• Jack

    Good article.

    Operating from a win/win, rather than a win/lose, zero-sum-game model is the way to go in most situations.

    But in this case, to get there required a unilateral empathy, as you said.

    Win/win works because ultimate reality is about an infinite God of infinite love and infinite resources of every kind.

  • Jack

    The one caveat here is that what works with individuals doesn’t always work with nations. How JFK handled the Cuban Missile Crisis is a good example of how, under certain circumstances, it can work well with nations, namely Russia at that time. But in other instances, the only answer is win/lose — to rise up and smite evil — even as we realize that we, too, are far from being the epitome of virtue.

    Reinhold Niebuhr did a pretty good job in his writings in making that critical distinction.