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  • Betty Clermont

    Re:Trafficking. No wonder the trial of the pope’s nuncio, Josef Wesolowski, was halted. After the pope left Wesolowski a free man for 14 months, when he was arrested Wesolowski had more than 100,000 computer files of pornography. “Some were downloaded from the internet and others the victims themselves were forced to take. The prelate stored part of this chamber of horrors on his own laptop. The material, which is classified by type, shows dozens of young girls engaged in sexual activities but the preference is for males. Images show youngsters aged between 13 and 17 being humiliated for the camera, filmed naked and forced to have sexual relations with each other or with adults.” i.e. victims of sex trafficking. Even as a resident of the Vatican, Wesolowski continued to access internet child porn.

  • mememine69

    Climate change science does not have to or is ALLOWED to say it’s ; “PROVEN”, just like religion.
    Didn’t science give us germ warfare and fracking?

    Now that you inclusive and tolerant and accepting and loving and OPEN MINDED and peaceful lazy copy and paste news editors are also “climate blaming pope worshipers” , will you now all be anti gay and pro life?

    “The end is near!!!!”

    Who’s the fear mongering neocon again here?