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  • Larry

    Liberty Counsel is hell bent on wasting taxpayer resources on frivolous lawsuits. At this point even the state is hanging the clerks out to dry.

    Religious freedom is not license to persecute others. If your religious belief so derranges you to being unable to continue your employment as required, there is no need to continue such employment.

    Eff the bigoted clerks. They make a mockery of religious freedom and rule of law.

  • Yohanes

    “Eff the bigoted clerks.” ha hahaha haaha lol
    larry you are a morion

  • Frank

    Love the Cretin. Hate the Creed.

  • Ben in oakland

    I’m very, very sure that she was praying and fasting before each of her four , God-blessed sacred marriages.

    The Real questions are, which she refuse to wish you a marriage license to herself? And would she be complaining if another clerk, equally as holy and sanctimonious she is, refused to issue a marriage license to her for marriage number four, three or two?

  • MarkE

    She’s refused to do her job, even when ordered to by her boss. Fire her – now!

  • Larry

    I am not a helmet used by conquistadors.


  • GregW

    Someone needs to disabuse Ms. Davis of the incorrect notion that the paperwork she’s talking about implies moral approval on her part. All her signature on the piece of paper means is that she has confirmed that the couple meet the requirements established by Kentucky to have a legally-recognized marriage. There’s no moral implication at all.

    Meanwhile, she’s not just standing up for her own religious belief. As a government official who is refusing to let other clerks in the office carry out their duties due to *her* faith, she’s clearly violating the first amendment.

  • Jim McCrea

    God isn’t involved; the State of Kentucky is.

    She isn’t paid by God, but is by Kentucky.

    She either does her job or she should be fired.

    That was easy, wasn’t it?

  • Jim McCrea

    The next time the south wants to secede, we need to let them go ASAP.

    Once they lose their Federal dollars they’ll realize how stupid they have been.

    They are net takers, not net givers.

  • No need to read. I don’t care about her religious beliefs, which she’s entitled to hold and express in whatever law abiding fashion she likes while not performing her job. She needs to resign or be fired. Full stop.

  • alison

    This is my theory. She is afraid God will judge her, based on the end of Romans 1 where it states that anyone who approves of these things will be judged. If she has, as one comment stated, been married four times, she doesn’t have a leg to stand on. I think she probably needs a different job that doesn’t violate her conscience. I’m a legal secretary and I do things that violate my conscience all the time. I should probably quit my job.

  • Larry

    So she has a rationalized excuse for politically supported bigoted stupidity.

    A non malicious well intentioned person would quit rather than abuse her position in such an obvious fashion. But that is not what we have or what is being encouraged by people like Liberty Counsel. They extol discrimination and abuse of authority. Calling it “religious conscience” is insulting to the intelligence of the public and cheapens Christian faith.

  • Jack

    Don’t you just love it when the same lefties who burned draft cards and American flags, shut down universities, wanted to “off the pigs” are now talking rule of law?

    Now that these old refugees from the 1960s and 1970s run America, they’re suddenly preaching to us about law and order and respecting authority.

  • ben in oakland

    Jack, nonsense!!!!!!!

    I never burned my draft card or an American flag, I’m not an old lefty…

    and I think she needs to follow the law or resign her job.

    And neither was Gov. Breshear, and he agrees with me.

  • Be Brave


    These are the spawn of the immoral mobs of the 60’s and 70’s. The unwanted children of drug induced partiers.

    Now they have realized they getter drugs and more degenerate sex via making new laws their way.

    It’s fascinating to watch the world turn so wicked. Like a rerun of the Sodomite and Noah’s neighbors.

    With Iphone’s of course. #neomolechwoshippers

  • You mean the people who marched for civil rights? The ones who lobbied to get forms of defacto discrimination illegalized? The ones who got the Civil Rights Act passed?

    Those people?

    You clearly support the notion that prejudice should not only be permitted by law, but is a duty of government agencies. So whatever notions you have on law and order and rule of law are obviously defective.

  • Nelson Kerr

    Libertry counsel is not wasting taxpayer money their Clients/victims will be charged costs and cover the bill

  • Dominic

    She should defer all gay applicants to another clerk or manager. She has the right to choose God’s law over man’s.

  • Larry

    Courts don’t run on Liberty Counsel’s dime.
    The inevitable phony wrongful termination suit will waste public resources for the state to defend.

    Their clients are being subsidized by wingnut welfare of these shysters. Court calendars have to be burdened by such a waste. The actions are frivolous. There is no religious right to perescute others. Government offices have no duty to endorse the bigotry of their workers.

  • Larry

    If there is none, either issue the licenses or quit. I am glad you are not foolish enough to believe she has a right to engage in discriminatory conduct under the pretense of religious freedom.

