads DVD was the biggest seller iin the history of concert DVDs. Early 2003 or so. He wanted to save Antigua addicts. Probably thinks its all he can do.
    But why not stop grunting and rutting over who did shat and imagine there are reasons to choose whatrvrt you wish.
    + maybe those with blind faith for Clapton…

  • Diogenes

    Perhaps I’m stuffy, parochial, and un-hip. But I’m always appalled by the comparison of mere cultural idols (how-ever-much I might appreciate them) with God. It’s crass, silly, and an insult to God, no matter how you frame it as analogy, metaphor, or a philosophical thought experiment.

  • Larry

    Yeah, I know. But the song was sooooo annoying back in the day. Its like the kale of songs. You are supposed to like it for reasons having nothing to do with taste.

    But “Clapton is God” is one of those things which is definitely from a generation past me. Its up there with the appeal of the Grateful Dead, as things I will never understand, no matter how much exposure I have to it.

    Its not a dislike of musicians from that era. Far from it. I love a lot of his contemporaries.

  • Germaine Greer famously said “The discontent of youth passes when you realize that the music you are hearing is not about you, but about itself.”