Forced sex camps prepare girls for child marriage in Zambia and Mozambique

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A child looks out from behind a curtain during a visit by a home-based care team to an HIV-positive person in the village of Choongo, south of the Chikuni Mission in the south of Zambia February 23, 2015. Photo courtesy of REUTERS/Darrin Zammit Lupi

A child looks out from behind a curtain during a visit by a home-based care team to an HIV-positive person in the village of Choongo, south of the Chikuni Mission in the south of Zambia February 23, 2015. Photo courtesy of REUTERS/Darrin Zammit Lupi

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CASABLANCA (Reuters) Girls as young as eight are forced to go to camps where they are shown how to please a man in bed in order to prepare them for married life, activists said at an international conference on ending child marriage.

  • Doug T.

    The world is becoming more and more sexually depraved. And if that is opposed, you can be targeted as a hater.

  • JR

    These are probably age old tribal customs that will take years to vanquish. We should not look strictly through civilized Western eyes in being horrified at this. To them, it is a norm, not a sex trafficking cartel.

  • Ben in oakland

    See what heterosexual marriage leads to? Grown men marrying little girls.

    And Doug, I have some news for you. The world has always been sexually depraved. However, those of us who are civilized don’t attack other people who are not harming anyone with a bunch of lies, slanders and half-truths intended to demonize and harm them. You are targeted as a hater only if you hate people.

    My sex life, whatever you imagine it to be, is not depraved. That’s your ignorance and point of view speaking. It’s not the reality of my life. I don’t harm other people and I certainly have no interest in children.

  • Ben in oakland

    So what would you call the Catholic Church, with its centuries of child molestation scandals?

  • JR

    An overblown story that included only a small percentage of bad priests. To you it would be like a gay bar. Understand now?

  • JR

    You thinking it not depraved is your business. Forcing the world to think as you do is obnoxious and bigoted.

  • Ben in oakland

    And how, exactly, does 2% of the world force the rest of the world into thinking as the 2% does? Answer? It doesn’t, but it comforts you to think that somehow we are managing to do this. It’s just more moral and intellectual laziness on your part.

    The world – at least the part of it that is civilized, intelligent, and compassionate – is seeing the lies, the hate, and the bigotry of the anti-gay fanatics for what it so clearly is, and always has been. And this just bothers you no end, doesn’t it? You really can’t believe that people who are civilized, intelligent and compassionate could possibly believe anything that you don’t believe. But they do.

    Someday, you and all of the hyper religious people that think just like you do, might come to the realization that all of the things you have to say are identical to the things that they have always said about the Jews, the blacks, and all of the other people that you have decided just are not as good as you are.


  • Churchy McWorship

    “Forcing the world to think as you do is obnoxious and bigoted.”

    Exactly! Forcing the world to think women are inferior to men, blacks are inferior to whites, and that gays are inferior to straights IS obnoxious and bigoted.

  • The Great God Pan

    As we speak, JR is likely booking a ticket to Mozambique for some “missionary work.”

  • JR

    That day will never come, Bennie. Sin is always sin, and your sin has nothing to do with Blacks, Jews, women, or Martians.

    Gay Pride is equivalent to Murderer Pride. Senseless.

  • JR

    Is that what you are advocating, McStuff In ?
    Shame on you.

  • Be Brave

    A pederast would know all about sexual desires and actions towards youth. And pederasty is 100% homosexuality.

    And of course where gay rights is leading to.

    Harvey Milk’s “boyfriend” was what 15 or 16-years old?

    And in California Harvey Milk is a recognized hero.

  • Be Brave

    In the western world, forced sex camps for little girls and boys is called the secular school system. It’s a new “culture.”

    The rainbow flag leads the way. It’s called “sexual orientation.”

  • Be Brave

    Labeling oneself by the sexual behavior they engage in is depraved. But now it’s called a human rights campaign.

    The rise of evil is so celebrated, most of the secular world is reprobate by fad. And now of course the final degenerate behavior has risen once again to popularity: homosexuality.

