African clergy to protest Obama’s gay-rights ‘agenda’ on trip

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Demonstrators marched against homosexuality along Nairobi's Uhuru Highway on July 6, 2015. They chanted in support of the family. Religion News Service photo by Fredrick Nzwili

Demonstrators marched against homosexuality along Nairobi's Uhuru Highway on July 6, 2015. They chanted in support of the family. Religion News Service photo by Fredrick Nzwili

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NAIROBI, Kenya (RNS) Protesters have called for tactics ranging from throwing rotten eggs at the president to encouraging prostitutes to march naked in the streets during his visit.

  • Larry

    African Clerics, “stop publicizing our pogrom, its making us look bad”.

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  • Ted

    “Be Brave”, your frequent use of sexually perverse imagery to attack those who treat LGBT people as normal suggests you may need to read this, and do some deep and honest self-reflection on the subject of “self hatred”:

    Is homophobia associated with homosexual arousal?
    Government study shows “yes”

  • Ayesha

    “To many in Africa, homosexuality is seen as a Western invention.”

    It is not just in Africa but also in the diaspora that we see homosexuality as a symptom of the West and Whiteness.

    The highly distinguished Prof. Leonard Jeffries, a founder of the Black Studies departments at San Jose State College and CCNY, has revealed in his research that “homosexuality comes out of the caves that came out of Europe. …That system is based on the male principle, men loving men as fighting men. That’s the Valhalla. That’s the Nazi. That’s the Greek. …That’s not the value system Africa gave the world, which is the duality of male and female.”

    It is good that indigenous African peoples are standing up against the White Western imperialism that seeks to colonially impose the patriarchal values of man lust onto the noble continent of Africa.

    Social Justice Today! Social Justice Tomorrow! Social Justice FOREVER!

  • Larry

    Is there any part of that post which does not scream “Poe Troll”?

  • Ben in Oakland

    I remember mr. Jeffries. He also said that AIDS was a government conspiracy and that the Jews were out to get him.

    as a source for antigay propaganda, he is therefore unimpeachable.

  • Ayesha

    The direct quote from an influential academic, perhaps? Do you want more? How about from Frantz Fanon? Postcolonial thinkers are highly critical of the racist institution of homosexuality.


  • Ayesha

    Yes, he has been right about a lot of things besides the White European origins of homosexuality.

  • Larry

    He is proof of the flaws in the tenure system at municipal public colleges.

  • Ororo

    I believe that all should have equal rights. Including loving who you love without consequences. We are all people. One person does not have the right to suppress another. And if homosexuality is so immoral to the people, why is polygamy acceptable. The same literature that says homosexuality it wrong also condemned polygamy. Yet, you are silent on this. Polygamy does not promote “family values” that you have been preaching any more than homosexuality does. I think these groups are being largely hypocritical and only support this injustice because it lines up with what they want. Any kind of prejudice is wrong. I worry for your souls, you who desire to hurt others.

  • Larry

    Wrong on all accounts. The same sources used to justify imprisonment and murder of gays, also is supportive of polygamy. Religious Scripture.

    Polygamy is banned because it wreaks havoc on existing binary based marriage laws. Homosexuality is criminalized because people hate gays and want them imprisoned or murdered.

  • Greg1

    Hmmm, South Africa is still Pro-normalcy. It might be a good place to retire when that time comes around. They see Obama as a strange oddball; well no counter argument from me. I’m still waiting for him to walk out of the closet with Larry Sinclair.

  • Jack

    Leonard Jeffries — he’s a racist with nutty theories against white people and especially Jews.

    But it’s interesting how the far left, for all its supposed sympathy for multiculturalism, love of less developed nations and hatred of western cultural imperialism, is demanding that traditional African cultures adopt the full gay agenda, including gay marriage, thus exhibiting the same imperialism it condemns.

    The more sensible thing would be to push Africa to abolish laws against homosexuality. That’s something reasonable human beings anywhere are capable of supporting.

