• ben in oakland

    Absolutely outrageous. 6 years for being a harmless perv? I’m not condoning his actions. They were wrong, wrong, wrong. But this doesn’t make it all right. It does, however, reflect our American, puritanical, prurient fascination with sex.

    Dan white murdered two men, and got 7 years.

  • Candy Man


    That’s because it’s described as a ritual bath in Leviticus 15:24-27.

  • He got seven years in Frisco, a locus vain about its tolerance. (And that was about 35 years ago).

    Doubt it has anything to do with puritanism. The bar is very responsive to what’s au courant among academic feminists.

  • The mean prison sentence served in this country is about 30 months. He should have done something less serious than cause emotional upset to a mess of women and just gone and robbed a convenience store.

  • ben in oakland

    one of the rare times agree with you.

  • Greg1

    Freundel said he was “sorry,” “horrified” and “disgraced” at the hearing.” Why didn’t he say how sorry he was to have stolen the dignity of the women he filmed naked. Seems to me he was looking in the mirror when he said those words. The self serving rabbi seems to know his religion of the book, but doesn’t understand how the heart needs to be front and center. 6.5 years in the pen will serve him well. Hopefully he will be in the same cell as one of the male-ephebophilia priests. He can share his abuse of women, and the priest can share is abuse of men. And then maybe the two deranged men will then begin to see the evil in each other’s crimes.

  • He did not steal anyone’s dignity. You cannot do that short of compelling them to run up and down bare-assed in a public place. He took pictures of them for his own amusement. Upsetting, not humiliating.

    Remember Amy Fisher? She cooled her heels in prison for 7 years on a charge of attempted murder. That’s not abnormal in New York, which has a proportionately lower prison census than most states. You have to punish people. There is no excuse for gross failures in calibrating punishments.

  • Greg1

    Art, any time a low-life person uses his/her religious office to lure, deceive, seduce, persons for perverse and/or any other sexual gratification, is a undignified plebian, and needs to be sent to the slammer. And in this case, 6.5 years is the minimum. He needs to go live with the proletarian, and he will find them there.

  • And in this case, 6.5 years is the minimum

    Please, keep out of any state where sane people are residents. I very seldom encounter fanatics in daliy life and I’m not anxious to do so.

  • Greg1

    Apparently the judge doesn’t agree with you.

  • Sister Geraldine Marie, OP, RN, PHN

    Apparently, the 11 commenters are men. Only a few seem to realize how these women were violated and by a rabbi!

    As the prosecutors requested, he should have received 17 years in prison, without possibility of parole. He is an absolute disgrace to his calling and as a human being.q

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