Boy Scouts chief says ban on gay Scout leaders should be lifted nationwide

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A Boy Scout marches with his troop during the Memorial Day parade in Smithtown, N.Y., May 27. RNS photo by Gregory A. Shemitz

A Boy Scout marches with his troop during the Memorial Day parade in Smithtown, N.Y., May 27. RNS photo by Gregory A. Shemitz

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Robert Gates indicated that churches and other religious groups -- which currently sponsor 70 percent of all Scout troops -- would be able to "establish leadership standards consistent with their faith."

  • Larry

    The rule has driven the BSA into the ground for the last generation. Driving away a good deal of non-religious support, access to public facilities and producing tons of bad publicity. It was solely done to placate an overly sectarian bias which crept into the organization.

    Good for you Eagle Scout Alumnus Robert Gates!

    Btw The Greater New York Councils have been largely ignoring/defying the rule since its official inception in 1991. The hiring of Pascal Tessier was a shot across the bow for the national organization.

  • CarrotCakeMan

    My home town in downstate Illinois had over 30 Scout troops when my Dad was our Scoutmaster in the 1960s. Now that town has 2; 1 is at a Mormon church, the other at an aggressively right-wing political Baptist church. I enjoyed my time in the Scouts. My Dad fought racial discrimination in the Boy Scouts then. Let’s hope the BSA will free themselves from the anti-gay political agenda before they collapse.

  • Fran


    The world has definitely changed a lot since the 1960’s, when I was a kid…that’s for sure…for the worse!

  • JR

    Any man who proudly announces that he is gay and wants to be a Boy Scout troop leader should be shown the exit door immediately. His orientation has nothing in common with scouting, so his description of himself as gay should raise red flags instantly.

  • Larry

    Yeah Fran:

    You can no longer tell people where to live, shop and work based on the color of their skin anymore.

    We no longer have that nasty threat of nuclear annihilation to look forward to.

    It was much easier to commit genocide back then.

    Back then, one could arrest people like Carrot on sight just for being themselves.

    Anyone who talks about the “good old days” is merely lamenting the loss of undue privilege and the benefits of widespread discrimination that was so common back then.

  • Larry

    Its more like the local councils feel the unnecessary need to ask about orientation in the first place in furtherance of discriminatory practices. Of course if a child is raised by gay parents or a scout leader is in a homosexual marriage, “announcing” amounts to merely existing.

  • Doc Anthony

    This is seriously bad news, but it should not be a surprise to anybody. Most folks already knew it was only a matter of time that this point would be reached UNLESS the Boy Scouts’ national leadership were willing to draw the line in the sand (and draw it on every single Scout Chapter including New York’s) and openly take the stand of their lives.

    But that’s NOT happening. It’s a solid Game-Over on this one.

    So what should Christians and churches do? Gotta make some decisions.
    One thing they should do is DON’T trust fake promises. Mr. Gates offers his little promise that “churches and other religious groups…would be able to “establish leadership standards consistent with their faith.”

    But you know THAT is a fake promise, once the ban is lifted nationwide. if somebody decided to take you to court because you didn’t go along with official national policy, where is your legal protection? Gone. So accept this disaster for what it is. Total!!

  • Larry

    Thanks to Google, I just found out, my hometown had the first Eagle Scout ever.

    Given my hometown’s religious and cultural heterogeneity, sponsorship by a church was never a viable option. The anti-gay polices never had traction in the New York Metro area, least of all in my old troop. The opposition at the organization level was fairly open there for a long time. I think one reason the charter was never in danger was that the troop regularly produces a truckload of eagle scouts.

    I remember seeing soon to be mayor Michael Bloomberg addressing the National Eagle Scout Association around 1998. He concluded his speech by declaring a strong desire to have the ban lifted. It was met with resounding applause back then.

  • JR

    The Catholics have created a new organization similar to the Boy Scouts to avoid this very problem.

  • Cranmer

    Please explain?

  • Be Brave

    Although I do not live to post something in every thread as instantly as it is posted to this site like you do Larry, haven’t you ever noticed that LGBT’s demand to rule over every aspect of every of our lives?

    This is way past creepy. This has entered in totalitarian tyranny.

    All must show obeisance to the Sapphoites and Pederasts.

    Or, as the Sodomites said: “We will treat YOU worse than them.”

