TLC dumps Duggars’ ’19 Kids’ show for good

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im Bob Duggar (L) and his wife Michelle Duggar (R), supporters of Republican presidential candidate and former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum, attend a Pro-Life rally in Columbia, South Carolina, on the steps of the State House January 14, 2012.


Jim Bob Duggar (L) and his wife Michelle Duggar (R), supporters of Republican presidential candidate and former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum, attend a Pro-Life rally in Columbia, South Carolina, on the steps of the State House January 14, 2012. REUTERS/Chris Keane *Editors: This photo may only be republished with RNS-TLC-DUGGARS, originally transmitted on July 16, 2015.

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It was a long time coming but it wasn't a surprise.

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  • Jack

    Yes, they’ve shown an amazing ability to provide a healthy home for their children, assuming those children don’t mind a little molestation now and then.

  • ben in oakland

    Oh, jack, your first clause had me worried, but your second clause redeemed it totally.

    I will add this: NO ONE can raise 19 kids.

  • Sister Geraldine Marie, OP, RN, PHN

    A great deal of sexual immorality, alcoholism, anti-authority issues and a host of other sins can be attributed to the influence of HOLLYWOOD for the past 100 years. While there are many good movies and TV shows available, people insist on gravitating toward the ones which say, “Anything goes.” And don’t resist temptation. You don’t want to be a PRUDE do you?! See how much more fun it is to be evil?
    We are a fallen race! To give in to wrong is to be unhappy and each of us knows this, regardless of what Hollywood says.

  • ben in oakland

    And even more of it can be attributed to parents not raising their children properly, hypocrisy in the leaders and followers of the church, greed is good mentality among political and religious leaders, changing demographics, economic factors, advances in science, the availability of newspapers, and a host of other factors, including…

    people who shouldn’t have children having them by the boatload with little regard for the consequences.

    Blaming it all on Hollywood fits your moralizing narrative, but doesn’t have a lot to do with reality. Hollywood doesn’t create morality or immorality– whatever either of those things mean, and to whom, and why– it documents it and follows it.

  • bqrq

    Ben said;
    “……even more of it can be attributed to parents not raising their children properly…….”

    Dear Ben,
    Do you have children of your own? Have they been raised properly? Do you speak from experience?

  • Dominic

    I’ve never seen the show, so it’s cancellation means nothing to me. What America’s fascination with “reality” TV is eludes me. I’ve never even seen “Survivor”. And from what I hear about Honey Boo Boo and The Kardashians, I haven’t missed a thing.

  • Katy

    The Duggar children were only allowed to watch wholesome Christian programming. They prided themselves in that. Their son still molested. Who’s to blame now?

  • Be Brave

    Hmm, if the acts done by the Duggar boy had been homosexual, it would have just been called “Questioning Youth.” behavior. And he would have a special day named for him in California.

  • Be Brave


    Children are impossible via homosexuality.

    Look it up in a science book.

  • bqrq

    Thanks for not adopting. Elton John adopted but it has not worked out well for his son. Elton admitted that the child should of had a Mommy.

  • Doc Anthony

    Here’s a concept:

    CANCEL TLC !!!

  • Jenell Brinson

    “Good wholesome programming” and sheltering children from anything sexual, failing to talk to them about REAL sex education, so they don’t even know what sex MEANS, other than you check either male or female when filling out forms, fails to prepare boys as well as girls for healthy and ‘proper’ sexual encounters.

  • ronald

    This is sad news. TLC is one of the few places where Bible-believing Christians like me could turn to for wholesome entertainment, like the 19 Kids or the midget Christian family. These were good documentaries about nice normal American Christian families, not California weirdoes.

    Josh was already legally pardoned by a state trooper and has been forgiven by his sisters and by Jesus. And as my friend Be Brave pointed out above, it’s not like he did something gay.

    Let’s let the past be past. And let’s keep on countin’ past 19, Duggars!

  • Larry

    More likely than not Ben is just ignoring you guys. Frankly I shudder to think of either of you two being around children.

    Especially Mr. Sodomy, bqrq

  • Ben in oakland


    There are easily Half a dozen people here whom,generally speaking, I will not bother to respond to. Unless there is a particular point to be made, showing the undecided what bigots do, and how they think.

    Especially, someone who fantasizes so much about children And sodomy. And for our boys here, there aren’t enough Kleenex in the world.

  • Ben in oakland

    Ronald, you should try to find rushisright over the Salt Lake City Tribune. I suspect you two were separated at birth, though he is slightly Wittier.

  • Ronald, “legally pardoned by a state trooper” Are you INSANE?????? State troopers can NOT pardon anyone! And now you are speaking for Jesus too!!! Maybe you should try reading up on molestation and see how it ruins lives! Keeping these “secrets” is what keeps it happening! Your WILLFUL IGNORANCE is appalling!!!

  • ben in oakland

    Becca, I don’t think you understand ronald. His MO is sarcasm disguised as serious. Look up Poe’s law on Wikipedia, and you will understand.

    Of course he didn’t mean that the trooper pardoned anyone. He just decided it wasn’t worth making any fuss about. He was later sent to prison on, I believe, child porn charges. That’s probably hwy.

    The Duggars claimed, as so many so-called Christians do, that Jesus forgave their transgressions. Adultery, child molestation– the perps are certain that Jesus pardons them all. And just as certain that Jesus doesn’t pardon gay people.

    Not that anyone was requesting it.

  • Betty

    This is not amount the overblown incident with Josh Duggar – TLC knew about that for YEARS. This is amount bigotry toward Christians – nothing more! The radical homosexuals have been after this family and show for over a year after they publicly said homosexuality is a sin. See if you do not believe in the sin of homosexuality you are to be put away and shut up. This is the third show taken off the air because of the Christian belief that homosexuality is a SIN. A&E, HGTV and now TLC. For TLC to claim that they are just trying to protect the children by cancelling this wonderful show is a LIE and JOKE – especially since they knew about the incident with the girls for years and did nothing. Sin wins again with this cancellation. TLC will never be on my television again. What will the radical homosexuals want next, our money, freedom, or lives?! They are only 4% of the population yet they get everything they want from the Supreme Court down.

  • ben in oakland

    Could that possibly be, betty, because you are wrong, wrong, wrong? Because the majority of decent, kind, compassionate, and intelligent people, Christian or not, reject the lies, distortions, paranoia, imaginary persecution, and half-truths you have thrown out so casually?

    No, it couldn’t be that.

  • ben in oakland

    and betty, dear, dear betty, let us not forget that it was Christian heterosexual josh who molested his sisters. It was Christian heterosexual duggar parents who failed to do anything about it. In fact, like the hierarchy of the Catholic Church, they sought to cover it all up, taking their absolution from a police officer who was subsequently sent to state prison on child pornography charges.

    But surely, that must be the fault of the evil gays as well. Everything is our fault: heterosexual divorce, heterosexual adultery, heterosexual abortion, heterosexual illegitimacy, heterosexual child molestation, heterosexual promiscuity, heterosexual covering up child molestation.

    It’s all very simple when you know how.

  • jim renn

    Ole marj has NO problem with slick willie the MOLESTOR of girls, with NO repentance whatever, but CANCELS this program!!! I WILL BOYCOTT network and sponsors!!

  • Art

    @ BIO.
    Get over focusing on yourself; and back away from the mirror!