• All the American presidents have been latent anti-Israel, and perhaps antisemites, but Obama has gone out of his way to set the media and the West against Israel and to add insult to injury he has gone about it by being petty and personal.

  • Jack

    Obama doesn’t strike me as being a “hater” of any kind, except maybe in the abstract — ie he hates the kinds of things and classes of people the extreme left hates. He is, like everyone else, a product of his environment. And his environment, growing up, was radical left, not liberal, all the way.

    But I don’t think he hates real people as they present themselves to him. So I would doubt he is an anti-Semite.

    But he does have anti-Israel feelings…..It would be extremely odd, given his upbringing by radical leftists — again, not liberals — if he didn’t. Every one of his most lasting associations in life have come from a world view that, among other things, is hostile to Israel.

    So to cite other examples of other presidents who had their anti-Israel moments is only useful to a point. What distinguishes President Obama is the unique set of undeniably radical influences that shaped his early life.

  • Jack

    I think that Jewish baby boomers, who went through the radicalism of the late 1960s and 1970s, but have since gone on to live fairly mainstream lives, find it hard to believe that there are people out there who either never left the radicalism behind, or who in later years and decades, embraced that same radicalism and have kept to it.

    I also think that some Jewish boomers assume that because non-Jewish folks on the radical left have their share of Jewish friends, they are going to cut Israel some slack by departing from the anti-Israel implications of their hard-left ideology. That is at best an extremely naïve request. To be radical left is to be anti-Israel, because the radical left despises nationalism of any kind and because since the 1967 war, it has seen Israel as a colonialist oppressor and the Palestinians as the underdog.

  • jimmie c boswell

    the way i see this, is there is only two choices here. is to either Love G-D, here in TheTorah. or to lust for THEIR enemies, in idolatry against G-D. and obama has always been, the enemy of TheG-D of TheTorah. as any muslim, who does not accept TheTorah as the only true Word of G-D. and i shall never try to love, that which HaShem G-D despises. and i accept that it is HaShem, that has been the prime mover in the re-establishment of Yesrael. or the alleged as jews, would not even be there in the return today. for ELOHEEM, is in charge till the end of the sixth day, and HaMosheeach is in charge for the day of rest again. just like the last time G-D, gave The Whole Torah accounting.

  • jimmie c boswell

    do not ask nor expect me, to side with any of the enemies of ELSHADDAEE in idolatry. for i do not believe in the subtle talking beast of the fields. for i only believe in G-D, here in TheTorah Happening again. here in this cool of the evening, of the sixth day just again. with the resurrection of, adam and his mate again. since HaShem has never been a liberal, in the Conservative giving of Only TheTorah. and as long as this whole world, chooses to be THEIR enemies. you shall never get The GanEden version, but only this same version forever to THEIR enemies again.

  • jimmie c boswell

    do you really think, you are going to make Noach, Avraham, Moshe, Adam to adam and his mate happy having to give this whole Story again from YHVH? in this whole world rejecting peace from HaShem, for pestilence, plague, and famine here in TheTorah in The Physical Happening again.

    do you really think, you are making HaShem happy, to the third and fourth resurrections of The Whole Torah Happening? in this world that has again, only mentally refused to be here in The Physical Torah in The Happening.

    do you even know how very close we are, to the day of rest for HaShem again? for the time of the appointment, of HaMosheeach just again. do you really think of G-D, is a liberal giving a different accounting to THEIR enemies. all pretending like you not here in This Resurrected Story of The Physical Creation?

    since you have not fooled ELOHEEM, who do you all think you are fooling?

  • jimmie c boswell

    take a good look at the horror of world history again, for this world refusing to believe in HaShem here in this resurrected story of The Physical Creation. is this really what you always want, as enemies of ELOHEEM to the third and fourth resurrections? are you in love with the genocide, offered by the subtle talking beasts of the fields as enemies of G-D?

    do you believe that any pretending as men, can give you with peace that only HaShem or HaMosheeach can give to those who Love Them? and only give pestilence, plague, and famine to THEIR enemies who don’t love THEM.

    did G-D ever promise any peace, to any of THEIR nobodies here in THEIR Giving The Torah enemies?