California Senate votes to end ‘personal belief’ exemption for vaccines

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Jayden Mercado, 4, sits in his mother Yariluz Ocasio's lap while he gets an influenza vaccine at Boston Children's Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts in this file photo taken January 10, 2013. Photo courtesy of REUTERS/Brian Snyder/Files
*Editors: This photo may only be republished with RNS-VACCINES-NJ, originally transmitted on February 3, 2015.

Jayden Mercado, 4, sits in his mother Yariluz Ocasio's lap while he gets an influenza vaccine at Boston Children's Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts in this file photo taken January 10, 2013. Photo courtesy of REUTERS/Brian Snyder/Files *Editors: This photo may only be republished with RNS-VACCINES-NJ, originally transmitted on February 3, 2015.

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Unvaccinated children who do not have a medical exemption would have to study at home or in organized, private home-schooling groups.

  • A sad but necessary thing to enforce vaccinations.
    If people were educated about science they would understand
    the life-saving importance of vaccines.

    It is like making a law to force parents to feed their children.
    It speaks to the ignorance of our population.

    Republicans complain liberals want to make too many laws – but Republicans make these laws necessary because they won’t fund proper science education!

  • Jon

    Anyone who opposes this law is putting their own personal freedom to be ignorant ahead of a child’s right to be spared deadly, preventable diseases.

    How unbelievable selfish and distorted one’s view must be to think that making children suffer and die is worth it if it allows you to pretend your ignorance is a good thing.

  • David F Mayer

    Public Health takes precedence over private beliefs. By preventing contagion, vaccination protects the general public as well as the patient receiving vaccination. It should be mandatory, with the only exemption being known intolerance by the patient.

  • Cypher

    What about the victims of vaccine damage? Its both strange and sad that everyone just buys the “paranoia” explanation without questions but no one actually asks the anti-vaxxers why.

  • Larry

    If you can find them, you assure such people that whatever damages the vaccines alleged caused pales in comparison to dying of the diseases they prevent.

    Would you rather have an autistic child or a dead one?

    Anti-Vaxxers don’t have an opinion which has merits. The interests in public health outweigh harmful panic inspired irrational behavior.

  • Teddy

    It is not necessary nor is it natural to be jabbed with chemicals, dead cells, mercury etc. Humans should not live like this being forced by the state. Our bodies are our own and parents speak for their children’s bodies. Science does not have all the answers to be able to inject just anything into our bodies and that doesn’t take an education in science to understand it. I would risk death before a vaccine company posts their profits on me. The ignorance of our population comes from our politicians for a reason. We are their serfs to do as they wish, from work to our health. Its a shame that the state can inject our children with anything now and we will not have no recourse when they are damaged. ITS A VERY SAD AND DISTURBING DAY

  • Teddy

    Jon, We all should understand personal freedom for the good or for the worst. You state that freedom is bad and that by taking that freedom from parents is selfish and ignorant. I would almost say that your a spokesman for the vaccine industry? Our personal freedoms dont rest in the hands of the state.

  • Cypher

    “hatever damages the vaccines alleged caused pales in comparison to dying of the diseases they prevent……”

    Can you quantify this? What number of damaged individuals are you comfortable with? What is your proof that the vaccines are actually better than letting the body do what its designed to do?

    “Would you rather have an autistic child or a dead one? ”

    What a question. I’d rather have a choice.

    Let’s cut to the chase….is it your assertion that vaccines are “safe and effective”?

  • Teddy

    Hey Larry! I would choose neither. Now that you have given us a choice. Why not see it practical to allow parents the same. The state has no right in making this mandatory. You spread fear for the companies that make this toxic mumbo jumbo. Have you been investing lately?

  • Cypher

    Lately I’m finding that there is no real debate over this anymore. What’s left are mostly shills. People are waking up to what’s going on. That’s the only real positive aspect of this draconian law.

  • Teddy

    Public health is being exploited by profit. Our bodies should not be used to make profit by anybody. Fear mongering gets us into wars we shouldn’t be in David. And we all should have private beliefs that the state cant manipulate with fear and coercion with erroneous data.

  • Larry

    Right, its not an option, because vaccines don’t cause autism. Your choice is vaccinate your children or become a public health hazard who willingly spreads pestilence which could have been easily dealt with.

    Of course there is no real debate here. There is nothing to debate.

    You have anti-vaxxers whose sole POV is based on a thoroughly demolished study and hysteria and you have the entire medical profession with the facts.

