Mormon vice: Utah buys more candy than any other state

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Variety of candy in a store.

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Variety of candy in a store.

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SALT LAKE CITY — “We don’t drink alcohol, we don’t smoke, we avoid coffee — but we certainly do sugar,” BYU marketing professor Glenn Christensen said. “It’s the only allowed indulgence.”

  • Debbie Snowcroft

    Kathy wrote: “[Mormons abstain from]….coffee and tobacco. With those vices frowned upon….”

    Coffee is a “vice” like green beans are a “vice.”

    Coffee is loaded with antioxidants and is negatively correlated with several different types of cancers as well as diabetes. Coffee is also correlated with longer life expectancy, and caffeine (a component of coffee) is negatively correlated with dementia.

    Excessive use of coffee can be problematic, particularly for those with stomach disorders. For people with specific medical problems excessive milk and bread can also pose problems. But for most people coffee consumption is a healthy drink that bequeaths important health benefits.

    The fact that Mormons consider coffee to be a “vice” is ludicrous, Particularly given their penchant for sugar/candy (a true vice) and pop (another true vice).

  • Candy Man

    I should totally move my business to Utah!!

  • Larry

    Its a boom area for dentists as well!!!

  • anti89

    I agree. So many Mormons set themselves above others because they don’t drink wine or coffee. In moderation, both have proven health benefits. Candy is known to have severe negative affects both physically and mentally when you eat too much. But as with anything else, in small amounts there’s really not much wrong with any of it.

  • Fran


    This article was made especially for you…lol… Utah isn’t that far away from me, here in the state of Nevada! And we have a lot of Mormons here as well!

  • Fran


    No doubt!

  • Fran


    Agreed! Even the apostle Paul wrote in a letter to Timothy to take a little wine.. It would help his upset stomach!

  • Robert Jones

    Look, I’m a Mormon. We don’t abstain from coffee because we think we’re better than other people. For us, it’s like the commandment to the Israelites nor to eat certain unclean animals. The animals themself weren’t bad. The reason that they were commanded to abstain was to give them an opportunity to show their obedience to the Lord. Coffee, tea, tobacco and alcohol aren’t inherently bad. Like you said, they are healthy in moderation. However, we have a commandment to abstain from them.

  • Garson Abuita

    Robert Jones, (the official site) states that the Word of Wisdom is a health code and that coffee, tea, tobacco and alcohol are harmful substances that you should not intentionally consume at all. Your view seems like an alternate one and I’m wondering if it’s officially endorsed by the church.
    It’s always been interesting to me that at the same time a “clean healthy living” movement emerged in the US (mid 1800s), two new religious movements, LDS and Seventh-day Adventism, adopted dietary restrictions similar to what the larger cultural movement was advocating.

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