  • Ben in oakland

    I love how you managed to change the topic of conversation from YOUR sins to mine. Very adroit. The Pharisees with their stones would be so proud of you.

    Listen: I have been in this fight for over 40 years. Long ago, I learned that we are never, ever going to reach people like you, Doc, Greg, Carr be brave, BRQR, and quite a few others. Your minds, hearts, your very souls have been irretrievably poisoned by hate, fear, ignorance, despite, stupidity, bad parenting, stunted compassion, imaginary superiority, and poisonous religious belief. Nothing short of a visit from God or a major personal trauma will ever change your viewpoint.

    And you know what? I don’t really care. That’s because you are irretrievably poisoned. You are already spiritually, humanely dead.

    There is nothing I can do about you, no way to reach you. I don’t write for the sake of your soul. But there are plenty of people still out there who can see the light, if only in contrast to your darkness.

    I write…

  • Ben in oakland

    For those who have not been so poisoned.

    This damned commenting system simply does not work.

  • ethel hayes

    Well said !

  • ethel hayes

    I posted a comment in response to a comment by Ben in Oakland. It was posted lower on the page, so it looked like I was commenting on someone else’s comment, which I did not agree with. I want Ben in Oakland to know that I was referring to him.

  • Ben in oakland

    Thanks. Your compliment has been received.

  • @JR,

    “Pedophile priests……Overblown”

    There are 25,000 cases of CHILD RAPE by priests
    on record in the United States.
    These are only the ones we know about.

    I guess you think 25,000 children whose little, innocent bodies sexually attacked and raped by priests is only a minor, ‘overblown’ problem?

    Only the most immoral, unprincipled, uncivilized, depraved individuals would call 25,000 case of child rape ‘overblown’.

    Your ‘morality’ and its sources are depraved.

  • @JR,

    “Gay Pride is equivalent to Murderer Pride.”

    Religion is a public nuisance.
    And we need look no further than the depravity of the religious argument. You have every right to your Booze and Cigarettes and Religion – they are all dangerous.

    And don’t think it makes you look good to go around smoking 5 packs a day, drinking a case of Vodka and injecting your hateful religious claims – and don’t think you are protected from being mocked for it.

    Homosexuality is not a form of sex – it is a form of love.
    And to equate love and murder is profoundly depraved.

    too much vodka, cigarettes and church is something to avoid.

  • “forced sex camps for little girls and boys is called…”

    The Catholic Church.
    with 25,000 cases of child rape – and counting!

    No evidence exists for any other ‘sex camp’ where so many perpetrators went unpunished even after being exposed!

    Archbishop Bernie Law, The Kingpin of the Boston Pedophile Priest Network – – lives in the Vatican in a cushy suite!

  • Ouch,Atheist Max!! THANK YOU! We need that type of moral outrage to keep these peoples’ feel to the fire! JR’s asinine comment was ill-informed at best,and while as a Christian I rarely agree with you,you are dead on the money here,Max!—God bless you!

  • Larry

    Because only someone with no sense of morality (but plenty of excuses from their religion) can find equivalence between the always illegal killing someone intentionally and the mutual bond of consenting adults in a legally binding manner.

    If you didn’t think God was looking over your shoulder, would you be running amok?

  • Larry

    “A pederast would know all about sexual desires and actions towards youth”

    BeBrave is obviously speaking from first hand experiences here. He knows all about what pederasts desire.

    Between this story and the Josh Duggar one, and using BB’s line of thought, it has become clear that devout Christians are pederasts by nature. Unlike BB’s assertions, we have facts to back this up. 2 stories here alone.

    But its the “good” kind of pederasty of religiously inspired heterosexuals. Never mind the victims.

  • Larry

    “In the western world, forced sex camps for little girls and boys ”

    You mean the Quiverfull movement and families like the Duggars. Devout Christians who condone incestuous sexual abuse of adolescent girls.