• Be Brave

    Muslims and desires to force others to submit to their Islamic demands. Just can’t get them to allow others to live as they choose. Why can’t the United nations force Muslims to treat others as they demand to be treated. There actually isn’t a tolerant Muslim on this planet is there?

  • Nadeem Ahmed

    You are wrong. There are a large number of tolerant Muslims who believe in the same basic values as all religions and are respectful of other beliefs. The Jews driven out of Spain after inquisition were welcomed by the Muslim countries and thrived there for centuries. There were no conversions otherwise there would be no Christians and Jews left in Spain and Jerusalem during Muslim rule there. Those Muslims who impose their rigid beliefs on other Muslims and non Muslims are more visible but certainly do not represent the entire Muslim population. The moderate Muslims are just as much victims of the extremist Muslim ideology as those belonging to other faiths. However such Muslims most certainly exist and are peaceful and law abiding citizens in non Muslim countries.

  • “respectful of other beliefs.”

    If someone’s belief is ridiculous (Loch Ness Monster wears red high heels, or Allah exists) where is it written that you must add insult to injury by lying to the believer?

    When you respect a stupid belief you insult the person’s intelligence
    and leave them vulnerable to catastrophe! How inhumane of you?

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