  • Be Brave

    Pederasty is the goal.

    There is no hiding that anymore. They don’t need to.

  • Be Brave

    No decent parent would EVER leave their adolescent or teen boys with a gay scout leader.

    This drooling power play by the LGBT community is gaining power over the masses, but it should be driven back into the darkness in which it came by good parents nationwide.

  • radiofreerome

    “The Catholics have created a new organization similar to the Boy Scouts to avoid this very problem.”


  • Karen


    “Have you ever noticed that Christians’s demand to rule over every aspect of our lives?”

    There, fixed that for you, coward.

  • Greg1

    Robert Gates needs to keep his opinions to himself. The Boy Scouts is no place for Adult Gay Men; they played a huge role in the pedophile priest scandal in the Catholic Church, and should be kept 100 feet from any Boy Scout meeting hall. My sister was friends with many gay men in the 1990’s who entered the Catholic Seminaries to hide. These so called priests abused their office, and became a scandal to the Church. I speak fact, here, not opinion. Robert Gates, invite whomever you would like to your own home, but leave the Boy Scouts to those who do not have an agenda.

  • Bill

    Karen speaking the truth does not make one a coward, unless you have a perverted definition of coward.

  • Fran


    Right!!! Homosexuality and same-sex marriage was unheard of then; men did not kill their wives/girlfriends and maybe their kids because of having an affair; kids were not overdosing on crystal meth; the U.S. was not trillions of dollars in debt; the Rwanda genocide was very brutal; terrorists were not growing in great numbers worldwide and beheading their prisoners; animals such as wild tigers and elephants were not facing extinction; people were not demonstrating for weeks, many times violently, for alleged racial discrimination when it came to police killing unarmed persons; things were pretty much peachier keen in those days. It will only get worse…just wait and see.

  • Diogenes

    I wouldn’t be too sure about no threat of nuclear annihilation, the Chinese, the North Koreans, and Iran all have ambitions they might pursue at the point of a nuclear trigger. Let us not forget the mutual animosity between Pakistan and India.

  • Diogenes

    The covert infiltration of the Catholic seminaries by actively gay men is indeed well documented, but I will cite no web links to prove it, precisely because that typically proves nothing. Right and Left, some of the most absurd ‘information’ to be found is accessed by a web link.

  • Greg1

    Diogenes, I need nothing to prove what I know as fact. I stand by my statement, no proof needed.

  • Larry

    And neither of you are saying anything relevant to the topic other than expressing your personal loathing of gay people.

    The Boy Scouts is not a religious organization. Your sectarian based prejudices had no place there.

    Robert Gates grew up in scouting, achieving its highest award and became the president of the BSA. His opinion as to what is right for the organization carries far more weight than your bigoted ramblings.

  • Larry

    When BB starts telling the truth, you get to use that line. But for now he is just flinging poo like a diarrhetic chimpanzee.

  • Doc Anthony

    Gates may have an admirable record in the BSA, and that’s all good, but church-based troop-sponsors better NOT trust that fake promise of his for one nano-second. Nope.

    Christians, this is yet another non-negotiable demand from The New Baal that you must bow and kowtow along with your kids and grandkids. No joke.

    So if bowing, kowtowing, and gay marriage aren’t where you want your boys to acheive their NEXT merit badges, you really better think about leaving the BSA and finding an altervative. Tick-tock!

  • Catherine Berger

    Would that be a pederast like Josh Duggan, or did you have a specific “minister” or priest in mind?
    As a woman and a lesbian I do not write poetry so I guess that leaves me out of the “Sapphoist” plot.
    Personally, going back to your comment, “…LGBT’s (sic) demand to rule over every aspect of every (sic) of our lives”, I am way too busy and have no voyeuristic tendencies to get involved with your life. Ew!
    What I am concerned about is a secular society that is forced into behaving according to a religious oligarchy.
    Seems very similar to ISIL and the Taliban.

  • Greg1

    Larry the Boy Scouts is a place where young vulnerable boys need to be kept apart from adult predatory men looking for a victim. And indeed many churches do indeed sponsor the Boy Scouts. The Catholic Church learned the hard way to keep gay men out of the priesthood. That was a hard lesson learned. Now the only way a gay man can enter the seminary is if he has NEVER acted upon his gay inclinations.

