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  • I love the lord

  • Lynne Newington

    At least Catholics religious don’t have the concerns, no one is permitted to have a sex change…but it could slip in under the radar with the women priest issue going no-where. ……

  • Jess

    I really enjoyed this article and felt it was generally sensitively written, however the phrase “plenty of Jewish Caitlyn Jenners” reads a bit awkward to me. I understand this is a transition narrative many people are familiar with but it seems odd to use Caitlyn Jenner as a euphemism for transgendered women generally, especially since her story is in many ways not typical of the many varied ways in which people approach and are able to access transitioning.

  • Jess

    Can’t figure out how to edit my original comment but I’d like to correct “transgendered” women to “transgender” typo I didn’t catch. Also kudos to the author for not making my same mistake : )

  • Rebecca

    “ancient Jewish texts include passages that speak of people whose physical characteristics don’t match the gender they identify with.” would be most interested in finding out more.

  • Garson Abuita

    Rebecca, the Talmud speaks of the “androgynus” — a hermaphrodite, and the “tumtum,” someone who might be considered today to have ambiguous genitalia. There is also Midrash about the creation story, that the first being — the Adam — was created as both male and female, and only later split into two.

  • Its not a good idea to play games with who we are, and more importantly who God Is. The Holy Scriptures are clear concerning male and female and God’s design for each of us. We need to follow His direction and not hope that He will follow ours. God doesn’t change, we do. We need to look to Him for direction and guidance. We need to ask forgiveness for our sins through Yeshua/Jesus who died for us. To turn away from sin and rebellion and abide in Him. Then we will see His will more clearly for our own lives and be more able to help others. Shalom