    You can take your fear of big companies and stuff it. Vaccines represent one of the worst products for Big Pharma in terms of profits. They are complicated to produce, have a short shelf life, are used a limited numbers of times and then no longer necessary. Headache medicines are far bigger money makers.

    Our public health is not something to be put at the mercy of your irrational fears.

  • Larry

    Naturalnews is an anti-vaxxer website. It has nothing of factual merit. Do you have the story from an actual news outlet? One which one doesn’t automatically associate with hysteria and misinformation.

  • Larry

    Those chemicals and dead cells … are the reason why several diseases have been eradicated in the world. Here are various reasons for vaccination: (Notice not a advocacy site is used here)

    What life in the US was like before the Polio vaccine.
    “Living in Fear: America in the Polio Years”

    California Pertusis epidemic in 2014

    Measles Outbreaks in United States

    “Unvaccinated infants fueling disease epidemics, researchers say”
    Of course the irony is, every anti-vaxxer today avoided most deadly childhood diseases because they were vaccinated as children.

  • Larry

    “Can you quantify this? ”

    On one hand, perfectly avoidable, permanent, irrevocable, unambiguous DEATH!!!!

    On the other you have possible autism, although no reliable study has shown this to be true.

    Any kind of alleged damages which keep someone alive and functional as an aware human being are going to be far less severe than DEATH!!!!!

    Whatever dangers are allegedly posed by vaccines, pale in comparison to the danger to the public at large caused by unvaccinated children. People die from these diseases.
    “Vaccines are one of the most successful programs in modern health care, reducing, and in some cases even eliminating, serious infectious diseases”

  • @Teddy,

    “It is not necessary nor is it natural to be jabbed with chemicals, dead cells, mercury etc.

    It was once natural and ‘necessary’ to die at 6 years old of smallpox – and parents cried.

    You claim you want ‘natural’ but apparently you use a computer – which is very unnatural.
    Even more unnatural is to use a computer to reject the scientific knowledge at your fingertips simply because you don’t know how to understand it.

    If you take any kind of medication for any kind of illness, you are doing unnatural things to your body. I’m glad your arguments against vaccine fail so badly.

  • FRR

    Teddy, please read the article again. Parents won’t have to vaccinate their kids.. And they sure as hell be won’t going to public schools either. You want your kids to be exempt from public policies? Then they don’t get to go to public schools and spread disease. It’s really quite simple. We don’t need to incur even the slightest health risk because of your ignorance and paranoia. Either get with the social program , or take your kids out of our society, period. Toxicity lies in the dosage, Dumbass..

  • Teddy

    So badly do you stand by the vaccine industry and the unnatural things. That you more than likely cant distinguish what is good and what is bad or even in between $$$$$$$. Computer, and medicines both can be used, much like a scalpel can be used to help or to murder if in the hands of a killer. I’m glad too that people are waking up and realizing that its killing and maiming people all over the world. VACCINE FRAUD is your cup of tea so drink it with a clear conscious. Keep your science out of the children’s arms.

  • dmj76

    Dear Max

    Please forgive this somewhat off-topic post. You want to understand the people you are trying to argue with. They really believe prayer works. To get a good view of how they see themselves (and us) checkout “God’s Not Dead”, a popular big-screen movie in which prayer does wonders and unbelievers are shallow selfish people. If you have Amazon Prime you can see if for nothing, thus not supporting your opponents. As movies go, it is actually well crafted.

    best wishes

  • Teddy

    Hysteria and misinformation is being used to promote vaccination. Remember weapons of mass destruction? A few people die of a human exposure to viruses and now we make it state sponsored to jab foreign substances into our children. Lets get REAL Larry, are you aware of how many people die of pharmaceutical drugs in just America daily. yearly. The vaccines are being pushed by the same thugs but with politician power. Post it Larry here for the public! Lets see if you have a spine. good day

  • Teddy

    I already have FRR taken my kids out. Its a health risk to have my children to be dumb ed down and reduced to SERF to be exploited for profit with needles and weed. AMERICA HAS FALLEN BEHIND and has become a police state. Enjoy it FRR and have a good day if you can.

  • Teddy

    I will not succumb to pseudo science fear. Let nature and our bodies and intelligence do the work. Larry here take some humility, I love ya and wish the best for you and yours. ” ” good day!

