Text of Obama’s ‘Amazing Grace’ eulogy for Charleston pastor

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President Obama sings 'Amazing Grace' at the funeral of Rev. Clementa Pinckney in Charleston on June 26, 2015. Video: White House

President Obama sings 'Amazing Grace' at the funeral of Rev. Clementa Pinckney in Charleston on June 26, 2015. Video: White House

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President Obama spoke of the black church as the bulwark of the people, of gun violence and racism. But he wove it all in to a meditation on God's grace. "If we can find that grace, anything is possible."

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  • Be Brave Contend for the faith

    While Obama delivered that eulogy to a fallen Christian, his minions are labeling Christians as bigots and worse because they will not discard the Gospel for gay pride.

  • Be Brave Contend for the faith

    If any “progressive or liberal” doesn’t believe my last comment, then tune into the Hal Sparks show on your local left-wing radio station. He has used the term “bigot” towards Christians at least 20-times in the last half hour. Or any other pro homosexual show anywhere.

    Jesus and every Apostle is a bigot now. Per pro-gay activists.

  • Greg1

    BeBrave, Why even give this guy a minute of your time? He is a radical leftist who only mentions God when it either gets him applause, or fits his objectives. The term wind bag comes to mind.

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  • Be Brave and Contend

    It just fascinates me that the evil that drives this man to be anointed some kind of king, is more than likely the same one(s) that were motivating King Bera.

    Look up who King Bera was.

    He we go again.

  • Greg1

    King Bera: gotcha.

  • This was a wonderful speech by President Obama.

    Normally I would be upset – Religion and politics should almost never mix.

    But Obama rose to this *unique* occasion and threaded this difficult needle – ChThe “Sanctuary” of this black church (in particular) goes beyond religion and God.

    1. Obama spoke directly to the families with a beautiful eulogy. Though difficult, it was the easy part.

    2. Extraordinarily, he spoke INDIRECTLY to whites, reminding us of the importance of AME Church going back to the slave times.

    3. He reinforced dignity of the victims (using the ‘Grace’ metaphor).

    4. He brilliantly celebrated the bravery and valor of the Confederate Army while disparaging the Confederate cause and its supremacist flag.

    5. He appealed to equality (John gets hired but Jamal doesn’t).

    The USA may be a better country thanks to this unique Presidential response.
    I hope so.

  • @BB,

    “Jesus and every Apostle is a bigot now….”

    Ummm.. Yeah.
    This is NEWS TO YOU?

    “They are pigs” – JESUS
    “They are dogs” – JESUS
    “Ignore those who are not Jews” – JESUS
    “I have not come to abolish the laws (including the stoning of Homosexuals)” – JESUS
    “Hate them” – JESUS
    “Avoid THEM” – (Romans 16:16)

    Why else would Christians consider mass murder to be such a huge accomplishment?

    “Execute them in front of me” – Jesus

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  • M F

    Using the hymn “Amazing Grace” as the finale of Pres. Obama’s eulogy was even more fitting than most observers realize. The text of that hymn was written by a reformed slaver, Captain of a ship that brought slaves from Africa to the U.S. he repented of his slave trading sins, and his repentance still echoes today.

  • bqrq

    President Obama has never bothered to explain to America how and why gay sex is morally righteous and this would suggest that he simply does not care. However, he probably does not want some random gay man to come over to the White House and engage in anal intercourse with his beautiful daughter (but he supports this practice when it involves other people’s sons). For some reason, Obama does not seem capable of explaining his moral justification for promoting gay sex.

  • Wow…I’m a 60-year old African-American Christian of 39-years standing;as such,I’m rarely suprised at the Christ -hating rhetoric spewed by spiritually dead atheists like you,Max.But here you actually showed yourself capable of being a decent human being(although,sadly,it seems to take a tragedy like this to uncover this decency),and I thank you.I don’t mean my comments against atheism to be disparaging,Max,but your propensity for blatantly misrepresenting Scripture is something I simply find baffling and disheartening.But no matter.You showed what I truthfully hope is the actual real you,and again…Thanks,and may the God you claim not to believe in bless you.

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