• Dominic

    I remember the big to do years ago when Muslims protested against Omar playing against Barbra Streisand, a Jew, in “Funny Girl”. Things have really gotten worse since then.

  • Mohamed

    It was because she was from israel

  • Cathy

    Interesting. And here it was the rest of the world thought Babs was from Brooklyn in New York City. Thanks for the geography lesson and alternative history.

  • Be Brave

    It would be great if Muslims would allow others the rights they demand. The right to be a non-Muslim without being enslaved, outlawed, driven out from your homeland, or just plain old slaughtered for not being a Muslim.

    If a Christian’s child chooses to become a Muslim sadness and conversations follow. If a Muslim’s child becomes a Christian, intense sadness follows and then they are killed.

    Islam and Muslims either have to be isolated from all other human beings in some walled off lands in the Middle east, or Islam and Muslims have to allow others, BILLIONS and BILLIONS of others, to reject Islam without that being a death sentence or lifetime in chains serving a Muslim or Islamic society.

    By the way, Omar Sharif? Absolutely one of my favorite actors.

  • The Great God Pan

    So are any of these actors actual, practicing Muslims who currently believe in Islam? They all use phrases like “culturally Muslim” or “born Muslim.” Ellen Burstyn sounds like she’s about as Muslim as Madonna the self-styled “Kabbalah scholar” is Jewish.

  • The Great God Pan

    According to my copy of the Official Post-Colonial Social Justice Dictionary, “from Israel” is Free Palestine-speak for “Jewish.”