  • Teddy

    Let us quantify this info for today and tomorrow for our children.

  • Teddy

    Public Health is not threatened. Choices, freedoms are threatened. State sponsored forced vaccinations. Hitler, Stalin, to name a few would have loved the idea. The state should have no jurisdiction over our bodies in this manner. Fear and manipulation combined with profit is the work of the demonic mentality.

  • Teddy

    Yes! we should advocate freedom and knowledge, not fear and manipulation. “The irony is, every anti-vaxxer today avoided most deadly childhood diseases because they were vaccinated as children”. No proof of this Larry. Let us post this proof! Your stance to science gives you the pseudo award for vaccine awareness just like it all does.

  • Goldy

    Most people submit to vaccines because they feel they are helping to keep diseases at bay however the diseases are constantly mutating. We no longer pass lifetime immunity to our children through breast feeding. Vaccines only confer immunity for 5 – 10 years and then you need to constantly immunise your child and now is 69 doses of 16vaccines before age of 6 and we are seeing more autoimmune disease, autism etc than ever before. The vaccines are proving to be ineffective as you can see from my links.
    The measles vaccine has fallen in efficacy to a point it cant sustain herd immunity among the vaccinated. Higher rates of primary and secondary vaccine failure is a major factor. New vaccines are being called for.

    It’s generally assumed that the measles vaccine, when given in a two-dose schedule in early childhood, should protect against measles infection about 99 per cent of the time. So the discovery that 52 of the 98 teens who caught…

  • Goldy

    Larry – if you look at these government charts you will see that most diseases were well in decline before the advent of vaccines:

  • Teddy A special gift for Larry and his being a good shill

  • Goldy

    An entire issue of Lupus [11,table of contents at ] was recently devoted to ‘ASIA’ – autoimmune/inflammatory syndrome induced by adjuvants [12], with at least 9 papers each presenting data indicating numerous autoimmune problems are caused by vaccine adjuvants. Injections of aluminum into infant rats and mice in amounts comparable to what human infants receive resulted in brain inflammation and damage [13, 2 sec 4.5], and in an experiment where an analog of the aluminum content of the US vaccine series, and of the Swedish vaccine series, were injected into infant mice, the US series resulted in huge behavioral deficits (and 50% heavier adult mice) and the Swedish series resulted in lesser problems [14].

  • Larry

    Your ignorance and unwillingness to educate yourself is not cause to create a public health hazard. Your freedom to act like a blithering idiot ends where you are causing harm to others.

    Failing to vaccinate child has been shown over and over again to be dangerous to the public and the cause of several epidemics of easily preventable diseases.

    So Teddy, were you vaccinated as a child? Yes or no?

  • Do you have something from an objectively reliable source?

    A 6 year old article referencing a study which has been long debunked doesn’t do squat.

    If you haven’t noticed the links I have used came from news agencies, organizations not directly related to vaccination/anti-vaxxers, and at least one general science publication. What you guys are linking too are nonsense echo-chamber sites with a clear anti-vaccination bias relying mostly on scare tactics.

    The entire anti-vaxxer belief is stupid. You would rather risk exposure to your child and others to lethal diseases on the basis of shaky, infinitesimal possible harms.
    I will leave you with a letter written by author Roald Dahl. Dahl’s daughter died of an illness which could have been prevented had he vaccinated her.

    You are talking about astronomical (and entirely unproven) chances of autism and minor exposure to chemicals compared to DEATH!!!!

  • So you would rather have a dead child or other dead children besides your own on the off chance that the public is sufficiently safe by doing something you haven’t done.

    Goldy, Teddy, Cypher, were you vaccinated as children?

  • Teddy, try linking to sites that people have to take seriously. General news sources, medical and scientific sites. Something other than the echo chamber of stupid which anti-vaxxers pass amongst themselves.

  • Teddy, were you vaccinated as a child?

    Yes or no?

  • The great thing about being a conspiracy theorist is the wonderful optimism you have in the ability of others to carry out such elaborate implausible and ridiculous plans.

    Vaccines are being pushed by ALL PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATIONS IN MEDICINE AND PUBLIC HEALTH. People whose job it is to ensure standards of individual and public health. People with a great deal more credibility than anyone you have cited.