  • Ben in oakland

    For decades, the Boy Scouts have forbidden anybody gay to be a member or scoutmaster. For decades, they have insisted on the heterosexuality of everyone associated with the Boy Scouts, preferably married and with children. For decades they have had a child molestation problem. And for decades, they have attempted to blame it on innocent gay people.

  • Ben in oakland


    As I said above, for decades the Boy Scouts have had a child molestation problem, which they have attempted to blame on gay men, even though gay men are not allowed to be scoutmasters, and gay kids were not allowed to be scouts until recently. Even the Boy Scouts, who have hidden this abuse for decades, Have come to the conclusion supported by social science everywhere: gay men are not the problem. Pedophiles are the problem.

    Your desire to blame gay men for this problem is indicative of your whole mindset regarding the question. And it’s one of the reason why the abuse of boys continues. You would rather blame gay men for the actions of men who have been described as heterosexual in terms of their interests, experiences, and public persona.

    If you want to keep the boys away from sexual predators, keep them away from sexual predators, especially the heterosexual men that have been molusting boys in the Boy Scouts for the last 40 years.

  • Ben in oakland

    Oh, poor doc. The intelligent world is pulling away from your brand of bigotry, and all you can do is keep claiming that somehow the gaystapo is bullying them into submission.

    Poor doc. Poor doc. Poor doc. I don’t bother responding very much to you anymore, because there is a limit to how much idiocy I am willing to endorse by responding to it. This one takes the cake. But lucky for you, it isn’t a wedding cake.

  • Greg1

    Ben, I know very distinctly that a number of gay men entered the Catholic seminaries to hide, and did their dirty deeds at night with each other when the lights went out. That is a fact, plain and simple. Those very men went on to be problematic “priests” who got it where they could get it. Most are dead now, but many remain. We do not need any of that destroying the Boy Scouts. You don’t need to agree with me, but it is true. Are there gay men who are trustworthy? Yes, of course, but the percentages are too high to the contrary to even consider it. We need to learn from our mistakes. All I keep hearing on this site is how bad the pedophile priests are… Well… have we learned from the school of hard knocks? Yes, the Catholic Church has, but where is Robert Gates? Living in a vacuum? Wake up Robert!!!

  • Churchy McWorship

    Dennis Rader, the BTK Killer, was a scout leader. But since he was a heterosexual man he made a much better role model.

  • GGHB

    It’s hilarious that Lesbians choose sapphic identification when Sappho lusted after a gorgeous guy after years of lusting after young girls.

    And of course, she committed suicide.

    And with no Christians around on whom to place the blame.

  • Churchy McWorship

    You know that there is a difference between gay men and sexual predators, right? Or is the terrible gay monster in your imagination the only kind of gay person you see? Sexual predators will always find their way into positions of power, be it teacher, priest or scout leader. But lifting the ban on gay scout leaders isn’t going to result in “Gay Pedophiles Scouting for Boys” as one right- wing commentator predicted. Prejudice and hate have no place in scouting.

  • CarrotCakeMan

    We’re all familiar with anti-gays trying to blame LGBT Americans for everything that is going wrong. That isn’t working out very well for anti-gays, is it? Josh Duggar falsely accused LGBT Americans of doing what he himself did to his little sisters. Michelle Duggar repeated that lie to promote an anti-gay Hate Vote in Fayetteville, Arkansas even though she knew her own son actually did that. Go right ahead, help defeat the anti-gay political agenda the way the Duggars did.

  • CarrotCakeMan

    Please document just when LGBT Americans cooked up a Hate Vote meant to deprive anti-gays of THEIR Constitutionally protected right to marry the person THEY love, the way anti-gays attacked and tried to control the lives of LGBT Americans.

    Face the fact, your routine anti-gay WHINE that your intended LGBT victims want “totalitarian tyranny” was destroyed yesterday by the Duggars. Josh Duggar made his living trying to blame LGBT Americans for what he himself did to his little sisters.

  • CarrotCakeMan

    Wow, ancient Greek myths in a desperate attempt to attack LGBT Americans! Hilarious!

