Raif Badawi sentence highlights Saudi Arabia’s human rights hypocrisy

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Last week, a high-level conference on combating religious intolerance was hosted in Saudi Arabia, a U.N. Human Rights Council member state. Three days later, Saudi leveraged its own brand of religious intolerance to keep blogger Raif Badawi in prison, facing lashes and fines.

  • Michael Glass

    I wonder if Saudi Arabia knows how much bad publicity they get from their trampling on human rights. I wonder if they even care.

  • Ayesha

    Western coverage of this so-called “news” story has, predictably, been highly Eurocentric, Islamophobic, colonialist, imperialist and Orientalist.

    Reporters and pundits expect us to take it as a given that “human rights” and “freedom of expression” should apply everywhere when these concepts are actually highly problematic products of the West and modernism. It’s the Malala affair all over again, and of course traditional Muslims are once again the “Bad Guys.”

    Decolonize “human rights” activism!

  • Ayesha just answered your question Mr.Glass.

  • Moore Knight

    Why is Raif Badawi sentenced to 1000 public lashes –for having an opinion on Islam?

    When did having an opinion on a philosophical topic such as religion become a crime?

  • Rich

    Are you familiar with Sharia law, this is what happens when sharia law is practiced and that is exactly why sharia should have no place in the West or the justice system of any other country that respects just and equitable treatment of humanity.

  • Larry

    I will regret that I am probably answering a Poe Troll on this, but what the heck.

    One of the most ridiculous arguments put out there by supporters of dictatorship is that democracy and free expression are somehow entirely “Western” or “Imperialist” concepts and that the peoples of (insert craphole nation name here) are not ready for or can’t conceive such things. That is what dictators tell the Western press as excuses for their own bad behavior.

    Every nation and peoples deserve the ability to elect their leaders and to basic human rights and dignity. There is no substitute for democracy.

    ” It’s the Malala affair all over again, and of course traditional Muslims are once again the “Bad Guys.””

    THEY ARE THE BAD GUYS! There is no place on the planet where throwing acid, death threats and attacking the ability to obtain a basic education is possibly the work of moral upstanding people.

  • Rainer Prohaska

    This is the perfect reply. Don’t regret it! Thank you!

  • Larry

    I just got the feeling Ayesha was just a Poe Troll. Someone taking a ridiculous position to make fun of extremism. That I just fell into a joke without realizing it.

  • Larry

    Its like any other religious laws or code of conduct in the absence of democratic society and rule of law. An excuse for despots to run amok.

    Sharia Law in countries with actual free governments is treated like Rabbinical Law or any other religious laws. Something you can include as rules for voluntary arbitration provided both parties don’t get silly.

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  • maddy

    Truthfully I hadn’t given this issue much thought–until Prop 8. I became deeply concerned about what was being taught to us on this issue on Sunday, during church. It didn’t pass the smell test. But I did my own research to determine if what we were being told was in fact true. I found out that at best it was misleading and in some instances false. I took it to the Lord. It made me mad that leaders allowed the church I loved to become involved in such a dishonest, unloving/unkind campaign.

    I don’t know why there is so much diversity on earth. But what I believe is that our primary assignment here is to love one another and to treat others as we would want to be treated. The commandments aren’t so black and white–they weren’t for Adam and Eve either, else we wouldn’t have to do anything thinking. I am happy for my LGBT sisters and brothers that they now have a measure of dignity.

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