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  • Greg1

    Well this is very good news.

  • Betty Clermont

    Reuters: ACTIVIST U.S. NUNS MAKE CONCESSIONS AFTER VATICAN INVESTIGATION “While the joint final statement was at times conciliatory, speaking of “mutually beneficial” and “fruitful” conversations between the two sides, it included clear concessions. It said LCWR’s publications should “address spiritual matters rather than engage in formal theological inquiry” and be based on “sound doctrinal foundations”. “To this end, measures are being taken to promote a scholarly rigor that will ensure theological accuracy and help avoid statements that are ambiguous with regard to Church doctrine or could be read as contrary to it,” it said. The group, which had also been criticized for hosting speakers with views that were not fully in line with Church teachings on sexual morality, would see to it that in future they “have due regard for the Church’s faith”.

  • Greg1

    Betty, of course there will be concessions. The LCWR began to drift from the Catholic Faith. The Holy See merely pointed out their focus had been corrupted by feminist politics, and needed to get back to keeping Our Lord front and center. They saw it, and agreed. That is a good thing.