• Hellen

    Being a member of the IP community for over 6months I strongly disagree with this blog post.

  • Mike

    Poor research..:

  • GodLovesMe87

    She compared Instapray to Pinterest???? Lol

  • Ann

    “Our best and worst impulses are on display when we pray” – I don’t think so….

  • Barry the Baptist

    What a compelling comment…

    No counter-argument or counter-example: nothing was offered except an emphatic “nuh-uh!”

    In fact, none of the four comments posted prior to this contributed anything of worth to the conversation.

  • Garson Abuita

    This reminds me of E-Scapegoat, a Jewish site that in the season before Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur encourages people to list their sins, however you define that term (so that the sins can be laid on the animated scapegoat, like the High Priest did when the Temple was standing to atone for the people’s sins). Maybe it’s because it was confessional and not supplicational, but the results seemed less “thanks for helping me find a great parking space” than this description of Instapray.

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  • Marcy

    I think that this is a well-written article. I saw the Instapray app on Pinterest and decided to Google it. My question was whether or not it was Christians praying for other Christians, or was it open to any religion. This article explains that clearly and succinctly. Thank you for this review!