On his 100th birthday, Herman Wouk’s guidebook to Judaism still a classic (COMMENTARY)

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Herman Wouk attends the 2010 LA Times Festival of Books.

Photo courtesy of Mark Coggins, via Wikimedia Commons

Herman Wouk attends the 2010 LA Times Festival of Books.

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(RNS) More than 55 years since its publication, Henry Wouk's “This is My God” retains its place as a guidebook to Judaism.

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  • Larry

    On a side note, a recommendation for fans of historical/military fiction:

    Herman Wouk’s “The Hope” and “The Glory”. He does to the first 30 years of Arab/Israeli conflict as he did with WWII in his more famous works. Very good stuff.

  • Greg1

    Sounds like a great man. May his joy be great in heaven.

  • We need to be reading the Holy Scriptures in synagogues and churches. It is always better to read the Bible itself rather than to read what others have written about it. Some try to carry on their traditions, whether it be orthodoxy or denominations, by finding books that agree with their traditions. We need to be very careful to never add to or take away from God’s Word. This is commanded in both the Old and New Testaments. Yeshua/Jesus was always pointing this out when He was here. The religious leaders constantly making their own traditions and teachings and ignoring the Word of God. Many of them rejected their own Messiah while others received Him as Messiah and Savior. God used such Jewish men to write the New Testament or New Covenant. We need to read it and believe it. And receive the Son of God as our own Messiah and Savior, and turn away from sin and teachings that are contrary to what the Lord has given us. Then we will know His peace. Shalom

  • Larry

    To quote Arturo Perez-Rivete, “Never trust a man who reads only one book”.

    It is quite tasteless, offensive and inappropriate to be going off about how Jews did not accept your religious faith as you do in the topic. You are so insecure about your faith that you have to hijack a story about a celebrated Jewish author with your declarations of personal Christian belief.

  • Larry, you can quote man and I will quote the Word of God. “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life; no one comes to the Father, but by Me.” …..Yeshua the Son of God.

  • Susan

    Mark, of course, you believe that the “New Testament” is the word of God and Jews don’t. I don’t accept that there is only one way to God. Jews believe that anyone can come to God without an intermediary. There are numerous prayers that say in one way or another, “we have no savior, but you.”

    There is a Midrash that when the Torah was given at Mount Sinai, everyone heard God’s words in their own unique way. What each individual heard depended on their capacity, interests, abilities and spiritual development.

  • Susan, indeed. Messiah often said: “he that has ears to hear, let him hear”. You are contradicting yourself. You say Jews believe this, and Jews don’t believe that, and then you say that they believe differently based on their own understanding. Which is it Susan??? You seem confused. The disciples, who were all Jewish, believed in Yeshua. The writers of the NT, all Jewish, believed in Jesus. The early church was made up almost entirely of Jewish believers. Forgiveness of sins before God was always based on the shedding of blood in Torah. God has since allowed the destruction of the temple and made it clear that only through the blood of Jesus can we have peace with God the Father. Through faith in Jesus and His atonement on our behalf. Indeed, there is only one way to God, that is through Yeshua, the Son of God. Shalom

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