Republicans seek probe of abortion rules after Planned Parenthood videos

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(Reuters) Republican presidential candidates and lawmakers are calling for Planned Parenthood to be investigated and its federal funding eliminated after two videos that critics said showed the reproductive health care group is involved in the illegal sale of aborted fetal tissue.

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  • Larry

    So Republicans want to capitalize on lies to grandstand. From day one it was already clear the body parts sale allegations were phony.

    So now they will try to defund the largest provider of women’s health care for poor and working classes. Efforts to do so in Texas have been disastrous. One of the highest unplanned pregnancy rates in the nation and a dearth of clinics offering the full range of women’s healthcare. A huge cost to taxpayers on the back of miserable conditions.

  • Dominic

    When obtaining an abortion, no part of the murdered fetus should be used for any purpose at all. How grotesque it is to decide the human being is unwanted, but just take any part of it that suits your fancy. Can we do this with regular murder victims without any consent?
    At least leave the baby with some dignity. ‘You didn’t want me, but you want my heart?” The Nazis would be so proud of Planned Parenthood.

  • Larry

    Do you enjoy suffering children so much that you would deny them means of effective research into their conditions? I guess.

    Nothing about the anti-abortion POV involves concern for human life after its born
    ” those tissue samples, those intact defective organs, allow for medical advances in the fields of perinatology and neonatology, and those advances mean the pathologist and the technologist have a lot fewer opportunities to clasp hands and say a silent prayer before beginning an autopsy on a stillbirth or a dead neonate.”

    “Researchers use fetal tissue to study and develop treatments for diseases and conditions like H.I.V., hepatitis, congenital heart defects, retinal degeneration and Parkinson’s…

  • Jack

    Larry, nobody denies that there are medical benefits of such research; the question is whether the ethical cost is worth it.

    Only a knuckle-dragging barbarian truly believes we should pursue science, or anything else, without any ethical considerations.

  • Larry

    The tissue was donated through legal and medically ethical means. Assertions to the contrary were found to be fiction here. The whole baby parts selling part of the story was utter nonsense and refuted within the first day of the video once the full length version came out.

    Only a knuckle dragging barbarian repeats stuff known to be fictions in order to support their views. Are your hands sore yet?

  • Dominic

    Let’s just say the flesh peddlers speak in well orchestrated codes to moralize the atrocity they are committing.Donations? Medical research? Assisting ailing people ? Hogwash. It is profiting from a human being torn apart against their will. And yes, since the will to survive and thrive exists in the fetus, it IS against their will. Can we do this with vegetative persons who will never wake up? It goes against every human ethic. Animals are better protected today. Stop funding “Planned Parenthood”.

  • Jack

    Larry, you’re full of it as usual; no such determination has been made. Even Snopes says it isn’t clear.

    But for the thousandth time, even if nothing was actually being sold, the ethical problem of tearing apart a living baby and removing organs is just that — an ethical problem, which is an understatement, unless you’re Joseph Mengele and think ethics don’t matter.

    As for hands, the main thing is that they are clean. I hope yours are, but it sounds like you might have more than an abstract interest in the subject.

  • Greg1

    Well if there is one thing I agree with Senator Paul on, it’s, ““Not one more taxpayer dollar should go to Planned Parenthood and I intend to make that goal a reality.” Go get ’em. These people need new careers, hopefully ones where they are feeding the poor, and regaining their sense of emotion. Right now they are emotionally dead, as morbid as the lifeless bodies they create. I heard there was a shooting in Lafayette last night, how would we interpret a police chief referring to those poor victims as these PP employees speak of their victims? (sick world we live in).

  • larry

    Yet EVERY mainstream media source already refuted the baby parts selling nonsense on the first day it broke. Including the clear connection between this video and the people who have done prior video hoaxes on Planned Parenthood. Continuing to pretend the edited video was an accurate representation of things is a knowing flat out lie. Lying and false pretenses are common for those who are seeking restriction to abortion rights these days.

    But your qualm is about abortion itself, not any alleged illegal or medically unethical acts involving the tissue after the fact. I don’t find your support for banning abortion compelling. It is fraught with way too much ignoring the most important person in the room, the woman having the procedure.