    But being radical leftists, who are as sensible as raccoons with rabies, they will push Africans all the way to redefining marriage…..handing a propaganda weapon to the crazies who want to kill gays, and, worse, to violent Islamist extremists who will gain recruits as a result.

    It’s a great way to radicalize and polarize Africa even more.

    Thanks, lefties.

  • Jack

    You’re right about Jeffries….Good memory. He’s a lunatic.

  • Jack

    Greg, the developing world sees the west as cultural arsonists. In some ways, they’re dead wrong but in some ways they have a point.

    One thing is certain: There’s no better way to increase recruits for Islamist extremist groups like ISIS and al Qaeda than for us to push our cultural radicalism on traditionalist societies. Radical Islamism already is making serious inroads in Africa and if we have any brains at all, we will strike a balance between modernization and undermining core beliefs.

  • Jack

    So according to Ted, if someone is attracted to gays, they’re attracted to gays, but if they’re outwardly repulsed by gays, they’re also attracted to gays.

    This reminds me of the claim that both sweltering summers and bone-chilling winters are equal proof of global warming.

    It’s magical thinking……a theory that insulates itself from being falsified.

    Heads we win, tails you lose.

  • Jack

    Or to put it another way, we should be promoting liberal democracy, not cultural revolution.

  • Jack

    Ayesha, homosexuality was around long before “white European” civilization. It was very common in ancient Middle Eastern societies, including the nations surrounding ancient Israel.

  • larry

    So you are saying that people should murder and imprison others for the sake of multiculturalism? Jack you are all over the map here with partisan sniping here.

    “The full gay agenda” comes down to not being discriminated against or in this case outright persecuted for being gay. Your views are not much different from the African clerics, except by degree.

    “handing a propaganda weapon to the crazies who want to kill gays”

    Who were inspired and financially supported by American Christians. They were trying to enact the pogroms against gays they could not do in the US.

    Essentially you are saying Africans are too savage to handle civilized ideas like marriage equality. All despite the fact that the wealthiest nation in Sub-Sahara Africa already had it for the last 9 years.

  • larry

    South Africa had gay marriage since 2006. They have a problem with people assaulting and murdering gays. You have a strange definition of pro-normalcy.

  • John W

    Current US foreign policy:

    Africa: denounce all the countries that don’t agree with you on this

    Middle East: denounce the only country that does

  • MarkE

    Jack – not repulsed by nor attracted to gays must mean your straight and unbigotted – what an enlightened conclusion. More people are this way than you can imagine, especially our younger generations.

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  • Jack

    Larry, reread what you just posted. It’s you who are “all over the map.”

    First, you wildly accuse me of wanting to kill (??) gays, then you quote me saying precisely the opposite. Next you project your own anti-African bigotry onto me, even as you want to bully Africans into redefining marriage while I affirm their right to choose for themselves and only ask that their governments protect the right of all people, including gays, to dwell in peace and security.

    The bottom line is that I support the sane liberal democracy of the American Revolution and you support the totalitarian lunacy of the French Revolution. I want government to protect people’s right to be who and what they want to be, so long as they don’t harm others, while you want government to force people to live the way you want them to live. I think and speak like an American who wants people to be free ; you think and speak like a totalitarian who wants them to knuckle under.

  • ben in oakland

    No, jack, that is not what being a homosexual-hating homosexual is about.

    TWO WORDS: Ted haggard. Or Lonnie Latham, Cardinal O’brien, paul Barnes, Bob Baumann, Larry Craig, Eddie long, George Rekers, John hinson, Matthew makela, Richard Curtis, roy Ashburn, Ed shrock, Randy Boehning (gotta love that name!), David rapson, apparently Archbishiop Nienstedt, John Goseks (love that name, too!), Bob allen, and on and on and on and on and on.

    or per Greg, any number of Catholic Priests.

    As I have often said, self-hatred is a perversion that twists and distorts whatever it comes into contact with. In this case, the h-h-h’s battle their own demons by pretending to battle mine.

    Are all antigay people secretly gay? I doubt it. But I am increasingly convinced that so many of them are.

