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  • joep

    Anyone who believes that “climate change” is the greatest problem of man, I wonder at how little they know of the Bible.

    I also wonder about anyone who claims to be a Christian and partners with those religions that fundamentally reject the truth of God.

    I also would not trust anyone who is praised by Obama or his administration.

  • David Overton

    It is great to see religious leaders across multiple faiths come together on this issue. Although I am not Catholic, I deeply admire Pope Francis and the wisdom in his recent Encyclical.

    Major religions have much in common, including the Golden Rule, which is at the core of all major religions. Imagine applying the Golden Rule across generations – if we were living 5 generations from now, how would we want today’s generation to treat the environment that we will inherit? Without significant changes, our legacy to them will be a much degraded world. We should treat future generations as we would like to be treated if we were them.

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