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  • DougSlug

    Now we sit back and watch the anti-vaxxers come out of the woodwork. Believe that vaccines are linked to autism? Might as well believe in god, too…neither is supported by evidence and both will lead to harm for humanity at large.

  • MORTY48

    What a fitting name Doug! I’m not worried about vaccines I’m worried about the Department of Justices vaccine injury compensation fund running out of money before it can repay all of the grieving parents. Yes Doug your Government already has that set up and paying out ALL KINDS of $$$ . See Doug your Government is run by Fascists that let corporations write the Bills and they don’t even read it before passing. Now Doug will claim some non sense that this is a Conspiracy theory , he’s paid to do that ya see, but you can head right on over and check for yourself. Good talking to you Slug .

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  • Yeshua is lord

    Thee world we know is changing, and by the time we hear about it, it will be too late. Behold I am coming quickly, like a thief in the night. But only those who endure until the end will I give the crown of life. Today a shot, tomorrow a mark and the day after the Son of man will be returning. Stand strong brothers and sisters you are not alone Yeshua is building an army that will separate the sheep and the goats..

  • larry

    Anyi-vaxxers are pestilence spreading idiots.

    Ever notice there are no 2nd generation anti-vaccination people? They all were vaccinated to apparent no ill effect, yet they want to risk the lives of their children and others.

    The anti-vaccination crowd has zero sense of proportion. Whatever infinitesimal possible perils the shots may have is nothing compared to the likelihood of being infected by the diseases being immunized against and the fatal results of not being vaccinated against them. They would rather see their children and other children DEAD than deal with their fears in a rational way.

    Btw pestilence spreading Morty,
    How many of those “grieving parents” are there collecting from this fund?