  • Larry

    I don’t see you doing much denunciation of the efforts, funded and supported by American evangelicals, to imprison and kill gays being touted by these African clerics. The main subject of this articles So I guess you are all for it.

    You seem to think trying to undo the damages done by AMERICAN CHRISTIAN ORGANIZATIONS to the human rights situation in Africa is “bullying”. You want to affirm a right to commit pogroms without criticism by foreigners and don’t feel like giving them more than a mild admonishment for such heinous actions. If those governments don’t feel like protecting the rights of its people, what do you propose? Nothing.

    “I want government to protect people’s right to be who and what they want to be, so long as they don’t harm others”

    And yet you supported legalized discrimination in the US under the phony pretense of “religious freedom”.

    You are such a bad liar.

  • Jack

    Well, Ben, what you said is unobjectionable, because it rounds things out, but what Ted said is problematic because, at least by itself, it raises a bright red flag on the issue of falsifiability.

  • Jack

    Well, MarkE, I have very few loves or hates in my life, which is fortunate because the few things that I do love or hate I feel quite intensely about.

    As for gay people, I was sheltered growing up, not having met any that I knew of, even though I grew up when openness toward gays was already a fact. My first encounter was as a teenager, when I saw from a distance someone getting beat up. I ran toward the altercation and broke it up…..because the strong harming the weak brings fire to my eyes. I ended up talking to the guy who was being bullied and it turned out he was gay and that this was why the bully picked him.

    I have an instinctive curiosity about people who are different from me. I want to know more and I want to understand what it’s like to be in that person’s shoes. So he began telling me about what it was like being gay.

    So I’m not in the “repulsed” or “attracted” categories when it comes to gays. I’m just me…for better or for…

  • Jack

    No, Larry, not at all. Maybe I don’t fit into the neat little boxes you see when you look at other people. If so, maybe that means you need to get rid of those boxes and start afresh.

    You seem to think that everybody is either a rigid ideologue and partisan like you or a reactionary bigot. Open your eyes and see that the vast majority of people are neither. In that way, I’m very unexceptional. I don’t like either extreme — you or the knuckle draggers. And as I’ve noted, you can be a bit of a knuckle dragger yourself. Were you born in the Jim Crow South, I could see you as an unrelenting supporter of the status quo.

    Again, there’s a difference between helping people modernize and bullying them into adopting our ways. It’s a balance and if we want to make and keep friends in the world, we need to keep that in mind. It’s interesting how the far left (you) are as blind to that as your fellow fanatics on the far right.

  • Larry

    You made a phony statement concerning the self-determination of African nations to plot their own course on the subject. You dishonestly ignore the obvious input by AMERICAN EVANGELICALS in creating the situation in the first place.

    Not much else needs to be said here.

  • John Stefanyszyn

    Kenyan leaders, both political and religious, are warning President Obama to not include and promote his freedom-justified “gay” rights agenda during his forthcoming July Kenya visit.

    BUT Kenya is a democracy (believes in self-rule)
    …it believes in freedom of rights (which includes freedom of speech)
    …it believes in freedom of all religions
    …it believes in the freedom and right of ‘polygamous’ relationships and marriage.

    Did not the One Creator say that “a man shall be joined to his wife, and they shall become ONE flesh”?…Yes He did. (Genesis 2:24)
    The One Creator did NOT say that a man shall be joined to many wives if he so chooses…. thus creating “multiple unions” would make it impossible for them to become one flesh.

    And yet, because of their love for their “freedom and rights” they have justified polygamy to be good in their eyes.

    And they also believe in FREEDOM of all religions, i.e. religious liberty, which confesses that it is RIGHT , a right, to be…

  • Ted

    No, Jack. You are lying about what I said yet again.

    Please retract your obvious lie. Thanks.

  • Ted

    Jack is a habitual liar. His record here plainly shows that. Most often, he lies regarding what others have said to try to make it fit what he wants to argue against. Jack needs professional psychiatric help.

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