• Be Brave

    Ruach Ha Kodesh.

    The Holy Spirit.

    That God has a feminine aspect does not support feminist ideology or theology.

    Anyone that takes umbridge to the male connotations in the Tanakh or the New Testament has a bigger problem than simple political correctness (which of course may be a huge oxymoron) can appease.

    God as Father? Abba?

    How beautiful an image when one views the happy family in the 21st century. And weeps for the tragedy of the fatherless ones.

  • Deacon John M. Bresnahan

    We Catholics are lucky. Jesus said on the cross to one of his apostles standing there: “Behold your mother” referring to his mother (and from then our mother. And Jesus said to his mother also standing there:: “:Behold your Son”. And Catholics and virtually all Orthodox have taken Christ’s words seriously.
    The trouble is that since the Protestant Reformation Protestants have ignored or dissed having a spiritual or prayerful relationship with Mary leaving a giant hole in their spiritual psyche. Unfortunately many Catholics are copying this giving short shrift to Our Blessed Mother.

  • Fran

    Jesus instructed us to pray only to our Heavenly Father, or God, and no one else (Matthew 6:9-13), just as Jesus always prayed to his Heavenly Father.

    It is therefore our prayers and worship that should be given exclusively to our Heavenly Father, not to Jesus, the holy spirit, Mary, or anyone else.

    Jesus had to obey his imperfect earthly parents when he was a child, but his obedience to his Heavenly Father was more important.

  • Be Brave

    Jesus was talking to one person. Not some controlling Roman Catholic organization that would one day violate so many of his teachings.

  • Greg1

    Jesus said, “You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it.” (John 14:14). We must remember that God is Father Son and Holy Spirit. (Matt 28:19), so when we pray to any one, we are praying to God. But of course both our Lord, and the Holy Spirit, seek ultimately to glorify the Father (v. 13). But worshiping Jesus is biblical, as he is God (Matthew 15:25).

  • Dr. Cajetan Coelho

    Happy Father’s Day.

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  • Greg1

    Be Brave: Sacred Scripture is the Living Word of God. That means it is active, and alive, not a dead letter; it applies to all people, of every age (Heb 4:12). So there is more than just one audience Scripture is directed to. When our Lord “saw His mother, and the disciple whom He loved standing nearby, He said to His mother, “Woman, behold, your son!” Then He said to the disciple, “Behold, your mother.” And from that hour that disciple received her to himself [literally “to his own”] (John 19:26-27). Likely the reason it says the “disciple” and not “John” is that it applies to each one of his disciples, including you. When Mary gave birth to her divine Son, she gave spiritual birth to all humanity. Jesus is Grace Incarnate (John 1:14), so “all Grace” entered in to the world through the womb of Mary, making her the channel of Grace. And, if the Church is the “bride” (Eph 5:29-32), and Jesus is the “groom” (Lk 5:34), then that makes Mary our eternal Mother in Law. Hi mom!

  • “God is primarily and pre‑eminently a great heart, caring most for what seems to be important and sacred to us, namely, our loves and aspirations and sufferings.”

    In other words, he is an imaginary father we create in our heads.

    Like Dumbledore or other man-made literary characters, gods are always wise and flawed – and most likely imaginary caretakers of our desires and yearnings.

    God’s failure to exist is his biggest flaw.
    God is just a literary device – he a metaphor like “Melting Pot” or “Eye Candy”.
    Melting pots cannot be prayed to! They do not interact with humanity! They are merely notions in the head.

    Mental health begins to unravel when one believes a God is real
    and not just a literary device.

    Prayer is Pretending to interact with a dead daddy.

    Humanity is much worse for religion.
    Longings and yearnings need human attention – not fairy stories.

  • The Word of God is never to be given in a such a way as to please the cultural agendas of the current time. It is timeless. It is truth. It doesn’t change. People change, but God does NOT. Neither does His Word. Messiah taught us to pray to the Father. Jesus/Yeshua often referred to God as Father. God is Spirit, but Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is how God is always referenced in the Bible. Never mother, or daughter or anything that is not male. Why not? Because God has designed His creation with order. The husband as head of the wife, Christ as head of the husband. And The Father as head of Christ. This is His order. So Father carries the concept of authority. Jesus chose 12 disciples..ALL men. Not one woman. Again for the same reasons. He is a God of order. It is man and woman who are in disorder. We need to receive Yeshua/Jesus as Savior and Messiah, and turn away from worldly concepts, and follow The Lord as He leads. God Bless Shalom

  • Fran

    Jesus acknowledged his Heavenly Father as the only true God in his prayer to Him (John 17:1,3). We should take his word for it.

  • Greg1

    Who is God? God said to Moses, “I AM WHO I AM. This is what you are to say to the Israelites: ‘I AM has sent me to you.'” (Ex 3:14).
    Who is Jesus? Jesus said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Before Abraham was, I Am (John 8:58).
    After Jesus cured a blind man, the Pharisees commanded him to “give God praise” (Jn 9:24), so the man did what he was told and “he worshiped [Jesus]” (Jn 9:38).
    Of course Jesus will only glorify his Father, and direct all praise to Him; that is what a Son does. But when you look at the Father, you realize that there is more than just the Father, He has eternally begotten a Son, who is God, as well. God is a Family.

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  • Garson Abuita

    So how do you translate Avinu Malkenu in your congregation? From what I understand Reform machzorim have several choices.