• Larry

    Civil disobedience is not discriminating in a business open to the public. Nor is it refusing to serve the entire public in a government position which requires it. Hurling epithets and threatening people with violence or physical harm is not civil disobedience either.

    Those are just being uncivil.

    There is no act of conscience in acting maliciously towards others. There is no such thing as well intentioned forms of discriminatory behavior.

    I prefer to wrinkle my nose at the people who thought opposing the civil rights movement was allegedly an act of conscience. Those who think that legalized discrimination is an act of faith. Those who feel annoyed that government doesn’t let them treat others like crap with impunity.

    The author is far too credulous of bullcrap arguments by people with bad faith motives. Many people like to invoke “acts of conscience” when they don’t want to follow a given law, but few do it with much sincerity.

  • Moses

    When G-d gave laws the first thing man wanted to do was disobey G-d. There is an inborn rebellious spirit within the heart of every man. Man disobeyed G-d in the Garden of Eden and continues to do so to this day.

  • Riker

    The author here is talking about ‘civil disobedience’ which means peaceful protest.
    He is not talking about ‘man disobeying God’.

  • Tim Gusto

    So what?!

    Moses is probably referring to the disobedience of man even before the fall in Eden.

  • Ben in oaklad

    Personally, I love those threats of civil disobedience from the big time ministers. What are they gonna do? not get gay married? Whooooo. That’s going to be a relief to any man idiotic enough to consider them.

    And the threats from the country clerks? I hope that they don’t mind losing their jobs, because that might be what their civil disobedience brings them. That’ sweat happens with civil disobedience. If you’re willing to do the crime, then you have to be willing to do the time. Or just lose your job if that’s more convenient.

  • Ben in oaklad

    Well, you have to live in the right theocracy.

  • MarkE

    “Here is one way the issue can be formulated from a religious perspective:
    If a government mandates what God forbids, or forbids what God mandates, civil disobedience may be required.”

    What is the government mandating here? That everyone must participate in or support same-gender marriage? No, the government is mandating that same-gender unions are legally marriages and must be honored by government and the marketplace as such.You don’t have to get “gay-married” or participate in one, just honor the legally-defined rights and privileges so attached.

  • ronald

    Leading theologian Glenn Beck says he has recruited an army of 10,000 pastors who are willing to die to protect traditional marriage. I think we will start seeing some blessed “civil disobedience” sooner rather than later! Praise the Lord!

    I will be safe from colatoral damage here in my basement, but all the sinners out there better watch out for Glenn’s Army! Yee-ha!

  • Jack

    What’s “colatoral” damage?

    Sounds rather exotic.

  • Jack

    Moses, I agree with you, but how does this relate to the issue of civil disobedience? Do you endorse the idea on principle or are you opposed?

  • Jack

    Well, Mark E, whatever it does mean in this context, I’m fairly confident you’d be opposed to it.

  • Jack

    Larry, does anyone who disagrees with you on anything ever not have “bad faith motives?”

    I have yet to hear you attribute decent motives to anyone who’s not completely on board with your opinions.

    You must be a terror at family get-togethers…..everybody’s probably afraid to bring up politics in your presence.

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