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  • Love Eric Clapton he’s the greatest

  • Mark Goldberg

    [quote]For many of his fans, Eric Clapton was the ultimate rock guitar god. Who could come even close to him? [/quote]

    When Jimi Hendrix first came to England with Chas Chanler from “the Animals” many British guitarists went to see him. Pete Townsend told the story of Eric Clapton and himself walking into the club just as Jeff Beck was walking out. Jeff Beck looked like he was going to be sick. The first two inquired, “Is he that bad?” To which Beck responded, “No, he’s that good!”

    Clapton ceased to be god when Hendrix walked onto the stage.

    Likewise, ancient people thought god must be very close because they could feel him when they walked outside. It turned out to be the sun and the wind. So they said god was on top of a mountain. Until they climbed the mountain and found that god was not there. So, then, god must be in the sky. So we went to the moon. But he was not there either. Now we think god must be outside the physical universe. The parallels continue…

  • Billy

    To me Clapton is the best guitar player.
    People have their own opinions depending on what they like to hear.
    Allman was great and I consider Derek Trucks to be just as good.
    It’s all in the sound you like best.