  • Teddy

    Your speculating and desperate, Im done with you. And according to you, Goldy, Teddy, Cypher, were vaccinated as children of which you speculate again not knowing, that’s why you asked. Lots of things happened to me as a child Larry that wasn’t right. Is that your premise of getting a jab full of toxins today? Aside from that your a horrible shill for the money they pay you to discredit info and people who are against state sponsored vaccination. That is the best I could say about you. Except go back to school and learn a some critical thinking skills. And yes Ive followed your trail on other tags. Really you should find something better to do, your terrible at it. Free advice good day

  • Teddy

    Your speculating and desperate, Im done with you.

  • Teddy

    Larry, try linking to sites that people have to take seriously. General news sources, medical and scientific sites. Something other than the echo chamber of stupid vaccine pushers pass amongst themselves. Good day!

  • Teddy

    This is the data the drug industry do not want you to see. Here 2 centuries of UK, USA and Australian official death statistics show conclusively and scientifically modern medicine is not responsible for and played little part in substantially improved life expectancy and survival from disease in western economies.

    A detailed Contents listing of this article with each category of disease and related graphs appears after the Introduction. And here is the link

  • moby

    Science has some of the answers.

  • Barry the Baptist

    Didn’t you say you were done with him? Or is the word “done” something you understand as well as statistics and peer-reviewed articles?

    Also, if you’re going to rant unintelligibly, please limit it to religious topics and biblical quotes. This website would benefit from less varied inanity, not more.

  • Larry

    Medical experts disagree vehemently. Actual peer reviewed studies accepted in the field say you are full of crap.
    “Pertussis incidence was 10 to 100 times lower in countries where high vaccine coverage was maintained than in countries where immunisation programs were compromised by anti-vaccine movements.”
    “there is evidence of a growing anti-vaccine movement. In turn, this has, in some cases, resulted in major disruptions in vaccine programs, with resultant needless morbidity and mortality.”

    You do not have the freedom to make yourself a menace to the public. Your right to pour gasoline ends when you do it on someone’s home and wave a lighter around.

  • Larry

    Answer the question then, were you vaccinated as a child?

    If you are American, or Western European, the answer is most overwhelmingly yes. You would be of the age when it was mandatory with no exceptions

    But thanks to nabobs like yourself, diseases which were practically eradicated in your youth have not only resurged in intensity but also lethality.

  • Fran

    When God’s kingdom or heavenly government soon puts an end to all sickness and disease (Revelation 21:3,4), during its millennial rule, this issue will be moot.

    Until then, we have to contend and deal with how human politics govern the masses.

  • Larry

    I never have to worry about polio or smallpox thanks to the vaccine industry.

    Vaccines are hardly big money for drug companies or doctors. Quite the opposite.
    “variable costs of vaccine administration exceeded reimbursement from some insurers and health plans”
    “FOR decades vaccines were a neglected corner of the drugs business, with old technology, little investment and abysmal profit margins. Many firms sold their vaccine divisions to concentrate on more profitable drugs. This troubled public-health experts because vaccines are a highly effective way of dealing with diseases.”

  • Teddy

    Barry Barry yes I did as well you! Thank You! Its HIGH TIME we all had a rant or two for forced vaccinations. It probably couldn’t get more religious either. Sorry if I don’t measure up to your estimated standard. But all is still well Barry the Baptist its just Rome that I’m concerned with. good day to you!

  • kumar

    May be off topic: So, a parent has a right to not to vaccinate his/her child, however a would be parent does not have a right to terminate a pregnancy. Is Personal Freedom not applicable equally in all aspects of one’s life?

  • Teddy

    What a loaded question that is Kumar! It would and could stand reason that when your pregnant that termination is in fact a parents decision. However the implication and reaction is that you have just killed a being that also should have the freedom to at least live, thereby making a parent or parents liable. We have become desensitized to the value of life, all life, even the life matter that gives us the very air we breath. It saddens me so much of the barbarianism we humans exhibit. Sorry so negative, good day to you Kumar

  • Teddy

    You also have had Gandhi say that vaccination is barbarianism as well.

  • Teddy

    A detailed Contents listing of this article with each category of disease and related graphs appears after the Introduction. And here is the link

  • Larry

    So where did Gandhi go to medical school?

    The rapid eradication of smallpox from the place that was for many years the world’s principal endemic focus of the disease [i.e., India] has been singled out as one of the great victories in the history of public health: only twelve months separated a peak of more than 8,000 infected villages in May, 1974, and 188,000 cases in that year, from the last indigenous case in May, 1975.
    [U. of Michigan online library]

    Please Teddy, tell me how the the University of Michigan, and United Nations are somehow part of the great Big Pharma conspiracy to perpetuate vaccinations. I need a good laugh

  • So Teddy, why do you want to withhold a treatment for your children you received yourself, obviously benefitted from, and obviously had no ill effect in your life?

