• Excellent description of the culture around rape. Unflinching without pointing fingers: an encouragement, not a guilt trip.

  • Paul Carden

    Please make sure these are edited before they’re posted. (Add into? a lá?)

  • Kathryn O’Hehir

    If Krakauer is your source, explain to me just what exactly is his background on this issue? Zip. It’s all about publicity, and once again he cherry picks court reports, pays sources, offers “percentages” of book sales to sources and failed to interview even ONE law enforcement official,who would have pointed out, you included a court examination, but not the cross examination. Jordon just received $250,000 from UofM for treating him unfairly during the school’s own investigation. Krakauer defamed the County Attorney who was Jordan’s defense lawyer. Any man who destroys a charity that served thousands of Girl’s wake up,one more a feminist? I don’t think so. He is a narcissist, must bask in spotlight, even his dirty spotlight, who thinks rape is a “cool” subject and trust me, he really enjoyed half researching his worst book among many. Don’t buy books from crooks. He is a walking lawsuit on this one.

  • Kathryn O’Hehir

    Not pointing fingers? Did you read the book? That is all he does is point fingers at everyone but himself and his “research methods”. He openly admits to having “relied on documents I should not have,” then wastes Montana tax dollars suing for information he has no right to? He is suing for FERPA documents no one, not even educators can see. He does not expect to win, but it keeps him in the news feed which he think sells books. It’s in the bargain bin at B&N.