• Rae

    I appreciate Laura’s take on things every time. Thank you for being refreshingly honest and in touch with the Christian women’s community, Laura.

  • Mark

    Basically, if you want to do something you really should check with Ro Na first to find out if its okay. You can’t read the Bible yourself and come to a conclusion guided by prayer, your own tradition, and the Holy Spirit. Only Ro Na’s reading is right.

    So check with Ro Na, children. You don’t want to end up in hell with the drunkards who drank the strong wine.

  • Hmm…It would seem that” Ro Na”,aka Fran,the not-so-undercover Jehovah’s Witness,has some kind of obsession with alcohol. (And by the way,Ro Na,since you weren’t there,you have no idea of the potency of the wine Jesus changed the water into; evidently the host of the wedding pronounced it”good”,so…Let’s leave it at that,shall we?)–At any rate,unless alcohol has had a detrimental effect on either you or some family member(s), you’re in danger of being labeled”One-Note Ra”.Take a deep breath.

  • Mary Thomas

    “Some of the dancing is sexy (and) simulates sex …But don’t skip it just b/c someone told you it wasn’t Christian.”
    Wow. So much for setting yourself apart from the world.

  • JR

    It’s always a hazy area of moral decision when a movie, TV show, or book arrive on the scene that pushes the envelope on what a Christian should expose himself to. Free Will and a well formed conscious dictate the limits an individual can or cannot accept when imbibing in another person’s view of “life”. Gone With the Wind was once forbidden by Churches for its foray into swearing, abortion, and multiple marriages. Everyone went to see it anyway.
    People can cull different messages from the same source, so who can be the arbiter of what can be read or viewed? Obviously porn is a bad choice, which most people generally agree with. It has an immoral message for a curious audience. I like “Family Guy” and “American Horror Story”, hardly Christian fate, but I look at them as entertainment that does not influence or change my foundational Faith. We needn’t be afraid that a movie or book will damn us to Hell.

  • John

    The wit of Laura Turner is only outmatched by her lack of wisdom. She is the product of a youthful generation who has gleefully thrown off her elders morals and embraced the cultures sexual freedom. She is of an age that cannot see the compromise nor understand the theology of being in the world yet not of the world. One can embrace the tension between moral strictness and freedom without treating the issue so trivially.

  • Ronnie

    It’s not a question of law or rules or a specific bible verse. It’s about what is wise and what glorifies God. He’s not against sex, He created it and He gave us the place to celebrate sex and sexuality – the marriage bed. So when it comes to whether to watch or not to watch one must ask oneself 3 questions:
    1) Does it glorify God? Is is right is it true? Does it promote what God stands for?
    2) Will it tempt or someway fulfill sinful desires that I have?
    3) does it strengthen or weaken my witness? Will people who know I am Christian watch me watching it and think they have no need to listen to me about questions of morality or salvation?
    I would encourage us to remember that it is part of our lives to sacrifice for the sake of his name and that we proclaim His name as our identity what we do is also ascribed to His name, we must endeavor to do what it right and if we do sin trust in Him for forgiveness and make it clear that we know what we have done is wrong. God Bless

  • Teresa Rincon

    I’m just dying to hear how this is different from men watching a movie about female strippers – and please explain without insulting my intelligence with the “read a book” nonsense. You must hold to the Victorian view that women don’t lust.

  • Fairy godmother

    This is not, as the headline says, “A Christian Case for Seeing Magic Mike.” This is an argument for why Christians Need Not Avoid Magic Mike. Or Why Christians Should Calm Down About Magic Mike. I have (for, sigh, professional reasons) seen and read 50 Shades. I could make a christian case for it: it’s about how unconditional love can heal us. But I won’t, because the journey to that message is demented and the book is poorly written and seriously, almost any activity—staring at a blank page—would be time better spent. The christian case against seeing Magic Mike is that you are supporting, financially, the mainstreaming of porn culture, and participating in the objectification ergo dehumanization of men. That much I know even without seeing it. That said, it may be a great movie, with features worth overlooking those objections for. I wish this article had pointed to those. You seem to be smart enough to do better than this click bait, Laura. (I sound like such a parent, sorry.)

  • Laura Renee

    Because Christians never have anything to do with sex, or a celebration of sex?

  • If it would be sin for myself or my wife or children to “perform” it, it IS sin for me to pay my unsaved neighbors, whom I am commanded to love as myself, to do it for me.

    What’s even worse is the horrific abuse of the names of God and Christ and the XXX profane language. Somehow it’s ok in today’s church as long as it’s in a movie or tv show.

    “oh, but that’s “art” and doesn’t portray sin positively and it has a culturally relevant redemptive theme” is always the answer. That’s not the BIBLICAL standard though. The BIBLICAL standard is what I said above. It’s simple and universally binding on everybody for all time. It is not a subject In any way of the so oft mutilated liberty passages. (I have heard absolutely EVERY argument. )
    The next time you set something before your ears and eyes that violates that principle, you ARE in sin. Repent. If you attempt the impossible, which would be to biblically refute this principle, then you are rationalizing away the Word of…

  • The next time you set something before your ears and eyes that violates that principle, you ARE in sin. Repent. If you attempt the impossible, which would be to biblically refute this principle, then you are rationalizing away the Word of almighty God. Repent. If you think that God would bless your family’s performance In these productions, you need to get saved. Do it today. Repent.

  • Steve

    This is another case for the content on Christianity Today, being only “Today”. The lack of biblical knowledge and discernment shown by the author is striking, but not surprising.

  • I’ve heard it referred to as Christianity Astray. Sadly, that reference sounds quite accurate to me.

  • Jason

    Apparently this woman has never read Ephesians 5:3-17, or just chooses to completely ignore it.

  • How truly, truly sad. We are to be the salt of the world–and when we lose our “saltiness” (Matt 5:13), what good are we then? This is truly a heart-breaking thing to read. My heart labors to take it in. Please, please reconsider.

  • Fairygodmother: God bless you. Very well said, indeed. This movie dehumanizes men and helps to build up the porn culture that so saturates modern society. Two additional points to keep in mind: many young men now suffer from body dysmorphia and obsessive compulsive disorder regarding chest size and abdominal musculature. Any Christian who sees this movie is complicit in harming so many of her brothers in Christ. Also, boys who see grown women objectify men without it being censured or condemned by a strong parent or support system in turn grow up to sexually objectify women to a much greater extent than they otherwise would. So again this author is complicit in a life-denying culture of dehumanizing objectification. NOTE WELL: IT DOES NOT MEAN A DAMN THAT THE MEN ON THE MOVIE SCREEN ARE SMILING. The impact we are concerned about is not the fictitious impact on the characters in the story–it’s the very real impact on our brothers and sisters trying to walk in the Spirit.

  • Teresa Rincon

    In marriage, yes. MM celebrates lust outside of marriage.