Nicholas Winton, the ‘British Schindler,’ dies at age 106

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Nicholas Winton

Nicholas Winton, aged 101, holds flowers while sitting on a stage after the premiere of the movie "Nicky's family" which is based on his life story in Prague, in this file photograph dated January 20, 2011. The man who became known as the "British Schindler" for saving hundreds of Czech children from Nazi persecution in the run-up to World War Two, has died at the age of 106. Photo courtesy of Reuters/Petr Josek/Files

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LONDON (Reuters) A man who became known as the "British Schindler" for saving hundreds of Czech children from Nazi persecution in the run-up to World War II has died.

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  • Greg1

    God Bless you Nicholas; continue to pray for us as we unceasingly battle evil in this world.

  • Larry

    Which makes him the second person to be considered the “British Schindler”.

    The first is Frank Foley who died in 1958.
    In his role as passport control officer, he helped thousands of Jews escape from Nazi Germany. At the 1961 trial of former ranking Nazi Adolf Eichmann, he was described as a “Scarlet Pimpernel” for the way he risked his own life to save Jews threatened with death by the Nazis. Despite having no diplomatic immunity and being liable to arrest at any time, Foley would bend the rules when stamping passports and issuing visas, to allow Jews to escape “legally” to Britain or Palestine, which was then controlled by the British. Sometimes he went further, going into internment camps to get Jews out, hiding them in his home, and helping them get forged passports. One Jewish aid worker estimated that he saved “tens of thousands”.

  • Sister Geraldine Marie, OP, RN, PHN

    Good people everywhere should, “Go and do likewise.” Evil never wins, good always does. It may take some time, but if one studies history, one will see that good is eventually triumphant.

  • Fran

    Wowww! I had no idea about this person, as well as Frank Foley, and all the loving things they accomplished for those children as well as adults! ?

  • God bless!? Nicholas Winton was an Atheist.
    He was disgusted with gods, Jesus, religion – ALL OF IT!

    His argument against the Nazis paralleled his arguments against religion.

    “Religion…is a facade! We need something else…Goodness, kindness, love, honesty. Gods are nonsense.”
    – Nicholas Winton

    His disgust with religion was shared
    by Oscar Schindler who also made it clear:

    “What good is a God who so fails humanity? I’ll have none of it.” – Oscar Schindler

  • Sister,

    Thank You for praising
    ATHEIST Nicholas Winton.

    The MILLIONS of good Atheists doing good works need to be praised by every clergy person and every church goer EVERYWHERE!

    Thanks for praising another great Atheist.
    Down with religion which would have gladly burned him alive!

  • Fran,

    Isn’t it wonderful how good such ATHEISTS are?
    Thanks for your praise of this wonderful ATHEIST.