  • CarrotCakeMan

    Despite your repeating the standard anti-gay LIE that Josh Duggar was paid by the FRC to repeat, all the while knowing he himself had done to his own little sisters what he falsely claimed LGBT Americans would do, we know the fact is the vetted, 100% heterosexual-only BSA leadership actually committed that crime against the boys:

    “This data­base con­tains in­form­a­tion on about 5,000 men and a hand­ful of wo­men who were ex­pelled from the Boy Scouts of Amer­ica between 1947 and Janu­ary 2005 on sus­pi­cion of sexu­al ab­use. The dots on the map in­dic­ate the loc­a­tion of troops con­nec­ted in some way to the ac­cused. The timeline be­low shows the volume of cases opened by year; however, an un­known num­ber of files were purged by the Scouts pri­or to the early 1990s. The data are de­rived from con­fid­en­tial Scout­ing files sub­mit­ted as evid­ence in court cases. “

  • CarrotCakeMan

    Once again, no, homophobia is NOT a “religious faith,” it is a mental disorder.

    Please learn to accept the Boy Scouts have a right to stop promoting the same anti-gay lie Josh Duggar was paid to promote by the FRC.

  • CarrotCakeMan

    Anti-gays have formed several “anti-gay Scout” organizations in the last couple years. I wonder if any disinterested party has examined their actual membership levels.

    “Johnny, do you want to join the Anti-Gay Scouts?”

    We know few Americans under 40 have any interest in the anti-gay agenda.

  • CarrotCakeMan

    You don’t seem to be able to process the fact that routine anti-gay lie about LGBT Americans was destroyed yesterday. That lie didn’t work in 2013 either:

    “Backers gathered more than 1.8 million petition signatures in favor of gays in Scouting, while opponents gathered nearly 19,000 signatures.”,0,6730662.story

    Tough luck, anti-gays, Americans outnumber you 100 to 1.

  • CarrotCakeMan

    Sorry, greg1, you’re an impeachable source. You’ve already made your extreme bias known. Further, psychologists report that the most commonly observed symptom of the mental disorder homophobia is cognitive dissonance, an inability of those so afflicted to accept documentation that contradicts their deep-seated phobia and hatred of LGBT Americans.

  • Be Brave

    It is very common for boys not to report being sexually assaulted. Gates should know well what is going to happen to many, many, many innocent and naive boys when he unleashes hordes of pederasts (pederasty is adult/boy homosexuality) into an unprotected flock of defenseless subordinates.

    If anything should doom the once noble Boy Scouts, it should be the unleashing of adult homosexuals ruling the organization. It won’t take a decade before most of the authorities in leadership are LGBT activists. Ruling the Bot Scouts is like winning the lottery for them.

    Boy scouts . . .? How prophetic.

  • Be Brave

    Same gender sexual assault is by fact, homosexuality. A homosexual raping and molesting of an innocent other. So now they are just going to unleash drooling lascivious gay men to “guide the development” of Boy Scouts?

    This must be a dream come true for every gay man in the western world. Because there won’t be any way for a parent to accuse or prosecute a gay adult for “turning out” their child because they will be charged with a hate crime against the gay adult. You can hear it now already being prepared. Just like in public schools.

    Hopefully the demise of The Boy Scouts organization will happen before too many young boy victims of approved homosexual assault will start stacking up.

  • Be Brave

    Homophobia is a neologism designed to as propaganda to silence any dissent of LGBT power and authority to take control of societies children. Pederasty is nothing new to gay history. Pederasty (homosexuality between adults and youth) was both male and female. The Lesbians take their label from Sappho. An ancient female pederast.

    This will just lead to the eventual demise of The Boy Scouts as it should. No good parent will allow homosexuals designed alone moments with their children.

    And to “fear” homosexual behavior is nothing even close to a phobia. Opposing homosexual behavior is as sane a decision as can ever be made.

  • Be Brave

    The homosexual rapes of so many young and innocent boys by gay priests is no laughing matter.

    And the Boy Scouts literally setting up this scenario where openly homosexual men get to “guide” young innocent boys is insanity. But, wait, I forgot that the LGBT protests had homosexuality taken out of the mental illness definition. The patients running the asylum with government approval is still depravity unleashed. .

    Now we have the insane in

  • Be Brave

    Looks like the parable of the wheat from the chaff is not just a parable.

    Do the math. The debauched 100 to 1 over the decent people of society.

    Yup, your math looks right CarrotCakeMan. The fall of western civilization is underway.

  • Be Brave

    And neither does homosexuals being leaders of other peoples children.