  • SFF

    If she truly believes in her convictions, then should take the fasting to the next logical step and starve herself to death.

  • Jack

    Ben, I never said you did nor do I believe you did. Reread my post. I didn’t say, nor did I intend to say that the same people yelling for law and order against some clerk who won’t approve same-sex marriage were disobeying authority in the 60s and 70s. Rather, I said the same people who disobeyed authority then are arguing for law and order today. That does not mean that all or most people arguing for law and order today were disobeying authority back then. That of course would be a foolish statement indeed.

  • Jack

    Wrong, Larry. The people who marched for civil rights and got the civil rights acts passed were standing for the heart and soul of liberal democracy, for the notion that all people are created equal and are endowed by the deity with inalienable rights. Though I was too young to be a part of that era, the leaders, from Martin Luther King, Jr. and Senator Hubert Humphrey, are my heroes.

    What began in the late 1960s and what you’re advocating is a stark betrayal of those roots and values. In place of political and social reform, it advocates cultural revolution. In place of freedom of speech and press and assembly, it advocates political correctness and the shouting down of dissent. In place of reforming America so it can better reflect our founding ideals and principles, it seeks to overthrow our system and replace it with something unrecognizable.

    The radical left hated both King and Humphrey, which makes me honor them all the more.

  • Jack

    And it seems pretty certain that if you could help her reach that result, you’d do it in a heart beat.

  • Jack

    Well, Alison, there are at least two possibilities regarding your job predicament:

    (1) It could be that your conscience is too strict — ie the things it considers to be wrong may not be wrong. For example, if your law office represents suspected murderers, then even though it sounds and feels wrong, it isn’t wrong because everyone’s entitled to representation under the law…..and lawyers who are willing to undertake this defense are an integral part of making our legal system work.

    (2) Or, you could be right and some seriously unethical things are happening there…..ie if lawyers are breaking laws or violating ethical principles. In that case, you probably should leave.

  • Jack

    101 Uses for Mad Larry:

    (1) Helmet for conquistadors……

  • Jack

    She’ll be gone soon enough, but if she were standing up for some cause you like, you’d be singing the opposite tune.

    Such is human nature.

  • Matthew

    She has the right to do her job, quit, or be fired.

    The Bible also says rape is just fine so long as you pay off her Dad. Using this 3 timing divorcee’s logic, this would become a legal defense. So, do you believe Dads should be able to sell their daughters for rape?

  • Larry

    No. I dislike county clerks with a sense of entitlement who don’t like to do their job. Taking a stand means making a personal sacrifice. Not making others suffer on your accord.

  • Larry

    ” Though I was too young to be a part of that era, the leaders, from Martin Luther King, Jr. and Senator Hubert Humphrey, are my heroes.”

    And yet you attack their legacy and come out in support of people who want to use government and open commerce as a sounding board for discrimination.

    I advocate civil liberties and freeing government agencies and open commerce of being hobbled by the personal bigotry of various individuals. There is no religious freedom issue here. One does not have a right to make others suffer for your faith. This whole thing cheapens legitimate religious freedom arguments.

    A civil servant is a representative of government. As such they have to serve the entire public. If they are unable to do that, they have no business in such a position.

    Your ridiculous attempt to label anyone who disagrees with you as “radical lefties” and spew strawman arguments for them does little for making people take you seriously.

  • DB

    She can’t be fired. She’s not an employee, she is an elected official. She has no boss to fire her. She IS the boss, and if she refuses to do the job she was elected to do the only recourse is for the state legislature to impeach her…which we know isn’t going to happen. So ultimately, there’s nothing anybody in the State of Kentucky can do about it, she can only be voted out of office for it at the next election…and since this is Kentucky, the more likely outcome is that a majority of the voters will REWARD her for her unlawful actions and reelect her.

    Nice, huh?

  • DB

    Ms. Davis, please just do the job you were elected to do. They’re going to get married whether you like it or not. Don’t make this harder than it has to be.

    You can’t win this fight. Your legal argument is bogus, you’re not being asked to marry them or give your personal approval to same-sex marriage…all you’re being asked to do is process paperwork. And you don’t even have to do it yourself, as the county clerk you have a whole staff of people that can do it for you. You can hide in your office and not interact with any of the gays at all. Instead you actually ordered your staff not to do it. You’re not fooling anybody, this isn’t about your rights this about your opposition to someone else’s rights.

    Please, end this.

  • DB

    That’s illegal. You can’t force them to go to a special “gay marriage clerk” while everybody else gets served the usual way. You can identify a staff member that has no objection to issuing the licenses to same-sex couples, but then EVERYBODY has to be served by that person. What you’re describing would be a form of segregation, and the Supreme Court ruling prohibits that.

  • Larry

    She can be removed for violating her oath of office or conduct unbecoming of the position. Election to office is not immunity from one’s bad acts in the position.

