India’s Christians concerned about growing attacks on religious minorities

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Women raise their hands and voices during a rally held in Ahmedabad, Gujurat, after a nun was raped in Kolkata, West Bengal. Religion News Service photo by Arielle Dreher

Women raise their hands and voices during a rally held in Ahmedabad, Gujurat, after a nun was raped in Kolkata, West Bengal. Religion News Service photo by Arielle Dreher

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NEW DELHI (RNS) The attacks on the Christian community have come against a background of fear, triggered by Hindus in Narendra Modi’s party, that Christians are increasing their efforts to proselytize -- especially in schools.

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  • “Part of human rights is freedom to choose one’s religion.”

    When it comes to the children, no ‘choices’ are being made.
    Indoctrination of children is simply subversion – it is not a choice.

    The Hitler Youth didn’t choose Hitler. Hitler was chosen for them.
    I did not choose to be Catholic – it was chosen for me when I was a child.

    Religion is just a public nuisance – like smoking, gambling and drinking.
    You certainly have your right to it. But it is nothing to be proud of.

    An adult can choose to drop religion or stick with it. But their early indoctrination will adversely influence their awareness of the freedom to do so.

  • Be Brave

    Atheism has for decades been a mind-control ideological movement. Humanists wormed their way into the political and education systems, brain-washed defenseless children . . . and of course the slaughter of tens of millions of human beings followed. And of course “science” is used to create weapons of mass destruction.

    The “Christians schools” as can be seen and proven, allow for diversity and choice. First things first, educate and create nice people. A far cry from what we see produced in “secularized” and god-removed schools where violence and vice is just part of the product.

    This is interesting: “Conversion, he said, is a remnant of colonial rule.”

    “He cited groups such as the Dalit Christians who were ostracized by Indian society and vulnerable to missionaries as easy converts. He said that these conversions are a threat to Hinduism.” Anything that makes humans worthless, like the caste system and atheism, find their relief in Christianity. That’s a very…

  • Be Brave

    It’s fascinating that India’s population doesn’t realize that Britain is just about as godless in behaviors as N Korea. Exept of course the sociopathy that atheism produces in the human mind can be assuaged by a Christian influence. Britain didn’t export the Gospel in its quest to dominate the world. It exported consumerism. A decidedly “secular” movement. As can be seen, a person is allowed to reject Christ. Such as the common trolling Atheist Max proves every single day at the place they sit like a parasite and preach their doctrines like a bully in gym class.

    Christianity is hated and Christians persecuted the world over because it is the only path to God. Atheists may reel in pain over that and Hindus and Muslims may try to rain violence and death on Christians. But the supernatural nature of anti-Christ movements are indeed something a person learns from the family they were born into or by the power it brings them.

    BTW? What is wrong with Christians…

  • Be Brave

    Once Christianity was used in Europe, it became corrupted. Only true idiocy (atheism, secularism, humanism) unchallenged, which is typical in a selfish society, paints Christian life as a western product. Vice and imperialism are the western product.

    Hmm, some things never change.

    The Gospel . . .

    . . . and the evil of western secularized morality. Just walk through any westernized urban environment and see the fruits of a godless city. Christian Missionaries driven out and sexual depravity, drug dealers and gang violence replacing them.

    Not much better for the weak and poor in Hindu and Muslim cities huh?

    Has there been a rise in Christian Dalit’s becoming terrorists and attacking Mosques and Hindu Temples, or building weapons of mass destruction (via scientific research) for the military powers of The Western world to reap material wealth?

    How laughable to even ask.

  • BB,

    “Atheism has for decades been a mind-control ideological movement.”

    How is that even possible?
    You are an Atheist yet I don’t see you complaining about it.

    You do not believe in:
    in Zeus, Agamemnon, Aphrodite, Allah, Mohammed, Osiris, Thor, The Hummingbird Wizard, Neptune, Mercury, Isis, Calista, Zalmoxes, Zoroaster, Vishnu, Ganesha, etc.