    BUT, I will leave that up to other people that are not concerned about their children being seduced by homosexuals.

    As for me and my house, we will avoid the LGBTified Boy Scouts like the plague it will soon become. There is a reason that so many parents wish they could have vouchers to place their children in private Christian schools. Recruitment into gay affirming culture is still maintained there.

    For now anyway. They are being targeted by LGBT’s for conversion.

  • Be Brave

    Great post Doc.

    But their god looks to more like Molech than Baal. The intensity of fanaticsim from the gay hordes is fascinating to watch. Read the account of the Sodomites when they were opposed by Lot.

    “We will treat you worse than them,”

    Now see that history repeating itself in the fanatical and hysterically hateful words of the anti-Christian/pro-homosexuality mobs.

    Too fascinating watching this all develop in plain site.

    For me and my house, it is nothing gay-affirming. For we have already made the better choice.

  • Be Brave


    The top six American male serial killers were all gay:

    Donald Harvey claimed 37 victims in Kentucky;
    John Wayne Gacy raped and killed 33 boys in Chicago, burying them under his house and in his yard;
    Patrick Kearney accounted for 32, cutting his victims into small pieces after sex and leaving them in trash bags along the Los Angeles freeways;
    Bruce Davis molested and killed 27 young men and boys in Illinois;
    A gay sex-murder-torture ring (Corll-Henley-Brooks) sent 27 Texas men and boys to their grave; and
    Juan Corona was convicted of murdering 25 migrant workers (he “made love” with their corpses).
    Lesbian Aileen Wuornos laid claim in 1992 to “worst female killer” with at least 7 middle-aged male victims. She singlehandedly topped the lesbian nurse team of Catherine Wood and Gwen Graham, who had killed 6 convalescent patients in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


    Gay Scout leaders alone up in the mountains…

  • Be Brave

    Oh, and ChurcyMc:

    Although the total number of victims dispatched by a given killer is often in doubt, (e.g., homosexual Henry Lucas claimed that he killed 350), it appears that the modern world record for serial killing is held by a Russian homosexual, Andrei Chikatilo, who was convicted in 1992 of raping, murdering and eating parts of at least 21 boys, 17 women, and 14 girls. The pathology of eating one’s sexual victims also characterized Milwaukee’s Jeffrey Dahmer in 1992. He not only killed 17 young men and boys, but cooked and ate their body parts.

    Thank you to our friends at:

  • Ben in oakland

    Well, Greg, you already said that you don’t need any proof. The facts of the matter are as I have described them. For 50 odd years, The scouts have had a major problem with child molestation. For those same 50 years, they have attempted to blame gay people for their problems, When they have not tried to cover it up in the style of your holy church. For those same 50 odd years, they have banned the participation of gay scouts and gay scoutmasters. If you want to continue to blame the molestation problem On gay men, there is certainly nothing I can do to stop you. In fact, I don’t want you to. Slander away! By your own theology, you are damning yourself to hell. I hope you like warm climates.

    However, decent, kind, compassionate, and moral people can see the lies that you were telling, and all you are accomplishing is convincing them that all you have on your side is an ancient, vicious, and durable hatred. Congratulations on doing our job for us.

  • Kar_la Michelle CC32

    Fran do not so wrong with your False Jehovah with crystals and False Religion. Repent of crystals and bad logic debates. You must Repent or be in Hell soon!

  • “The Boy Scouts of America are being pressured by today’s perverse society to renounce their long-standing policy and allow sodomites to join. This would not even be a consideration if this organization were still truly righteous. If they change their policy to accommodate homosexuals, they will find themselves fulfilling King Solomon’s proverb:

    ‘Like a trampled spring and a polluted well is a righteous man who gives way before the wicked’. (Proverbs 25:26)….”

    For more, see blog article “Will the Boy Scouts Fawn at the Feet of the Wicked?” at

  • Churchy McWorship

    The Family Research Center’s article is heavily footnoted, but the facts they give are wrong. The American serial killer with the most victims is the Green River Killer, Gary Ridgeway, with 49 confirmed. Almost exclusively prostitutes.

    Chikatilo stated of his victims (who were mostly female runaways anyway), “What I did was not for sexual pleasure. Rather, it brought me some peace of mind.” Investigators assumed he must be gay, postponing his arrest for years.