    Her boss is the senior elected executive for the county and that person’s boss is Governor. One does not have to wait for one to be voted out of office if they violate the duties of the position.

  • Richard Rush

    i.e.: Her sincerely held vicious religious beliefs entitle her to be paid to do a job that she refuses to do.

  • Rick

    Don’t you just love it when the righties throw out a 50 year old red herring to distract form their continued abuse of the law? I think everyone should respect authority, regardless of political affiliation. The old argument of he did it first sounds like your little children. Try acting as an adult. It isn’t always easy , but you can do it if you try.

  • Gail

    To Jack, Ms. Beshear and others who cite Sodom as justification for homosexuality as sin, please read Ezekiel 16:49. Scripture explicitly states why Sodom was destroyed, and it had nothing to do with sexuality. Alas, that verse is almost a precise description of our own society, again having nothing to do with sexuality. Prayer and scripture are important guides in our lives, but it would be nice if we considered all scripture, rather than the ones we find convenient….

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  • Ben

    The Supreme Court,5-4, recognized the right to burn the flag as protected speech. Liberal Brennan joined by conservative Scalia in the majority; conservative Renquist joined by liberal Stevens in the minority.

    Liberals are no less likely to protest Supreme Court decisions than conservatives, nor less likely to work to overturn those with which they disagree.

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  • Thank you, GregW. Exactly.

  • hurraylarry

    A morion, you say? Is that a moronic Orion or do you just not know how to spell moron when you’re trying to call someone a moron who is a lot smarter than you?

  • Dwight Davis

    1st amendment on the books for 226 years. BTW, the FIRST amending rule. Gay Marriage was passed by Justice Kennedy and Barak Obama, without a vote by the US citizens or congress. It is a law of IMMORALITY …. new Justices needed

  • Jason

    She is making a sacrifice. She is being villified throughout America by ppl like yourself and if you get you way she will lose her job.

  • Beth

    I totally agree. This country is suppose to be base on “We The People”. But you see, when supreme court rule, they are only 9 people involve in making the decision. Where is “We The People”. I did not get to vote on this decision. And now the goverment is demanding it decision to follow by the people. Wrong!!! Goverment is suppose to follow the decision of “We The People”. And also, first amendment is to allow people to express their beliefs and practices not privately but PUBLICLY whether in works, job, or at home. To shoot to the point, “We the people” must be the decision maker in this country, not the goverment. And the people decision should be follow by everyone ( goverment too)as long as it did not violate the constitutional amendments. Now, same sex marriage is widely not accepted by many religions in the world. And yet the goverment enforce this law to the first amendment people knowingly hurt them. It’s so sad. We might need to expect reformation to occur in this…

  • Tim

    You can’t reasonably expect a secular institution like the state to continue to employ individuals who use their authority as an extension of the government to impose their own religiosity on other citizens. Davis’s actions are in clear violation of the legal and expected requirements of the job that she willingly holds. Those are legitimate grounds for dismissal. It’s analogous to a Catholic priest converting to atheism, refusing to hold mass due to her moral and religious convictions, yet expecting to maintain her position within the church. Obviously in such a situation she would dismissed.

    Davis is in a situation where none of her rights are being violated (she can continue to practice her religious beliefs so long as she is not abusing her authority to subject others to them in the process) yet she is illegally using her official power to prevent others from being treated equally under the law. That is a textbook definition of a crime.

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  • Andy

    Marriage before God should be sacred. Two people who love each other and take a vow before God should respect that vow and the institution of marriage whether they are of the same sex or not. Kim Davis has no right to deny a marriage license to anyone nor the right to say that she is working under God’s authority as she has been divorced several times and has children out of wedlock.
    She herself has no respect for marriage or God ad she believes it is a joke to stand before d and vow “Till death do us part” Divorce is not part of the sacredness of marriage especially when you choose to do it so often. Who are you trying to fool Kim? You are as much a sinner as everyone else and will be judged as so. Lying to the almighty and degrading the sanctity of marriage are worse than anything these gay couples who want to get married stand for.
    Just get off your high horse. Jesus is about love and forgiveness, not hate and judgement. Yes, the bible is a nice story book but very much…

  • Kim Davis is a hypocrite. She violated her own religion’s rules when she put her name on the Democratic Party ballot. She knew that the Democratic Party supports marriage equality. The day she lied to voters she proved her hypocrisy. Read what I wrote about that hypocrite who has no sincerely held religious beliefs at all. http://www.jessicanaomi.net/born-again-gay-basher-kim-davis-violated-her-religion-and-lied-to-democrats/

  • John

    It is worthy of note that the position of the LGBT folks comes across as
    expressions of heterophobia and hate. (See above comments.)