• Dave

    Far be it for me to defend Conservative Republicans but your inference of them not using the word racism to mean that they are racism-deniers seems somewhat off base. My interpretation is that they cannot relate to the state of mind someone who’s hatred based solely on race drives him to murder. No normal, even-tempered person can.

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  • Larry

    They ARE being racism deniers.

    They are trying to spin the incident as being an attack on Christians rather than an attack on blacks. Its really disgusting how they are trying to turn racial violence into the phony suffering of white male Christians. Its part and parcel behind the usual ways to deny a voice and a face to black Americans by conservatives.

    Black people in the news always carry the weight of being examples of their people in various incidents. White people do not.

    Nobody asks, “What is radicalizing white men to commit such acts of domestic terrorism and mass shootings? Are Fox News and the Right-wing media encouraging violence?”

    Nobody asks “Is something wrong with the white family? Why are their sons and men so violent?”



  • Ben in oakland

    “Dylann Roof was racist. Why is that so hard to understand?”

    because we no longer have a race problem in this country. All of that ended in 1963. Now it’s all kittens and rainbows and unicorns. doncha know we have a half-black president, even though he is a communist, socialist, Kenyan, Muslim, radical Christian, non-citizen.

    We have now officially switched our problems from racism to anti-Christian persecution, who any minute are going to be feeling our jackboots on their necks right before we send them off to gulags in boxcars,

  • The Great God Pan

    They understand it perfectly well. But conservatives have developed an incredible capacity for staying “on message” at all times, no matter what evidence they have to deny.

    Popular conservative blogs are insisting that Roof must be “a liberal” because he has an “androgynous emo” haircut and only liberal parents would name a child “Dylann Storm.”. They have to know that isn’t true, but their only alternative would be to admit that Dylann is clearly the product of Southern conservative culture.

    That being said, progressives need to abandon this weird insistence that racism and mental illness must be mutually exclusive. Roof is obviously a racist, but that doesn’t mean that walking into a gathering place and opening fire on a group of strangers is an act that can be associated with optimal mental health. From the sketchy details we know (9th grade dropout, pill popper, etc.) it seems he could have used some professional attention a long time ago.

  • Daniel Berry, NYC

    it’s worse, actually. He came from a “family” that was extremely violent. I can’t say I’m an expert on this, but I have an idea that violence can only beget more violence.

  • JR

    Of course he’s a racist. Racism percolates right under the surface of many people, of all races, in this country. He is also mentally ill, ignorant, and desperate to be viewed as a hero in his own warped way. He is foremost a coward. He could not have chosen a more vulnerable and captive group of victims than he did in that Charleston church. He knew no resistance would be met in that environment, he gunned them down as if they were infants. He gunned them down because they were Black…..and that was the only reason. It is reminiscent of the Sandy Hook killings of children……easy, vulnerable, innocent targets for some cowardly creep to avenge an imaginary wrong done to him or society.