    Yours is a flawed argument because serial killers are psychopaths and sociopaths and their sexual pleasure comes from control and killing, not sexual attraction. Many killers prey on victims outside society such as runaways (including gay men disowned by their families), prostitutes, and hitchhikers. If sexual preference informed victim selection, why did Wuornous kill men?

    Are there gay serial killers? Probably (Dahmer for example), but asserting that the worst ones are all homosexual is just not true.

  • larry

    Good riddance to churches which subvert the purpose of the BSA and attack its underlying notions of citizenship. Sectarian bigotry has no place in the organization. It never did.

    Scouting was founded as an alternative to the myriad of religious youth organizations. Lord Baden-Powell, founded the organization to develop a sense of citizenship. Something to transcend sectarian loyalties to forge national ones (and later international ones).

    The ban on gay scouts/leaders drove away public support and use of public resources. Rather than being linked with the public sphere under its overarching goal of citizenship, the policies became a barrier. The fewer churches teaching children that scouting means bigotry, the better.

  • OK show of hands, how many of the anti-gay crowd here has ever actually participated in the Boy Scouts?

    How many Eagle Scouts here?

    How many Scout leaders?

  • Churchy McWorship

    Oh and Be Brave:

    The second work cited in the Family Research Group publication is Cameron’s 1983 study on the link between homosexuality and murder. Even if it was not 30 years out of date (in fact, NONE of the cited material is from this century), the data was deemed meaningless because of sampling errors and bad methodology. When you alter the data you collect, you can make whatever specious claims you want. It is nothing more than bad science informing an anti-gay agenda.

  • LaDela


  • So none of you bigots spouting off in support of the ban on gay scout leaders has ANY experience within the Boy Scouts of America.

    You are all just blowing smoke out of your collective posteriors..

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  • Mad Dog

    I feel all this is trash talking from both sides. The Boy Scouts of America was started over 100 years ago by a man that saw a need to help misguided young boys and young men to become a productive member of society. I may not believe in having Gays and Lesbians as open leaders or Scouts due to my religous freedoms and the morals I have been taught my parents and my church. I do believe that we as a Nation of multiple religons have the right to express ourselves and not be labeled as “Taliban” fundamentalist. I don’t go around chopping off Gay and Lesbian people’s heads because I don’t believe in their choices. Boy Scouts of America needs to remain a safe place for boys and young men to have a safe place to go and not be treated poorly because of religon and sexual orientation. The key word is SAFE. That is all parents want for their children. Grow up; because it is not always about you.

  • Mad Dog

    They have not blamed on any Gay or Lesbian member for the sexual misconduct that has happened in Scouting period. It has to do with the fact that we have defiant people in our society. The news is filled with defiant people; Gay or Straight, that do horrible crimes against other children. Not one group is innocent. It has to do with morals; which is a part of our Scout Law and Oath. That is the important thing that keeps getting let out. Because I believe in the Bible and its teachings makes any Gay or Lesbian a defiant. I chose not to believe in that way and should not be considered a mindless kool aid drinking religous fanatic.

  • Mad Dog

    It is funny that you bring up these skewed studies to make a point….if just in the last 24 months with ability to have openly gay boys dropped the number of participants into Scouts; they your statement makes no sense. The Scouts should have increased if there is so many people in favor for it. The whole agenda is to take a religous based program and put immorality into it in order to disban or exclude a sect of people that believe that Gay and Lesbian behavior is immoral. There will always be people that do not agree with you and it has nothing to do with people being ignorant to the beliefs of others. You will believe what you want and argue when people do not believe the way you do. That is why we live in America.

  • The U.S. Supreme court affirmed the BSA can chose who it associates with back in 2000, case closed. Funny how the liberals use the high court as the end all…except when it rules against them. BSA policy is lawful, therefor no injustice is being done. If the BSA voluntarily changes its stance down the road on homosexual adults as leaders, the local committee members of the chartering orgs will decide who is an appropriate leader for their group. No hate, no phobia, just who will set a good example according to that groups beliefs. I am a former scout and a current adult leader with a homosexual (adult) child. I understand the issues. I also believe as a catholic that having homosexual thoughts is not a sin but acting on them is. That is MY right. I love my child and we have a wonderful relationship but don’t want an openly gay man leading my catholic troop nor do I want a man proudly, actively cheating on his wife. You don’t have to agree but you do have to be tolerant.

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