  • Leahh

    Some of us will become homeschoolers this Fall. It is not about lack of education because people who do not choose to vaccinate their children are well informed educated people who are concerned about health, eat organic, avoid fluoride, avoid GMOs and are aware of toxins in the environment and in products. We actually know what is in these vaccines and there are dangerous chemicals in these vaccines and some cultivated in aborted fetal cells.

  • Larry

    To get a good view of how they see themselves (and us) checkout “God’s Not Dead”

    Otherwise known as the perfect example why Kevin Sorbo was never for considered a part on the TV series Spartacus*. 🙂

    *Besides his well publicized spat with the producer/husband of Lucy Lawless, Robert Tapert

  • Larry

    Leahh, what harm was caused when you were vaccinated as a child?

    Back in the day, vaccines were far less safe than they were today.

    Did they make you autistic? Cause permanent damage to your systems. It obviously didn’t kill you. 🙂

  • @dmj76,

    “God is not dead”

    Which one? I’m quite certain Osiris is dead.

  • Teddy

    Leahh how refreshingly intelligent of a statement you have made. Here people just make assumptions about you and just plain dont mind about the barbaric practice of injecting poisons into their bodies. They dont mind what garbage they eat as well. Im so thankful too that some of us will become homeschoolers this Fall. Its well worth doing. Hey good day!

  • Michael

    Most Conservatives want this law with no exemptions. Sorry it sounds like the way of the Leper (Leprosy). But how is it to work with exemptions.

  • Michael

    Your personal freedom does not give you the right to infringe on others liberty. Kids must go to school, but if you choose not to follow the heath & safety rules you need to make education available to your child.

  • Michael

    With the number of un-vaccinated immigrants arriving from all over the world this is the only safe choice

  • @dmj76,

    More seriously, “God’s not dead” is a pretty entertaining movie. I liked it on that level.
    But of course it doesn’t understand Atheism.
    Atheists don’t say “God is dead”. That would be like non-believers in Sasquatch saying “Sasquatch is dead.”

    I don’t believe in Sasquatch so I can’t say he is ‘dead’. Same for god.
    Maybe a god exists? I don’t know.
    I just can’t believe in any of the gods I’ve heard about.

    The movie does a great job of showing why Christians feel superior to everyone else. They claim to have a special secret knowledge about God. Who knows? Maybe they do.

    When I was Christian I was absolutely certain I was right and all the Atheists were wrong. I even prayed for them. 🙂

    Life is a journey. Don’t miss that fork in the road! LOL!

  • Teddy

    You cant say that, it was the white man that came to this continent that spread the diseases. And if you think Mexico is not inhabited by vaccine pushers your wrong too! They just recently killed some kids and maimed them in Chaipas. The list goes on in every country. Its better to be concerned with how many pharmaceuticals that kill people as it far out numbers the people that are confronted with viruses. Not to say that medicine does not have its place though. good day to you!

  • Teddy

    Vaccine manufacturer’s admit that vaccines are inadequately tested
    Sanofi Pasteur manufactures both Fluzone and Fluzone Intradermal. In the product literature for its Fluzone product, the company cautions:
    “Animal reproduction studies have not been conducted with Fluzone. It is also not known whether Fluzone can cause fetal harm when administered to a pregnant woman or can affect reproduction capacity.”
    In addition, vaccine producers also note there are ‘no studies conducted on safety and effectiveness of the vaccine in children younger than six months of age.’ Every doctor should be against such a policy to force pregnant women to undergo such a risky medical treatment.
    For its Fluzone Intradermal vaccine, manufacturer Sanofi Pasteur states:
    “Safety and effectiveness of Fluzone Intradermal have not been established in pregnant women.”
    by Lori Alton

  • OldGuy

    If the unvaccinated only put themselves at risk- so be it. But there are people with recognized medical conditions that cannot be vaccinated.
    So if you want to live in society and send your kids to school, get them vaccinated. Your choice.

    Teddy – you are so full of it I don’t know where to begin, so I won’t. I just hope you don’t have kids, if you do I hope they are lucky and avoid the preventable diseases until they are old enough to get vaccinated.