    So add another God
    to YOUR LONG LIST of Atheism and suddenly you turn into a “Mind-control Ideological Movement!?”
    Tell me, Atheist, Why don’t you consider yourself to be the problem?

  • The truth is that Saint Thomas was in India just after the death of Jesus, and that Christianity in India is as old as anywhere else in the world. Was Saint Thomas related to the Tamil? Jesus says in the Bible: I have others not of this tribe. Was Jesus himself in India at times?

  • MarkE

    Evidence? Or legend? Hard to call something “truth” if you can’t prove it – or even find the slightest evidence for it.

  • “Was Jesus himself in India at times?”

    At least you admit you don’t know.
    Now apply this to the rest of your religion and stop making claims ‘as truth’ when you simply don’t (and can’t) ever know.

  • ncp170

    Do you mean Christianity came over to India when its god was only 15 years old? Seriously, such claims are mere assertions without evidence .Further ,search Google with the words ‘the doctrine of discovery’. This doctrine and the laws based on it are still extant and according to it the non-Christians in India do not have any independent rights as they are under the dominion of Christians. I will tell you another secret. In India the claim that Christians are under attack increases when ever a political party other than Congress party has takes over the government through democratic elections. If the media all over the world is to be believed , there is not a single country in the word where they are not under attack-even in the USA the most Christinest Christian country. If you don’t believe me ,contact Bill Donahue. The news media titles are always misleading when they use the term ‘attack’ with out defining it. to distinguish it from physical attack as distinct from other…

  • Rathi Raj

    What should Hindus in India do to appease and make other religionists happy? Should they convert into Islam or Christianity to solve the issue? India is the only country that is predominantly Hindu and with secularism in the Constitution and being followed to the letter. How come two largest religions in the world feel “threatened” in India? These are the typical methods of growing one’s clout in the public. Muslims, yes, but Hindus have never shown anger at the Christians.
    The act of vandalism and robbery not only attack the Churches, but its more on the Hindu temples from where property is being stolen by the criminals.
    Hindus were initially converted to Islam under the shadow of swords of the Muslim rulers, and now Christianity is being spread with lure and subversion. Still there is no visible enmity shown by the Hindus.
    Grant some space to the Hindus so that they could live in peace in their forefather’s lands. The spread of other religions itself prove tolerance of…

  • Rathi Raj

    Very true. In fact the war in the Middle East is being treated as Muslim-Christian struggle of supremacy as if there is an attempt to create 9th Crusade. In USA all Muslims are looked upon as potential terrorists. Thankfully, no Christian is abused in the Arab world on similar lines. In India, Christians began hue and cry as soon as Modi came whereas even the staunchest Muslims are trying to peacefully adjust to the situation. Christians are bent upon making monster of the Hindus and crying hoarse for nothing. If Hindus were not tolerant then how come there are so many Christians prospering in the country? This is a typical media hype to make Hindus look like terrorists.

  • As an Indian-American Christian resident in the USA, and a native Kerala Christian, I share the concerns and fears of and concerns of Christians in India. Extremist Hindu nationalists look down with contempt on Indian Christians in India and the West, especially in the U.S. where I live. They admire and flaunt White Western American and European Christians contributing to their privileges and welfare. But they disregard and disrespect Indian Christians as those from a low Indian caste, assuming they are converts from Untouchables and other low caste Hindus. These Hindus are mainly from the Bania/Merchant caste of India.

  • Hindu extremists and over-zealous Hindu nationalists in India and abroad, are not appreciated and respected by non-Hindus in the rest of the world. They are especially mistrusted disrespected in Muslim Pakistan and Bangladesh who share history, ethnicity, language, culture, and cricket sports with India. When Bangladesh or Pakistan lose a cricket match to India, This is seen as the derogation and fall of Islam and Muslims in the whole world. Pakistan and Bangladesh should not, and must not lose cricket matches to India. This is unthinkable and unbearable among Muslims in South Asia, including many Muslims of India. I have seen upset reactions among Muslims living on Mohammed Ali and Ashgar Ali Roads in Bombay (now Mumbai).

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