• Marcia

    It’s brilliant; Dick Whitman reincarnates as Don Draper; Don Draper reincarnates as ????. We’re passing through and passing through redux.

  • I could use “splainers” in nearly every area of my life at this point. Thanks.

  • My wife works in the advertising business; she is convinced the finale showed that Don Draper finds his true self and goes back to make the Coke ad now that he has become “The Real Thing.”

    Ironically, I think the show lost opportunities to make the characters more real.

    When Betty got lung cancer – presumably from smoking – it would have been a nice touch to show Roger or Don at least pondering or questioning their years of brilliant Lucky Strike ads. Especially when the damage is so close to home.

    And of course the “real thing” turns out to be kinda sad. Don Draper achieves his self-awareness and this leads to a famous campaign for colored sugar water – Coke – only to birth a generation of obesity and diabetes sufferers. Yay.

    But the show was fun and I’ll miss it.

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